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Make money with adfly

Hi Friends! like our facebook page to get all our updates. Friends as I already mentioned yesterday and as per the guidelines of my prodigy friend Kaushik I was trying out a new ad network which is named as Basically the site shortens links and when you create an id over there and shorten links you get paid for it. The idea is simple but the ingenuity of the idea shocks me. Whenever someone clicks on the shortened links provided by you they are re directed to an advert page for just 5 seconds. Thereafter a skip button appears by which you get to the site where you intended to go. The users see the advert and you get paid for it on a 50:50 basis. Yes here comes my favorite part. Whenever you refer friends you get 20% of their earnings for life. That is if you make money I make money. If you're a site owner you can post the download links converted to links and for sure lot of traffic goes that way and earnings come your way. I still am not aware of how much one stand…

The best site for downloading all kinds of handler apps- opera mini handler, ucweb, qbrowser,nimbuzz

So friends yesterday tragedy struck my mobile. What happened was that
my mobile has some occasional bouts of amnesia. Whenever its on such a
fit, java applications get deleted by themselves, messages in inbox go
to nowhere land, contacts go haywire and like that. So the day's topic
was about finding handler apps. Since most of my blogging is
via mobile loss of my favorite java apps was a real tragedy.
I now needed my opera mini 4.2 and ucweb 7.9 handler versions.
Plunder disappointed me by a great deal since whenever I tried any
downloads from opera mini for ucweb the errors like page not found etc
would be there. I got opera by default browser trick. Just go to and put in the site from where you want
to download. But whenever I put in plunder address it says that there
have been maximum downloads from this ip. Tired I registered on
plunder and after that using the default browser I couldn't log in.
I am a free GPRS user and I couldn't bear having t…