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Free gprs on pc and mobile for airtel

Apn –
Proxy –
PORT – 80
HomePage – if does not work use or Btw just watching a review on Samsung Galaxy Note. The note taking ability is amazing. Just wish I could use handler apps as well on android devices.

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Airtel pc and mobile trick for free internet with airtel live

For PC use this string in your address bar.[ your site name here ] For Mobile:-
Step 1:- Download any Mobile Handler Application.Step 2:- Now in Front query put this string and save the setting and enjoy the free gprs on both pc and Latest December Airtel Free GPRS Tricks for Both Mobile and PC 2:-
This trick is working for mobile and pc both, just follow the belowsetting
Apn – Proxy – Port – 80 HomePage – This post was first published at

Real Host Handler Trick On Pc

Guys now you can use the real host handler trick of mobile on pc too. I will describe the procedure:

1. First do the following settings.
Port 80

2. Go to firefox in pc and choose the settings option. From the settings option choose automatic add proxy. If the browser is not automatically using this proxy add it manually.

3. Then fill in

4. Enjoy Airtel free gprs on pc.

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Use any sim on any modem without unlocking the modem

Friends you all must have dealt with the impossibility of not being able to use SIM card of one operator on the netsetter of other operator. But at times we all feel the need of doing so due to lack of proper network strength and range. For example when at hostel I use Idea netsetter but when I come back home I find that there is no range for Idea in my home and I have to use my vodafone SIM. I was in search of a trick of using other sim cards on netsetters easily and I found out a trick. Here's my share.
Simple steps of using any sim on any modem You need not go about unlocking the modem. Now you can use any sim. It's very simple. Step by step instruction:

1. Insert SIM in Modem

2. Modem show invalid SIM, just ignore it and close modem software.

3. Start NOKIA PC suite.

4. Goto nokia pc suite connect tointernet option.

5. Goto Configure. Select your data card modem,and make all operator apn setting as like when we use nokia mobile connection.

6. Finish set up.

7. Now connect …