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Get any offer from Your Operator for Free

Well this does not belong to the cadre of tricks but can be used effectively, especially in these distressing times of mobile number portability for mobile operators. They will do virtually anything to pacify agitated customers and if You can show that anger artificially then they will shower offers on you. So first of all send an innocent sms as PORT(SPACE)10 DIGIT NUMBER to 1900. Then wait for two days. You will get a call for sure from the customer service(mostly female) politely asking you the reasons of dissatisfaction. If it is gprs offer you want tell them that such and such a mobile operator has such offers and you too want a piece of the pie. After some talking they will give you the desired offer. I got airtel to airtel 20 paise per minute via this trick. One of my friends got airtel to other local as 1 paise for 6 seconds. In airtel, for kerala circle you can call 51570 after port request to activate reduced rates. Recently I experimented the trick with vodafone for free g…