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A cool website to read something shakespearan

Do you enjoy reading classic novels like Shakespeare? I too love them
and was first introduced to them in my sixth standard. But given the
high costs of books these days and factors like mobility we may not
afford to read them all. At the same time the shakespearean novels are
not easily available on e book websites. Even if you do get them they
will be rather in pdf format. Its damn difficult viewing big novels in
tiny pdf viewers;moreover these viewers move too slowly. But I have
found a great solution to the lovers of classical pieces of
literature. The address is given below The site has all 57 works of Shakespeare and all of them available
for reading in wap or html format. No pdf business, no downloads just
straight to the point. My favourite is "TAMING OF THE SHREW" which
speaks of a newly wed husband teaching manners to his wife in the
hardest way possible. It is a good laugh.

Review of Nokia c2 01

Are you planning to buy the new Nokia c2 01? I too was considering
buying the Nokia phone and the most important fact being that its
'the' cheapest 3g phone from Nokia. But but(why there has to be a but
before all good things) wait a second! If 3g is your primary goal then
this but has enormous implications on the thought process you are
going through.1.The first being that even though its 3g and cheap the maximum speed
you would be getting will be around 340 kbs. The reason being that it
does not support hsdpa. That thing is the one which gives you speed!
2. The second factor is that the phone lacks a secondary front camera
and because of that you cannot use video calling feature. So if you
were dreaming of talking to your girlfriend(as they show in the
vodafone zoozoo ad) that dreams will well nigh remain dreams only.
3. Screen size: I was terribly upset with the small space which
they attributed to the screen. I mean just look at that, what the hell
are you gonna do with such a s…