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A Blogger's View point on the Aakash ubislate tablet

Today I am going to be talking about the disadvantages of Aakash
tablet. Its not that, that I want you not to buy the Aakash Ubislate
tablet but I would definitely want you to understand what you are
supposed to be expecting from this tablet. All good things do not come
cheap and if someone is paying a fortune for ipad or iphone know that
the apples come with world class technology, flawless touchscreen,
retina resolution, freaky apps and lots more which can't be described
in words. Aakash has been garnering much lime light for the sole fact
that it comes pocket friendly with the government subsidized version
at just Rs 1750. The version for the public comes at Rs2500 while the
refined version with Gprs facility and much better processor comes at
Rs 2999 which will be launched by January end.
Now for the disadvantages of this tablet I have noticed many flaws
which should also come under your purview:
1. The touch screen is a sticky resistive one and you can't expect
much from i…