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Reliance 3G modem now at just Rs 3000

This is not a trick but Just for information. You all know about mts's 3g dongle which has come down to just rs 999. Now reliance has come up with low cost Internet devices to customers, Reliance has cut down the price of its 21.6Mbps 3G USB dongle or modem from Rs.4500 to Rs.3099. A reduction of almost 31%. Such moves will accelerate the flow of 3g as
3G is slowly gaining momentum in the country and price cut like this will help companies gain more customers.
Reliance has 3G license for following 13 circles and have covered around 400+ cities and town under 3G network.
Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Orrisa, Assam,North East, Jammu & Kashmir.
Source: RCOM website. (
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Reliance missed call alerts for free

You all like freebies and here's a freebie for you reliance customers. HERE IS THE NUMBER DIAL IT AND GET RELIANCE MISSED CALL ALERT FOR FREE

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How to send free sms without any modded applications?

Guys, I have found many people asking for modded applications like
way2sms or fullonsms for sending free sms from mobile without any sms
packs. Most operators charge like 44 rupees or lower for one month
unlimited sms pack. My trick may not be that useful to the compulsive
messaging maniac but it does serve some good for sending free
messages during emergencies or when you are out of balance. The trick
is in using way2sms wapsender. I will give the links right now: bookmark the below link and use it for free messaging. But
remember that first you have to register on way2sms and get a password
generally a four digit number. Once entered in the wapsite given above
it will forever remain there and you just need to type in the number
where you want to send the message.

Since is free on airtel, aircel, reliance it should work for each of these sims.

Free Reliance gprs with Opera Mini

As promised I am going to present another trick for free gprs in reliance. Download operamini 4.3 or 6 handler versions as they are the best. You will get a menu with custom http server, custom socket server etc.
In http server type

and in socket server type and leave the front query untouched. In the phone you have to create new access points
accesspoint(apn) name rcomnet

proxy server address

and port 80.

This trick is working for me in kerala. Try it. You can replace the http field as also instead of what is given above.

Free reliance Gprs with default browser

Just enter the following address into your default browser to use free gprs in reliance: the site you wish to go to). It will open up the desired site or if no site is entered an error page wherein you can enter the site of your choice. Since the proxy is foreign the language will be foreign. Use google to browse in english.
Do not forget to make the following settings in your phone :
proxy address :
port : 8080
apn : rcomwap

Reliance New Front Queries

There are a few front queries which I found after skimming through the web, since reliance has now banned lots of back queries. I personally never used back queries, I only used in custom http server and it always and still works like a charm. This trick previously worked in airtel too but now it is blocked. Its quite strange to note that both reliance and airtel have their games portal hosted on similar ip addresses i.e., and from them these tricks have their origin. You can also use the below given ips in custom http server by suffixing them with
Example get.cgi/000001A/http/ Also free sites in reliance like hungama or too can be used. However there may be disconnection problems. Use the default rcomwap or smartwap settings or make one of your own.