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Make money online with sponsored reviews

Friends! like our facebook page to get all our updates Friends, it has been a few days that I have been researching on various ways to make money online via my blog. Even after 8 months of launch I never signed up with any advertising site not even Google Adsense for making money but now that I am getting some good traffic I decided to head jump into this arena. You must have seen that now I have activated Infolinks on this site and they are displaying their advertisements. There are many sites which monetize your content like Infolinks, Google Adsense, Affiliate sales, clicksor but one method which though not very popular is fantastic as per my view point to earn money. Even experienced bloggers support it. As I was going through several methods I read an article on Earning money by Sponsored reviews and signed up on the site. The thing with these reviews is that we don't know whom to approach but the site which I am talking about sells opportunities where you can post reviews on…

How to get invitation to Google Plus?

Google plus thats the buzzword online these days. The new social networking revolution, google's challenge to the social networking czar facebook. Google's bid to securing the online space in this area had been previously unsuccessful with its site orkut losing heads and popularity at alarming rates. Facebook today has around 600 million users. Do you know what microsoft did when netscape surpassed over microsoft, it copied everything what netscape had to offer in its browsers and operating systems and with efficient marketing strategies bought back its market share. Now it seems Google is bent on doing the same. Google plus has everything that facebook can offer plus a feature called circles which I would say is the best. Circles allow you to separate work life, personal life, close friendships etc easily on the same account. Now one need not end up concotting different accounts as in facebook. You need not worry if your boss has sent you a friendship request and need not fu…

A cool site to download almost anything for your pc

Do you like to download premium softwares, movies and like stuff for
your pc. Rapidshare and similar sites offer you a means to do that but
the download time counter which starts ticking everytime you want to
download something is a big turn off. Do not worry, there is a site
which allows you to download lots and lots of softwares, pc games and
things for free. The links are given below.

A cool website to read something shakespearan

Do you enjoy reading classic novels like Shakespeare? I too love them
and was first introduced to them in my sixth standard. But given the
high costs of books these days and factors like mobility we may not
afford to read them all. At the same time the shakespearean novels are
not easily available on e book websites. Even if you do get them they
will be rather in pdf format. Its damn difficult viewing big novels in
tiny pdf viewers;moreover these viewers move too slowly. But I have
found a great solution to the lovers of classical pieces of
literature. The address is given below The site has all 57 works of Shakespeare and all of them available
for reading in wap or html format. No pdf business, no downloads just
straight to the point. My favourite is "TAMING OF THE SHREW" which
speaks of a newly wed husband teaching manners to his wife in the
hardest way possible. It is a good laugh.