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Idea Hellotune Hack for 90 days

Now if dial *888# in idea you will get a offer saying

free hellotune for 90 days only song selection charges of 30 rupees.

This part of the story is true but as per rumours if you do that at zero balance then no charges will be deducted from you. Just try and see at your own risk because the idea gprs trick has just failed and I do not want to lose another 30 rupees!

Idea Gprs Hack may not work for You!

The latest trick on idea for free gprs is dialing *567*1# and if the message comes as success you will be able to access free gprs. If its not working replace 1 by 2,3,4,5,6,7,8.
REVIEWI tried all methods but its not working. The message comes as success but after that we are not able to access internet for free. I tried various settings like idea fresh , idea gprs, internet etc but to no avail.

Hence the trick may not work for you!