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Latest 2012 Vpn for Airtel free GPRS

Here's the latest vpn for all your free browsing and downloading needs on Airtel without paying a penny. Download and browse using free GPRS. The links are given below. Just DOWNLOAD THE CONFIG and enjoy unlimited internet without any disconnection problems. password for the config is vaioThis post is from authored by George who loves to write on latest free gprs tricks, facebook tips, gadget and mobile phones and loves free mobile recharge.

Airtel to not charge extra on New year and 31st december for outgoing sms

Airtel is trying to woo customers who were affected by the two day outage in Mumbai and Malad areas. I don't whether the offer applies only to that area or whole India but for some lucky people there will be no charges on the outgoing SMS on new year and 31st december for all those who have SMS packs. You will not be charged at rs1.50 or re1 for SMS on these days unlike other SMS operators all over India who have already started being a pain on our ass. For the lucky few happy smsing and a blessed new year.
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Get rs2000 in your airtel number, new year gift dhamaka

Hello friends this trick will show us whether its working or not only in 48 hours. If you try this trick now, you will get to know the result only after 2 days i.e on 2nd january 2012. My friend has experimented with this trick, he says that it will work for you.

1.First thing is activate 3G by sending ACT 3G TO 1212. Next dial *566*6# from your airtel number. 3. If you get message as " you will get a coupon if you have recharged with 100rs or more, within 48 hours", then you will get 100rs in your account. 4. Deactivate 3G and activate it again and again dial *566*6# atleast 20 times or as much as you can within one hour. If you are lucky you get rs 2000 in your account. New year gift.
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Collection of all working backqueries for Airtel free Gprs

Here is the collection of all working backqueries based on facebook and twitter ip. Use them for unlimited free download on 3G AND 2G network.
?  2.?
18.? Follow me on twitter or send an SMS FOLLOW george_defo to 53000(toll free) from Airtel

Airtel 3G trick working again

Guys and gals this new year is jam packed with the greatest tricks.
Now airtel 3g trick has started working again. Read the full
1.Send 3G to 121 to activate if already not activated,
you will receive a message from airtel-" Thank you for your request
for 3G activation. To enjoy fast internet access, the handset needs to
be 3G compatible.You will be charged @ 10p/10KB. In case you are
already subscribed to 2G data pack , then the same will be
deactivated. Please reply with 1 to confirm."
2. After replying 1 you will receive -Thank you for your request.
3Gservices will be activated within 4Hrs. You will receive a
confirmation sms on activationof the services.
3.After few seconds another msg - 3G services have been activated on
your mobile. If you wish to change 3G bill plan, SMS 3G to 121
4.Now change 3G bill plan, SMS3G to 121 - options are
1- Rs. 9 Free 10MB
2- Rs. 45 Free 30 Mins
3- Rs. 21 Plan
4- Rs. 94 Free 150MB
5- Rs. 37 Free 30MB
6- Rs. 64 Free 80M…

Call Airtel number at 30p/minute with this trick

Friends this is an offer from Airtel which many people don't know about. If you send an SMS as ONAM to 202 you get an offer from Airtel like calling one number at 30p/minute or something like that. I don't know whether it really works or not. Lets try and see. Keeping my fingers crossed I will reproduce the message which I got.

"Dear Customer, Congratulations! You have won a special offer from Airtel "Call one Airtel Local Nos at 30p/Min". Your Services will be activated in 48Hours. Validity 1 Month"

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Free gprs on pc and mobile for airtel

Apn –
Proxy –
PORT – 80
HomePage – if does not work use or Btw just watching a review on Samsung Galaxy Note. The note taking ability is amazing. Just wish I could use handler apps as well on android devices.

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Airtel pc and mobile trick for free internet with airtel live

For PC use this string in your address bar.[ your site name here ] For Mobile:-
Step 1:- Download any Mobile Handler Application.Step 2:- Now in Front query put this string and save the setting and enjoy the free gprs on both pc and Latest December Airtel Free GPRS Tricks for Both Mobile and PC 2:-
This trick is working for mobile and pc both, just follow the belowsetting
Apn – Proxy – Port – 80 HomePage – This post was first published at

Real Host Handler Trick On Pc

Guys now you can use the real host handler trick of mobile on pc too. I will describe the procedure:

1. First do the following settings.
Port 80

2. Go to firefox in pc and choose the settings option. From the settings option choose automatic add proxy. If the browser is not automatically using this proxy add it manually.

3. Then fill in

4. Enjoy Airtel free gprs on pc.

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New hss+ Expat shield v5 Airtel vpn For airtel free gprs in pc

The credits of the fabulous trick in using gprs for pc goes to Raju.

