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SpeakAsia a scam or reality-true facts and features

The speak asia issue with tv channels has become one of the most
searched trends in google. Hence I decided to garner some traffic from
it. Also I believe that you are always on the hunt for novel ways to
make money online. By the way make money is another term which is
highly favoured. It ranked 9th in 2010 amongst the most searched
terms. So making my way back to speakasia.Recently speakasia has come head to head with tv channels like aajtak,
star news etc for being fraud. Now these are the tv channels who
spread that the world will be coming to end in 2012 and ran the arushi
murder story for 1 and half months. But this time they do seem to be making some sense. There are many reasons which make
us doubt speakasia's authencity and chief amongst them is that they
charge 50 rupees for 1 dollar when dollar rates seldom cross 46
rupees. Have they never come across the economic times? The second
fact is that they do not have registered domain for their website or
e mail addresses which hints …