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Get Rs 16 on recharge Rs10 Vodafone

The simplicity of this trick dazzles me. You get 16 rupees on recharging with Rs 10 instead of Rs 6 on Vodafone. Just send an sms RECHARGE 10 RS COUPON CODE to 144. Example RECHARGE 123669....... To 144. This trick is working confirmed in maharashtra and mp. I don't trust it to be working in other states. So try at your own risk.

This post is from authored by George who loves to write on latest free gprs tricks, facebook tips, gadget and mobile phones and loves free mobile recharge. Catch him at twitter

Send free SMS on Vodafone: December 2011 Trick

This Vodafone Hack for Free SMS is working for me. But I think different states Have different Message centre numbers and it may not work for your state sometimes. However I can guarantee this trick for the southern circle. The steps are as follows:

*.Go to message option>settings>message centre number

* You can either replace the default msg centre number or add a new msg centre number and keep it as default. Put the new msg centre number as+919863002222

*.Now restart phone and start sending free sms. This step is very important.

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Vodafone Free Gprs Hack 2012

Today I will tell you about an old Vodafone trick which may work for you. Remember that tricksreview had already posted the hacked 5rs plan trick. Now 5 rs daily plan is withdrawn and does not work. However there's a slight possibility of working in this hack.
Vodafone Free Gprs trick for
2012. This trick is working for
both 2G and 3G.
With this trick Use 1 Day
Vodafone Gprs Plan for Free.

2012 Vodafone Free Gprs Trick

Its a Very Simple Trick.
Just Type ACT GPRS4 and Send it
to 140 .
After Some time you will get
Confirmation Message that your
service has been Activated
Successfully.Make money online

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Vodafone is going to disconnect inactive prepaid connections

Hey did you guys hear the news that Vodafone India is going to comply by the strict rules and regulations of the TRAI and is going to disconnect the prepaid connections which are inactive. Prepaid numbers which do not make any voice, sms or data calls for a continuous period of 2 months are going to be disconnected. The customers will be intimidated by Sms. This news is also updated on the Vodafone website. The same action is likely to be followed by other operators. The reasons may be asserted to the reduced number availabity to the network operators. This a very bad news for students and tricksreview users because students generally have two or three sims with them, I have around 8 Sim cards. When we go home for vacation we generally use other Sim cards. Hope something positive happens.
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Use 3g at 2g rates only on vodafoneUse 3g at 2g rates only on vodafone

Today when I was checking my updates on facebook I came across a post by vodafone zoozoo. I am a fan of zoozoo and it was posted that you can try 3g at 2g rates on vodafone upto 31st of July. This offer is valid for the north indian states like baddi, uttaranchal, shimla, up west etc. This is because vodafone has recently launched 3g at these places. This is not a trick but a valid offer from Vodafone and great one indeed. To avail this offer just sms TRY 3G TO 111. Your offer should be activated within 24 hours. I also suggest to like the vodafone zoozoo fanpage since they always give away such offers but first publish them on the official zoozoo fan page. Enjoy a valid offer only on vodafone...

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Latest 2011 vodafone unlimited downloading trick

I do not know whether I can call it a hack or trick. However since
finding any loophole in Vodafone is like searching for polar bears in
South Africa I decided to make this post. My previous attempts at
hacking Vodafone were extravagant disasters, I confess. At one time it
resulted in a -53 rupees -9.39 rupees from 180 rupees. So I advice to
try this trick at your own risk. Vodafone has an unlimited 5 rupees
daily rental pack. You can activate it by dialling *555#. Then select language. Then prepaid and then gprs packs. As far as I know no other operator offers such a
pack. Now the problem here is that this pack can only be used for
browsing and not for downloads. But when I used it for downloading
files using the SAVE option in ucweb and opera mini 4.3 I was not
charged. Remember that when you try to download there comes two options one is save and the other is open. Open selects the default browser and if you go that way I can promise that your balance would go to unspeakable amounts. The…

