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Where to download handler and modded applications?

My discussion on tricks using various modded applications would be
incomplete if I fail to tell you about where you can find various
handler applications. Most of the tricks for accessing airtel free
gprs, reliance free gprs, aircel free gprs or any other network's
hacks are based on handler apps. These are the websites which I too use and hope that you too would find interesting. In the plunder website you will get the following applications and more... Handler Aed Downloader , Handler Avacs , Handler Baidu Mobile , Handler
Bing , Handler Bolt , Handler Chess , Handler Datou , Handler DMMobile
, Handler eBuddy , Handler Gedda Headz , Handler Gmail Google Mail ,
Handler Google Maps , Handler GoText , Handler GTransTool , Handler
iWidSets , Handler JackSMS , Handler Messenger MSN , Handler Messmo ,
Handler MFL , Handler MGMaps , Handler Mig33 , Handler Morange ,
Handler Mozat Morange , Handler MXIT , …

Trick To Access Full view or Pc view in Orkut with Opera Mini

A lot of us use google's orkut as our favourite social networking
site. But most of us find it difficult to access the desktop or full
view in orkut. Whenever we log in to orkut we get the mobile version.
Even if we click on the full view tab at the end of the page the
mobile version is loaded again. As such a mobile user is helpless.But not from now. You will first need an opera mini browser, any
version. What you need to do is just after accessing the mobile site
press #8. You will be led to the settings menu, where you have the
option of unticking the mobile view option. Do that, and come to the
main page and then select the full view. Eureka!!!

Faster Gprs by changing only one setting

It was today that I discovered this!! You can get faster gprs in your
mobiles just by changing one setting. I use nokia 5130 c2 and its an
s40 v5 device. It has got opera mini 4.2 pre installed. But even when
using paid gprs I was not able to switch over to the socket connection
mode. I thought it was due to the make of the phone i.e s40. However
when I downloaded the newly released opera mini 6 I could use the
socket protocol. Now the version difference is the one which helped me
here. Just press #8 in opera mini and you will get settings tab, there
go to the protocol and select socket instead of http and voila you are
done. The pages load in a jiffy, the browsing is smoother, the looks
are better, the downloads better and the G or E symbol does not
deflate. I found more about socket and saw that we can't use port and
other things and so hacking it for free gprs may be difficult. But one
can use the Airtel super ip trick by downloading the modded files.
Just put in the query bo…