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Top 10 High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List

If you have been on the lookout for high PR social bookmarking sites, then your search ends here. I have compiled together a list of PR 6 to PR 9 social bookmarking sites that will give you a high Page rank. You just need to share the links of your site on these social bookmarking platforms and you will start getting OR juice to your own site as well.

List of High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List

1. – PageRank 9

2. – PageRank 8

3. – PageRank 8

4. – PageRank 8

5. – PageRank 8

6. – PageRank 8

7. – PageRank 7

8. – PageRank 7

9. – PageRank 7

10. – PageRank 6

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