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Export contacts from an old Nokia phone to another phone

Losing contacts can be a real nightmare because you lose touch with all the people who have been your friends, collegoues, teachers or in some way related to you. Gaining them back all again is easy if you have created an online storage space for them. But even after doing so you may need to export contacts from an old phone to a new one in case your old phone gets stolen or lost. Today I will be dealing with the issue of exporting contacts from an old nokia phone to another phone. The first step in this direction is stowing away all your contacts to the online Nokia space called ovi. But ovi doesn't offer you the advantage of exporting those contacts to another mobile of a different company. But recently Nokia announced that it is going to discontinue the ovi service soon and has come up with a website called EXPORT YOUR CONTACTS FROM OLD NOKIA PHONE which helps you to save and download all your contacts in the csv format and thence download it to another phone say a samsung gala…

The best video camera phone the i phone 4s

There have been many smart phones doing the rounds even amongst the shady chinese and Indian manufacturers since the advent of android smart phone operating system. But when it comes to hardware there's a very keen difference which cries out loud enough to be felt. Apple's new Smartphone iphone 4s features one of the best cameras with an invincible capacity of recording HD 1080p videos.
Why the iphone 4s is special? The iphone 4s comes loaded with a 8 mega pixel camera. Yes the iphone 4s is special because of a hardware enhancement called the back illumination sensor and a wider aperture. The sensor is powerful enough to keep the image quality good even in low light ambience thus never becoming a killjoy. The camera is provided more light with the illuminator and the auto focus system does just what it is designed for. You have no troubles with hand shaking or other phenomena which you normally associate with video capturing. It focuses instantly capturing every precious momen…

Shortcuts in Opera Mini to ease your browsing needs

The following shortcuts in opera sound interesting. They allow you do
things which you normally would not have thought about while going
about your everyday googling or other internet requirements. Again
just to have some fun I have listed out a set of opera shortcuts and
I believe that more can be found.
1. Config: Type it in your browser address bar and see the fun. You
would be led into your browser power user settings. There you have
options of
2. Debug: Here you would shown a lov of information on the browser.
3. Server:setup: This option is to check whether the connection you have works or not. Generally if you are at 0 balance this page appears.
4. Server: This option briefs you on the current browser configuration and such things like that.
5.server:source which displays the source code of the current page.
Here's a full list of all the hidden Opera Minicommands that I've discovered. I've tested these in Opera Mini 4.3 and 6 and I believe that (except as noted) they should wo…