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10 reasons to never give up!

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10 Reasons To Never Give Up!!
1. As Long As You Are Alive, Anything Is Possible.
The Only Valid Excuse You Have To Give Up Is If You Are Dead. As Long As You Are Alive (And Healthy
And Free) You Have The Choice To Keep Trying Until You Finally Succeed. 

2. Be Realistic. The Chance Of Mastering Something The First Time You Do It Is Almost Non-Existent.Everything Takes Time To Learn And You Will MakE Mistakes.Learn From Them.

3. You Are Strong. You Are Stronger Than You Think. One Little Setback Is Not Enough To Stop You From Achieving Your Goals.Neither Are 10 Or 100 Or 1000 Setbacks.

4. Prove Yourself. You Don’t Want To Be Known As Someone That Is Weak And Gives Up. Go Out There
And Prove Yourself To The World And To Yourself.You CAN And WILL Achieve What You Set Out To Do.
The Only Time You Fail Is When You Give Up.

5. Believe In Your Dreams. Don’t Sell Yourself Short.
In Life There Are Going To Be Many People Who Will
Try To Bring You Down…

Top 10 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List

If you have been on the lookout for high PR social bookmarking sites, then your search ends here. I have compiled together a list of PR 6 to PR 9 social bookmarking sites that will give you a high Page rank. You just need to share the links of your site on these social bookmarking platforms and you will start getting OR juice to your own site as well.

List of High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 1. – PageRank 9
2. – PageRank 8
3. – PageRank 8
4. – PageRank 8
5. – PageRank 8
6. – PageRank 8
7. – PageRank 7
8. – PageRank 7
9. – PageRank 7
10. – PageRank 6
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Download files directly from internet to online drives

The traditional way in which we download includes getting a file url and then downloading the file directly to our hard drives. While that is the simplest approach to getting hold of a piece of software or something that we want, what if we lose access to that file in the future. Or what if we are not all convenient to directly download the file, what will you do if you are on mobile and want the file to be accessible easily when you wish to transfer it your hard drive. There is a solution and that has been inspired by Amit Aggarwal of Digital inspiration. He has put together a small app called save. Benefits of save are:
1. There is no sign up involved, just put the url of the file and you are good to go.

2. The service is accessible on mobile phones and tablets which means that you can copy the files to your cloud services like Skydrive, Dropbox etc without using 3g connection as the transfer happens on cloud and there is no data consumption for the file transfer itself. You …

7 chrome apps that are useful for bloggers

Google chrome is my favourite browser and the reason why I prefer Chrome over others is because is not because it offers many features, the reason is that it loads up the fastest. The first thing that I do after firing up my laptop is browse the internet. I have already waited like 2 minutes for the machine to start up and I do not want to wait anymore. Yep Mozilla is only a little bit slower but that is enough for me, not to use Mozilla. I love Chrome because it is the fastest out there( period) Here are 7 chrome apps that you would also love if you are a blogger, even if you aren’t a blogger you will find many of these extensions quite handy.

How to increase speed of Tata Photon Plus

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As my internet needs increased, like dealing with clients everyday, delivering work on time, writing blog posts and running two or three blogs I had to finally purchase something that would suit my needs and provided fast internet access. Now I did not want to look at the 2g options because they suck and 3g is not available nearby my hostel so I decided to go for wireless broadband and finally ended up with tata photon.
Although the speed is great there are sometimes when the pages load like a snail.
The main reason behind it is that some other people may also be using internet on the same network that I am using and it reduces the overall speed.
Technically our systems do not use the full bandwidth and speed provided but there is a software called TCP optimizer that can with two simple steps tweak your network settings to maximum speed available. You can see the screenshots below to understand the process.
You need to br…

How to create privacy policy for your website?

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I used to think that creating a privacy policy for my site is going to be a daunting task but after searching for few tutorials I came to know that there are sites that help you create privacy policy for free. You need not enter anything by yourselves, everything is done for you and that rocks. What information should your privacy policy contain?The privacy policy should contain the following information: *Personal and non personal information collected from the user *Whether you will use the collected information in anyway like share it with third parties. If you have analytics enabled then that is a third party. *Cookie information’ *Your contact details *Information regarding your advertisements Now the two sites that can help you to make a privacy policy are

I am showing the step by step to create a privacy policy for your site with

300+ list of commentluv blogs, do follow commenting

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300+ list of commentluv blogs for do follow commenting:
DO follow blogs to go and comment on: Commentluv blog list to go and comment on: http://www.affiliateblogonline…