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500mb data on tata docomo for free

Please don't say that this trick will not work now. This is an old trick but it has started working again and is the only working trick for free gprs in tata docomo. Here's a trick for free 500 mb data on tata docomo. It works in karnataka
type: WINDOWS OR ANDROID to 54321
you'll get a confirmation msg saying your request recieved or it saying that the offer will be activated after 48 hours. Some others got 3gb data with 3 mnths validity on nokia c series phone. If you have a 'C' series nokia phone you will get this offer.
Even on micromax android A600 you get the same offer.
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Tata docomo free gprs trick

Previously there were many hacks for tata docomo but recently maybe since only 4 days or so one of the ips is not working. In some places two ips have been blocked. So please check and Many places are reporting complaints. Although dive in ip is still working for some people. There are many new ips for docomo some of which are listed below: is the latest one and the fastest.
How to use them: For operamini download any handler version. Then edit the custom http server as and then come down and select the proxy type as http and then put in proxy as any of the ips given above. Keep minimum balance above 1 rupee and also keep dive in settings. Thats it. You are done. For other applications only edit the proxy type box and enter the ips

Aircel, vodafone, tata docomo and airtel offer out of the box ways to access Facebook

Facebook the most frequented site on the world wide web has caught
the attention of the big players in the Indian telecom industry.
Aircel, vodafone, tata docomo and Airtel have come up with novel
methods to make access to this social networking site even without
gprs. Previously I had discussed about two apps from which you can
access twitter and facebook, gmail, orkut via sms. These services are
somewhat similar but has little differences too.Aircel: Aircel might have been the first operator to milk in facebook
in myriad ways such as these listed below. Music, voice updates etc
are on the palate as of now. Customers of Aircel will have to dial
51555 and enter login details i.e your username and password. If your
mobile number is already registered with facebook then you can skip
the username step and continue with password only. What you want to be
displayed as the status message should be recorded within 30 seconds.
What more you can also post voice updates on your beloved friend's