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Working Vodafone free gprs trick( 1st time on the world wide web)

I could have just put this post as an update to my previous post on
Vodafone free gprs trick, but I thought that it would be much useful
for you if its an independent post. The trick for accessing free gprs
on vodafone is given below:Just dial *555# from your vodafone prepaid.

Then select language. After that you will get a list of options from which you have to select "prepaid"options then by selecting 2 in the new menu select gprs packs and then atlast the 5 rupees unlimited plan. Please DO NOT dial *555*5# as the trick does not work in that manner(if you use this method there will be 5 rupees deduction from your account balance). The trick is in doing it by the long above mentioned method.
Now the novelty here is that once activated you can use gprs in wap
mode i.e with default browser with opera mini or ucweb. Earlier I
thought that it worked only for downloading in ucweb(which still works) but now Vodafone
seems to be fully hacked and you can use gprs without 5 rupees …