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Cut the Balance of any number in Airtel

The best thing about Airtel is that its technically the mother of all tricks. Earlier there was the Picture Post trick which allowed one to activate around 20-30 services on any airtel number, thus allowing you to cut as much as 210 rupees.


Iam having a lot of fun with this new trick. This link to this trick is posted below. REVIEWYou can either make the poor fellow be subscribed to weekly alerts or daily cutting 7rupees and 1 rupee in the latter case. Thus a huge amount can be deducted from his or her number. The earlier trick was to use this link of picture posts but it was blocked by airtel. http:// bikinibabes.php Before that we could use the wap tv subscription link and cut the balance but as of may 2011, it does not work. However the vuclip link has been working fine since two weeks.

UPDATE: I checked this link back again and its not working. Sorry guys but I feel party…