Aircel, vodafone, tata docomo and airtel offer out of the box ways to access Facebook

Facebook the most frequented site on the world wide web has caught
the attention of the big players in the Indian telecom industry.
Aircel, vodafone, tata docomo and Airtel have come up with novel
methods to make access to this social networking site even without
gprs. Previously I had discussed about two apps from which you can
access twitter and facebook, gmail, orkut via sms. These services are
somewhat similar but has little differences too.Aircel: Aircel might have been the first operator to milk in facebook
in myriad ways such as these listed below. Music, voice updates etc
are on the palate as of now. Customers of Aircel will have to dial
51555 and enter login details i.e your username and password. If your
mobile number is already registered with facebook then you can skip
the username step and continue with password only. What you want to be
displayed as the status message should be recorded within 30 seconds.
What more you can also post voice updates on your beloved friend's

Latest Vodafone Offer: Surf the internet free

Surf the whole internet free upto 28th May!This is the new offer from Vodafone in the sixth super week. Yes
watch videos, play online games, free facebook,
orkut, myspace, twitter, gmail, yahoo and just about anything else you
can imagine to do using gprs from 9am to 12 noon upto 28th may.
Browse unlimited but not download. Just send super to 111 to know more
details or visit
I believe this is the greatest offer from Vodafone uptill now. Maybe because this is the final super week. They
have just announced it yet on their official fanpage and just for fun I
sent an sms to see this lovely surprise.

Some tips for you: Use the vodafone live access points because you
cannot predict when this fellow is gonna deduct your balance. Secondly
do not use browsers like opera mini or ucweb, only use the inbuilt
default browser. Although I have been using operamini for browsing using the 4 rs plan, since 9am no data has been deducted from my data balance. Bu…

How To Overcome Speed Capping in Vodafone?

I don't know but its my observation that whenever I subscribe to
unlimited plans like one day 5 rs plan for gprs in Vodafone or the 14
rs or 95 rs plan, for some part of the day like 12:30 p.m to say 3 pm
my connection speed would not beat a snail. Even during night times
like 2 am the speed goes incredibly slow. This may be a technique used
to decrease the data usage of customers. But accidentally I discovered
a way to get around this problem.Solution: The solution is in using airtel's mobile office as default
settings or reliance's rcomnet. Or just create new access points with or rcomwap as preferred access point. Believe me it
works! Even the download speed increases to a great limit. There is no
speed capping at all. I hope the Vodafone servers get more rusty in
the future.

Review and update:Please do not use the mobile office settings for downloading in wap mode. I just lost 130 rupees downloading videos in the wap mode. I regret not paying enough attention while…

Vodafone's musical super week- download 10 songs per day free

Now Vodafone has come up with the latest music super week just for you
guys! Starting from today i.e may 14 to may 20 you will have the
opportunity of downloading songs from various genres upto 10 songs per
day. I hope the songs are not as bad as the cheap games they offered
previously. Go to their zoozoo fan page and like it. If you are a
Vodafone user you may win super zoozoo goodies just for using the free
offers. activate sms SUPER to 111. Or you can directly go to
if you are using vodafone live. Use default vodafone settings or you
are sure to lose balance in tons!!
Review: As per the information I could gather at the fan page I can say that for some users these offers were chargeable. One user complains of being looted of 80 rupees for downloading 5 songs. When I downloaded games I too was charged a little amount for browsing(which they profess to be free) but that was not a big amount. I downloaded 10 games. B…

No Free mbs from Vodafone

This is another non working trick which has been ubiquitously placed word to word in many blogs but as usual the trick does not work. Now the trick is simple - Send BUDDY(space)vodafone number to 144. You will get 350MB for one day. I sent sms to 144, 111 etc but the reply is that the keyword is wrong. I changed the format of number to 12 digit hoping that for once Vodafone has been hacked, but no luck guys! So do not fall for this trick- A lie is a lie even when copy pasted thousands of times..