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Latest Vodafone Offer: Surf the internet free

Surf the whole internet free upto 28th May!This is the new offer from Vodafone in the sixth super week. Yes
watch videos, play online games, free facebook,
orkut, myspace, twitter, gmail, yahoo and just about anything else you
can imagine to do using gprs from 9am to 12 noon upto 28th may.
Browse unlimited but not download. Just send super to 111 to know more
details or visit
I believe this is the greatest offer from Vodafone uptill now. Maybe because this is the final super week. They
have just announced it yet on their official fanpage and just for fun I
sent an sms to see this lovely surprise.

Some tips for you: Use the vodafone live access points because you
cannot predict when this fellow is gonna deduct your balance. Secondly
do not use browsers like opera mini or ucweb, only use the inbuilt
default browser. Although I have been using operamini for browsing using the 4 rs plan, since 9am no data has been deducted from my data balance. Bu…

Vodafone's musical super week- download 10 songs per day free

Now Vodafone has come up with the latest music super week just for you
guys! Starting from today i.e may 14 to may 20 you will have the
opportunity of downloading songs from various genres upto 10 songs per
day. I hope the songs are not as bad as the cheap games they offered
previously. Go to their zoozoo fan page and like it. If you are a
Vodafone user you may win super zoozoo goodies just for using the free
offers. activate sms SUPER to 111. Or you can directly go to
if you are using vodafone live. Use default vodafone settings or you
are sure to lose balance in tons!!
Review: As per the information I could gather at the fan page I can say that for some users these offers were chargeable. One user complains of being looted of 80 rupees for downloading 5 songs. When I downloaded games I too was charged a little amount for browsing(which they profess to be free) but that was not a big amount. I downloaded 10 games. B…

Earn free mobile recharge, freebies, and gifts from freekaamal

Well, you must have heard about a lot of websites giving free mobile
recharge. I will be shortly doing a post on that, but before that I
would like you to know about this great site I have come across i.e. I have seen a lot of sites giving freebie information and also seen many facebook pages on that. But most of them are non indian. They will not mail these items to India. Other websites have too less freebie offers on them. But here's a website which is just apt for your needs. Here not only that you can learn about which site or company is giving away freebies but also if you
post information on freebies you stand to win some cool prizes plus an
assured free recharge of 50 rupees. Hence there are two benefits that
of free recharge and of freebies! No there's more. You stand to learn about contests on the web from here, every month top ten contributors win assured t shirts, mobile recharges, goodies and more. There's a section called hot and cool websites from …