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How to gain followers on Twitter?

Adding 1000 followers on your slim twitter profile may seem a daunting task at first but its not that hard if you follow my step by step plan to get your first 1000 followers in just 7 days.
I too started with a profile of barely 150 followers but at the end of the week my profile spotted 1000 followers. How to gain followers on twitter?Gain followers on twitter the easy way
Go to this website There are many paid packages available but there is also a free package for adding 100 followers for free. Select that and add your twitter account with them. 4 hours later nearly 100 followers will be added to your account. Now go to this website called followmania. There are many paid packages available but you need only go for the free 20 followers package. Add your twitter account to this site to get 20 followers automatically in four hours. Since its a twitter app there is no such thing as registration or other loops. The problem with the above two methods is that y…