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New hss+ Expat shield v5 Airtel vpn For airtel free gprs in pc

The credits of the fabulous trick in using gprs for pc goes to Raju.

New HSS + Expat shield v5 (2011) - Airtel Vpn - 2G/3G

1) Do as shown in the first figure
2) Then click on MISC -: Options and edit local port as 53.
3) now select server and port and click on connect.
Now enjoy high speed browsing and downloading.
Download :
or download from here Download shield vpnTested personally by me, it was giving 500++ speeds
All credits to Raju.
Working States:
6.Madhya Pradesh

Use UDP 9200 or 80 port in maharashtra if it's not getting connected--
Visit my

Working vpn for Karnataka users Sathik Vpn

I have personally posted many vpns and many of them are working. But I have heard that all the vpns are getting banned in many states. Amongst the many blocked states the area which has been worst hit by Airtel is Karnataka. No vpn save sathik is working for karnataka users. After lot of searching and scouring the web my friends found this SATHIK_VPN which is working in tcp server. So stop your worries, And Enjoy Unlimited Internet again with SATHIK_VPN
1) Torrent supported
2) No disconnection problem
3) Supports TCP port
4) No Registration Required
Here is the Link rel="nofollow"
Its working Great in Tamilnadu and other states

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