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Hostgator coupons 2012

How to Use  HostGator Coupons 2012 – Tutorial 1. On the HostGator homepage click “View Web Hosting Plans“.

2. Choose your plan.

3. Enter your domain name that you want to register. Or if you already have a domain, just enter it on the right and you will then need to point the DNS nameservers of your domain to HostGator. Get hostgator coupons 2012 here.

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Hostgator review 2012

hostgator review 2012
Host gator is one of the finest  hosting companies for 2012 on the planet and there are some very nice features in host gator compared to other web hosts. Currently 5 million websites are hosted on host gator and they have the experience of a decade in the web hosting industry. I will discuss the host gator features  one by one but before that let me tell you that if you are planning to start a new website on the most popular platform for blogging like Wordpress then you would need a web host for the very purpose; a web host is the place where your web data is stored and they make it available to the world. A web host gives you the assurance that your website is your own. I have this blog on blogger and its well nigh possible that one fine day they may shut me down but not if my website is hosted on hostgator. Anyone can access your website from anywhere if your website is hosted on a good host like Host gator anytime. Host gator provides  99.98% uptime which means in…