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BSNL now offers new gprs packs

Bsnl India's public sector telecom industry has come up with new plans for 2G data services across the country. In one of my earlier posts I had mentioned about Bsnl removing the 40 rupees minimum balance for Gprs access. Also Bsnl offers the cheapest rates for net surfing around 1 paise per 10 kb. The new gprs plans would give the customers more data for the same amount and at competitive rates too. Example Airtel, vodafone , reliance etc offer around 2 Gb for 95 to 99 rupees with a validity of 1 month, but Bsnl would offer 3gb data for 98 rupees starting from june 2011 across all circles. The speeds are also good. The offers come in the wake of rising competition, mobile number portability and the scrapping of unlimited data plans sometime earlier.

The 40 rupees barrier no more in bsnl

Usually nobody uses bsnl sim for accessing free gprs, mainly due to
the dearth in tricks in bsnl. However it is one of the most profitable
sim for gprs users. When compared to Airtel and the like who charge 30
paise per 20kb bsnl is an angel charging only 1 paise per 10kb that
means 2 paise per 20kb. See the difference. It also means that you are
not charged for the data you do not use. In Airtel, vodafone , idea
and such data is so packeted that even if you use 1 kb for a single
session you lose money as much for 20kb.So what can you do with it?
Simply told if suddenly you find all the tricks vanishing one fine
morning then the regular facebook addict can use facebook cheaply.
The mail geek can still check mails and the blogger(like me) still
blog. Further now you can access gprs even below 40 rupees and upto
-10 paise. This information was given by my friend Arun kumar. Earlier
you could not imagine doing that but may be thanks to mobile number
portablility's shock bsnl is waking up. Even th…