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The best site for downloading all kinds of handler apps- opera mini handler, ucweb, qbrowser,nimbuzz

So friends yesterday tragedy struck my mobile. What happened was that
my mobile has some occasional bouts of amnesia. Whenever its on such a
fit, java applications get deleted by themselves, messages in inbox go
to nowhere land, contacts go haywire and like that. So the day's topic
was about finding handler apps. Since most of my blogging is
via mobile loss of my favorite java apps was a real tragedy.
I now needed my opera mini 4.2 and ucweb 7.9 handler versions.
Plunder disappointed me by a great deal since whenever I tried any
downloads from opera mini for ucweb the errors like page not found etc
would be there. I got opera by default browser trick. Just go to and put in the site from where you want
to download. But whenever I put in plunder address it says that there
have been maximum downloads from this ip. Tired I registered on
plunder and after that using the default browser I couldn't log in.
I am a free GPRS user and I couldn't bear having t…

Free gprs on pc and mobile for airtel

Apn –
Proxy –
PORT – 80
HomePage – if does not work use or Btw just watching a review on Samsung Galaxy Note. The note taking ability is amazing. Just wish I could use handler apps as well on android devices.

This post was first published at

Airtel pc and mobile trick for free internet with airtel live

For PC use this string in your address bar.[ your site name here ] For Mobile:-
Step 1:- Download any Mobile Handler Application.Step 2:- Now in Front query put this string and save the setting and enjoy the free gprs on both pc and Latest December Airtel Free GPRS Tricks for Both Mobile and PC 2:-
This trick is working for mobile and pc both, just follow the belowsetting
Apn – Proxy – Port – 80 HomePage – This post was first published at

Cgi proxy as front query for airtel free Gprs in ucweb

I have found one more way to access free gprs in Airtel and Reliance through Ucweb browser. This time it is a cgi proxy. I found that this has a better speed.

1.Any free get.cgi/000001A/http/ nph-get.cgi/000A/http/ get.cgi/000100A/http/

4. get.cgi/000110A/http/

5. get.cgi/000A/http/

6. get.cgi/000110A/http/

7. proxy.cgi/000100A/http/
8. proxy.cgi/010110A/http/

9. google.cgi/000A/ http/ erp.cgi/000A/http/
Note that is free only in rel…

Free downloading, free browsing proxies for airtel

To access free gprs in Airtel do the following settings in your phone.
LETMETHRUTHIS.COM(also helpful for pc since its resume supported. Very fast gprs browsing and downloading with opera and ucweb)
Go to or with any of the given proxies.
PROXIES.TK. ... These are old proxies but are still working good for downloading)

Free Reliance gprs with Opera Mini

As promised I am going to present another trick for free gprs in reliance. Download operamini 4.3 or 6 handler versions as they are the best. You will get a menu with custom http server, custom socket server etc.
In http server type

and in socket server type and leave the front query untouched. In the phone you have to create new access points
accesspoint(apn) name rcomnet

proxy server address

and port 80.

This trick is working for me in kerala. Try it. You can replace the http field as also instead of what is given above.

Access free Airtel Gprs through Freedom client

Everybody wants to have ways to access unlimited gprs on pc. There's a simple way of doing so atleast in airtel through one simple free account and proxy settings.

You have to download freedom client. Just run a google search on the net for it and you will get it. Open your freedom and click on the freedom server tab. When the tab opens
type in exactly as given below. Any mistake done will terminate your chances of free gprs access. and port 80 or 443 or even 53(it has stopped working in many regions port 53). After that, click on the proxy server tab and type in as

and port 80 or 443 or 53. Now click on open port tab. You will be given options and there you have to tick on port 8080. Its very important to have a freedom account to use freedom. If you do already have
a freedom account then signup on

and get a free account. Next setup your browser proxy settings as proxy : and port 8080.
Thats it! You are …

Free reliance Gprs with default browser

Just enter the following address into your default browser to use free gprs in reliance: the site you wish to go to). It will open up the desired site or if no site is entered an error page wherein you can enter the site of your choice. Since the proxy is foreign the language will be foreign. Use google to browse in english.
Do not forget to make the following settings in your phone :
proxy address :
port : 8080
apn : rcomwap

How to access airtel free gprs in ucweb?