New HSS + Expat shield v5 (2011) - Airtel Vpn - 2G/3G

1) Do as shown in the first figure
2) Then click on MISC -: Options and edit local port as 53.
3) now select server and port and click on connect.
Now enjoy high speed browsing and downloading.
Download :
or download from here Download shield vpnTested personally by me, it was giving 500++ speeds
All credits to Raju.
Working States:
6.Madhya Pradesh

Use UDP 9200 or 80 port in maharashtra if it's not getting connected--
Visit my

Working vpn for Karnataka users Sathik Vpn

I have personally posted many vpns and many of them are working. But I have heard that all the vpns are getting banned in many states. Amongst the many blocked states the area which has been worst hit by Airtel is Karnataka. No vpn save sathik is working for karnataka users. After lot of searching and scouring the web my friends found this SATHIK_VPN which is working in tcp server. So stop your worries, And Enjoy Unlimited Internet again with SATHIK_VPN
1) Torrent supported
2) No disconnection problem
3) Supports TCP port
4) No Registration Required
Here is the Link rel="nofollow"
Its working Great in Tamilnadu and other states

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Call all numbers at 10p/minute from your Airtel number(local and std)

Guys this trick has been tested by me and it works on all airtel and non airtel numbers. By the use of this trick you can call any other number at 10p/minute with your airtel number. Yes its true and all what you need to do is just send an sms as BUDDY(SPACE) ANY NUMBER to 52212 from your airtel number. The number is toll free and the reply comes within seconds and it says, " buddy successfully added, call each other at 10p/minute." Try this trick from your number. Test if it works for your local numbers or std numbers or only airtel numbers. This is working is maharashtra.
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Get free jokes or radio in airtel

Now this is a trick by which you may get some free offer in Airtel. Try this trick only at your risk. While some are getting free jokes on Airtel with this trick others like me are being subscribed to Airtel radio at no cost. But I can't guarantee that whatever it will be it is going to be a zero cost. You may charged sometimes and only at your risk are you supposed to try it. DIAL *321*2*1*1# for free jokes, airtel radio or some other offers in Airtel. When I tried it was airtel radio and balance remained the same.

Free access for twitter on airtel!

You all know that is free to use on Airtel. Similarly now twitter can be accessed on Airtel for free. You can do this by using your phone's default browser and going to the address This access is now available upto march 2012. Many new twitter backqueries are now being discovered everyday with airtel. Try them read them.

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Airtel free sms trick

This is a dhamaka mind blowing trick from Airtel. Please read carefully. This trick is for sending free local sms from your airtel number to the tune of 100sms per day valid for 180 days or 6 months. The trick is working for me. Just dial *555*5# and you get a message which says 'free sms pack activated'. Immediately send two blank sms to 1909. This step is very important. Wait for sometime and you will get an sms from Airtelnetelix with service conformation. If you don't get any sms then just try sending sms to anyone and you will succeed. Only 100 local sms for one day for 6 months. Try and see. It works for me in kerala...

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It has been quite sometime since airtel launched the facebook on phone with fonetwish. The feature can be accessed by dialling *325# on your phone and despite it being a non conductor of gprs services you will be be able to access facebook like a menu based programme. Now the telecom behemoth has come up with a chat feature which locates everyone of your friends who is online and send them a message. The fun part is if you have some balance then it is bound to go as it costs re1 per day but if there's no balance then there are no qualms about losing any penny. As always the site is free on airtel. The service can also be accessed free of cost in docomo too! By the way the t9space tricks and the reverse ip tricks are still working robustly and we may see their anniversary atleast in the south coming december 26 when these tricks were first made online a year ago... This post was first published at

Share talktime with Airtel

Amongst all the telecom operators it was the solitary giant airtel which did not make the balance transfer or receipt of balance from other prepaid numbers. Now this has been solved with the introduction of the new balance transfer facility which can be accessed by dialling *141#. The menu which you will see now has an option for call me back too. This implies that even if your balance is zero you can message your friend to call you back absolutely for free. You can request or gift talktime upto rs 30.

When you dial *141# you get the following options:
1.Share talktime
2. Happy hours — which show reduced call rates
3.Take advance or ask for talktime
4. Auto credit
5. Gift Pack
6. Call me back SMS

So use them according to your needs

There are options for managing your account as well. This post was first published at

July 2011 Latest free mind blowing ips for free Airtel Gprs

Free ips have been discovered for airtel free gprs. The credits for
all these ips goes to alex and satish. These are mind blowing and
working all over India because these are based on the new mobile
application of facebook which allows free usage for idea, reliance,
airtel and aircel. So these tricks may work with lot of operators.
Thanks to alex and
How to use these free sites? For opera handler use as:
Put the below in custom http server
You can use the following as front query: default browser for free browsing just type in

How to use cgi proxies with these free sites for front queries in Airtel?

Just put the free site before the cgi proxy and you will get a new front query. An example is shown below:

You already know that free sites on airtel can be used to open any url via proxies. My last post was on new resume supported proxies which help you to browse freely and download on Airtel. These sites are already known to you like and the hungama server ip and of course many more. Do you remember the site which could be used for free bollywood content download? Yes if you take only the ip address of that site and make proxy settings with any proxy listed on my last post you will be able to access free gprs. I have tested it and it surely works. The site is

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New working fast resume support proxies for Airtel

At the start itself I would like to express my deepest apologies that I was not able to post something fresh for quite sometime. The reason for it being my ragging in hostel. Ragging is a menace which cannot be avoided in hostel life. Though it was not that serious seniors disturb us by waking us up at odd hours. My usual drafting time is past mid night and specifically at this time they bother me by making me sing songs and like awful activities. All said Airtel seems to be discovering newer proxies and blocking them all out. However when one door closes infinite others open. Below I post four such proxies which are fast free and resume supported. I checked them back like 1 hour ago and they are working. The addresses are


1. or

2. Proxy

4.proxy - a bit slow)

Use them with as access point port 8080 and go to or any other free site on airtel. You will get a pr…