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How to mod applications with your s40 phone?

Today I am going to present you a tutorial on modding java applications with your own s40 mobile. Many users request others to mod applications for them. What if you can mod them yourselves. There are two jar applications for this. The first one is class edithor and the second one is class translator.What a Class editor does is that it opens a file in text mode so that you could edit its text values as well as hexadecimal values.

Class translator allows you only to edit the text values of class files so that the risk of modifying the javastrings is less. But when I tried to mod using this application I was not able to open the class files. It did not work for me. The method of use is described below. Use it to see if it works for you. So in order to edit your application, you need to have your .jar application renamed to .zip format.For s40 phones,this could be done if you download any .jar file via UCWEB or if it is an attachment, it will be downloaded in .php or .ext extension. Si…

A cool app- The Dowry Calculator

Well I was going through the hot search trends when I came across this
cool online app called dowry calculator. Incidentally I was discussing
about dowry early this evening with my friend. Now to get straight
into the topic. This app calculates the groom's worth in lakhs. There
are columns to enter your age, your profession, your caste, skin
colour (ranging from pitch black to pink fair), the bucks you make per
month, your college(iitians and iimians get valued more), your
father's profession and things like that. You enter them and click on
calculate, you will be led to a page with a short review and your
amount would be set. If you are satisfied go ahead and have the
'ladoo'. I entered some hypothetical values based on my future
plannings and got my value as 50 lakhs. Check how much you are worth.
Dedicated to all match making aunties! The address is Its also available on facebook. I have
liked it too. Though the second website which I found is still b…

Social networking without gprs- access twitter,facebook, google and more by sms

Today I am going to give you information on two cool mobile apps using
which you can do something unimaginable. We know that all of us like
to spend some part of our time in social networking like twitter,
facebook or google something up. But given the high data costs and the
dearth of tricks in many networks we often are forced to limit our
adventures. However today I give you two options to access free social
networking. Well not free but its as good as free. Most of us have one or the other sms plans loaded on our mobiles. Imagine using those packs to communicate in orkut or facebook. That's just the idea behind this venture. Somebody has truly said that an idea can change your life...


For using sms tweet first you have to register your mobile phone
number with the website. After successful registration it will connect
your twitter account with their server. You can start posting your
tweets by sending the message as formatted below to the number+919243000111 …