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Changes in Facebook: new functions added

Well, facebook has been witnessing a lot of changes recently, the latest one being that directly below your profile picture, visitors have the option of calling you and messaging you. They are shown as per your privacy settings. There's another option called text, however it was unclickable for me(on mobile). However facebook has certainly lifted up the ease with which we can contact our beloved ones on Facebook. Directly send a message or call the person with these new functions. Recently Facebook introduced picture sharing as wall posts and before that new security arrangements were added to prevent misuse.

Aircel, vodafone, tata docomo and airtel offer out of the box ways to access Facebook

Facebook the most frequented site on the world wide web has caught
the attention of the big players in the Indian telecom industry.
Aircel, vodafone, tata docomo and Airtel have come up with novel
methods to make access to this social networking site even without
gprs. Previously I had discussed about two apps from which you can
access twitter and facebook, gmail, orkut via sms. These services are
somewhat similar but has little differences too.Aircel: Aircel might have been the first operator to milk in facebook
in myriad ways such as these listed below. Music, voice updates etc
are on the palate as of now. Customers of Aircel will have to dial
51555 and enter login details i.e your username and password. If your
mobile number is already registered with facebook then you can skip
the username step and continue with password only. What you want to be
displayed as the status message should be recorded within 30 seconds.
What more you can also post voice updates on your beloved friend's

Now update your status with pictures in Facebook

Facebook is now all about setting new trends. Today 18th of may 2011
facebook has introduced a new feature. Now you can update your status
with your photo. Take a snap of what you are doing like if you are on
a picnic update your status to your friends by showing them how much
fun you are having. I would say its a rocking feature. Earlier friends
and kin had to go into your albums to see the moments of fun. But now
whatever you do, set it as status. Instead of writing "gonna fishing"
snap your fishing experience. Hanging outta with friends. Show it!
Facebook rocks~~

Protect yourself from these Viruses in Facebook

Facebook is a popular social networking site which has so captured
worldwide attention that its story was made into a book and then a
movie. Today there are over 600 million people registered on Facebook.
Its popularity has not only attracted revenue in billions but also
hackers and spammers in a mind boggling level. Today I have decided
to tell you about viruses in Facebook after seeing the status update
of my friend Tome who warned me about dangers in facebook.1. The spam messages usually come as messages from trusted friends
packaged in attractive covering. An example was "see the status update
of the girl which got her expelled from school". Such messages do come
from friends who have fallen for the bait. In the above case it leads
you to download a virus infected file.2. The recent one is related to the infamous bin laden. See video of
laden being captured or shot are the messages which come to you. In
this case clicking the message will cause all your friends to receive
the same…

Now A backquery for Airtel too using the trick!

Try browsing with this address in default browser with mobile office settings just put this address in the backquery box and it should work like a charm in opera and ucweb.

If does not work try

New Feature in Facebook inbox- Now see the faces of people you message to!

Guys I just went into facebook inbox right now and discovered that
there are a few changes introduced there. Earlier whenever you sent a
message to anyone there was a standard e mail sort of format which
included 'TO' and 'SUBJECT' only. But now there is a box on the left
hand side which displays a small profile picture of your friend too.
All the received messages too incorporate this new advantage. Its a
lot better than the old inbox and refreshingly novel than e mail
clients like yahoo, reddif or google. Just check in to see the new