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5 Common mistakes that are made in E-Commerce design

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It is but natural that customers would like to go for a simple to use yet operational e-commerce website. This is only possible if it has basic design elements and nothing very complex and jazzy that would drive people away. If in case you are not sure what a simple to use e-commerce website should comprise of then here are a few common mistakes that people make and should be avoided:

Precise description on products that you wish to sell
It has been observed that most ecommerce websites just do not offer good product description that they wish to sell. You should remember that your website works like a sales person. This is why what all information your sales rep would offer the same should be present on your website but more concise and to the point. It becomes difficult for the person to choose and buy off your website if you do not furnish adequate information. The content on the different product section and category should talk about the features, technical data if applicable and warranty details and more.

Complex navigation structure
You may have not noticed but possibly your site could be having a complex site navigation structure and as a result it could be driving away web traffic. The last thing that you would want to do is to drive away visitors since the current site navigation is confusing them. This is why it is imperative that you make the navigation very simple so that anyone can effortlessly browse through your website with no guidance at all. Do ensure that you provide adequate number of hyperlinks so that it simplifies navigation and visitors are able to find required information in the right places.

Difficulty in finding contact information and customer support
At any point of time, customers may require support and additional information which they can get by contacting you. They could have queries and would look up to someone who can solve their problems. Since e-commerce sites would be having a payment gateway and during the checkout process the customer would need to fill in card details so in case they get stuck they need to contact someone for support. If in case contact information is not found they may doubt if your company is real. To avoid such circumstance be sure to offer basic support and contact details. This information should be made prominent. It is better to place phone numbers of your contact centers along with supportive information that could help solve the customer’s queries. Even a FAQ section and clear instructions and guidelines could also prove to be useful. You can also go for real time support like chatting tools.

Tiring and complex checkout process
One of the most annoying pages on your e-commerce website could be the checkout page. A never ending and complex checkout process may make the customer to abandon the page and website altogether. So, if in case the customer was about to make a purchase and if he or she finds your checkout web page tough to interpret and lousy and too detailed to fill in then chances are that he or she would lose interest and move on. Issues like these can be resolved if you have fewer boxes and fields to fill in. Try to make the form simple to go through with proper tooltips. Limit the amount of information you are asking the person to fill in and only ask for information that is really required for the purchase and delivery of the product. By having a single checkout page you can make the customer satisfied and happy as the person would not have to key in too much data and the payment process becomes easy.

Site search and internal search engine
It is essential that your e-commerce website should have a proper site search. This is very crucial as it helps the customers to find what they want with minimum hassles and also helps to save time. If in case your search facility is not to the mark, visitors or customers would start using alternate methods like Google or Yahoo. This may in fact lead them to other e-commerce websites and online stores. You can improve the search capability of your website by having an efficient and reliable site search engine which can offer search result filtering. Ensure that each page has a search box and people can use keywords to find what they want with ease.

By avoiding the above mistakes you can indeed transform your e-commerce portal into a site that is useful to use and reliable to purchase from. This would assist you to outrace competition and also help you to earn reputation.

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Sachin Aggarwal is a professional Web Development Strategist and has been researching on newer ways of how to reach results in lesser time and minimal hassles. He is associated with IT Chimes and loves to write stuffs on Web Portal Development.

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