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Download files directly from internet to online drives

The traditional way in which we download includes getting a file url and then downloading the file directly to our hard drives. While that is the simplest approach to getting hold of a piece of software or something that we want, what if we lose access to that file in the future. Or what if we are not all convenient to directly download the file, what will you do if you are on mobile and want the file to be accessible easily when you wish to transfer it your hard drive. There is a solution and that has been inspired by Amit Aggarwal of Digital inspiration. He has put together a small app called save. Benefits of save are:
1. There is no sign up involved, just put the url of the file and you are good to go.

2. The service is accessible on mobile phones and tablets which means that you can copy the files to your cloud services like Skydrive, Dropbox etc without using 3g connection as the transfer happens on cloud and there is no data consumption for the file transfer itself. You …

Apple mulls low cost iphone at $99

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Apple has always been known for its costly ipads and iphones and that is one of the reasons that Apple has been facing a lot of competition from Samsung for they not only advertise heavily but their low cost smartphones have been a customer favourite ever since they came out. It is said that their sales went up by 42% once they launched Galaxy Note 2. The smaller iphone will be 4.7 inch to 5 inch and will just cost $99. I am pretty sure that the phones will be a huge hit among people since a low cost phone will be a dream come true for lot of people.

Every Apple launch gives people virtual orgasms and a low cost one will be sold even before they reach the shops.

The phones will be launched somewhere in 2014 and they have already reached out to manufacturers regarding the small sized iphones.
This phone will not be limited to white or black models alone but will come out in multiple colours.

Well that’s all for now and I ca…

How to recover deleted files in windows?

Find out how I made my first dollar on facebook

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In my last post I detailed on how you can use some free software applications to clean up disk space. Now, one important mistake that you can do while cleaning up the disk is that you may end up deleting some useful files, not always but it may happen. Do not worry I have the antidote for you. I am talking about the files that cannot be found even in the Recycle Bin. But if you have deleted a file then know that the file actually does not get removed from the system, it only gets super compressed. You need a software called file shredder to actually get rid of a file and while using that you need to be careful that you delete what you do not want at all. Now how to restore files that are permanently? When you are finally sure that you do not have the file with you install something like Undelete Plus or PC Inspector file recovery system to find the files that you might have …

Book tickets with SMS,IRCTC launches new service

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Hi guys long time right. Today I am going to share with you a new service by IRCTC. Earlier they had tied up with NGPay and you can book tickets with the help of NGPay app, it however needed a GPRS connection and they are the same guys who made mobile banking possible with the SBI NGPay app. But a new service set to launch on July 1 will help you book tickets with an SMS alone.
You have to register both the mobile number and the bank for this thing to work. You will receive a MMID( Mobile Money Identifier) and an OTP( One time password).
The whole process can be done in a jiffy as all you have to do is type the train number, destination, journey date, class and passenger details like your name, age, sex etc.
After that you will receive a transaction ID and can make your payment through another sms by typing PAY followed by MMID, OTP and transaction ID, the number to which the SMS is to be sent has not been revealed yet an…