It has been a number of days since I was involved in the search of a working trick for using ucweb for free in Airtel. Ucweb has been advantages over operamini like the easy integration of phone functions with browser, resume support, converting .jar files to _jar before downloading and of course the cool skins available. I searched many forums and what I got was typing in either in the front query box or editing the proxy type with the above mentioned. Both way I could not access free gprs on ucweb. Finally I got a comment by Monu in one of the blogs and he says that the trick has been working for him since the past two years. Just put the below address in the front query and you will have free gprs at your footsteps:

Now you can replace .214 with .191 or you can use or also but the rest of the url should be intact. One more thing is that you should not use handlers li…

Tata docomo free gprs trick

Previously there were many hacks for tata docomo but recently maybe since only 4 days or so one of the ips is not working. In some places two ips have been blocked. So please check and Many places are reporting complaints. Although dive in ip is still working for some people. There are many new ips for docomo some of which are listed below: is the latest one and the fastest.
How to use them: For operamini download any handler version. Then edit the custom http server as and then come down and select the proxy type as http and then put in proxy as any of the ips given above. Keep minimum balance above 1 rupee and also keep dive in settings. Thats it. You are done. For other applications only edit the proxy type box and enter the ips

Latest 2011 Trick for browsing and downloading in default browser for Airtel

The trick which I am going to present to you is for accessing websites
using the inbuilt browser in your phone. It is based on the resin
server which is free on Airtel. I had earlier posted two servers but
none of them are working today. So I discovered one more. Now the
address is
You have to use airtel live settings. The above would not work with
mobile office settings. Enjoy!

Latest 2011 list of secure sites working free on Airtel(tested by me)

This post is to tell you that even if all the handler ip, reverse ip,
super ip tricks are blocked; you can still access free gprs on Airtel.
Secure sites have been free on Airtel network since its inception.
Some of you might have heard of the 45 proxy ssl sites which are free
on airtel. Though not all of them are actually free, some of them do
fulfill the promise. When you access such sites there are 2 to 3
security notifications which you might have to pass. Just click on ok
when they come.
Now the reward to your patience.
This site has always been working . You must use airtel
live settings. It won't work with mobile office settings.
Tunnel sites like ctunnel, k tunnel, etc are free and
fast compared to flyproxy. Gmail is free on airtel with airtel live
settings. Some other sites are:

2. this proxy does not work in kerala but I
don't know about other states

3. tested a…

Airtel free gprs with jboss server trick

As I was trying some of the old servers of airtel with the t9 space
trick I got hold of one more working trick for free gprs in Airtel.
This is by using the J boss this at 0 balance with airtel live settings only. It does not work
with mobile office. You Will get the t9space homepage and the whole
internet at your footsteps.

Important Update: When I first discovered this trick it was working for me. But recently on subsequent trials it was not working. So this trick works only by chance. Don't worry you can still use the hungama server trick in a little different way and that too with mobile office settings.

Airtel free gprs with hungama server(working in kerala)

I have discovered one more way to access free gprs in Airtel. The
hungama server has always been associated with Airtel tricks. So I was
trying free downloads in hungama but failed in that instead when I
tried this it worked.Http:// airtel live settings. It does not work with mobile office
settings. Use access point as Airtel live. I tested in on my mobile
just yesterday and in kerala.
Update: This trick only works on chance basis. Now there's another solid working trick. Just go to the above address but first create settings in your phone as:

port 80
apn as
. You will get a proxy page and you can browse or download unlimited. My other post details on the various proxies you can use like, etc.
Please visit the below link to use this trick more effectively.

Reliance New Front Queries

There are a few front queries which I found after skimming through the web, since reliance has now banned lots of back queries. I personally never used back queries, I only used in custom http server and it always and still works like a charm. This trick previously worked in airtel too but now it is blocked. Its quite strange to note that both reliance and airtel have their games portal hosted on similar ip addresses i.e., and from them these tricks have their origin. You can also use the below given ips in custom http server by suffixing them with
Example get.cgi/000001A/http/ Also free sites in reliance like hungama or too can be used. However there may be disconnection problems. Use the default rcomwap or smartwap settings or make one of your own.