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5 bluehost premium account giveaway

My friend Janjemaya Mohanty of mybloggerclub is on a gifting spree and he has come up with the coolest giveaway which a person venturing into starting a website would need?? Hosting- premium hosting and that too for free(well I suppose a giveaway means free stuff). And with that premium free hosting also comes a free domain as you would know that Bluehost gives away a free domain along with hosting. That would have cost him but then all’s fair in love and blogging except copy pasting.
And its not a tiny winy one single account. He is giving away 5 Bluehost   premium accounts. Not one person but 5 persons which means that you need not despair that only one person may win the game.
Now Bluehost is another famous name in the web hosting industry which gives a free domain name along with the hosting.
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5 timeless tips on choosing a webhost

1. Reliability,uptime and speed:
The statements unlimited  disk space and unlimited bandwidth seem very attractive but the truth is neither they are unlimited nor are they the only ones offering the same. If it were the truth then Facebook wouldn’t have had bought servers in Siberia. One more thing to be noted is that you don’t need unlimited. 98% websites do not use the bandwidth they call as unlimited. If they do, your account would be banned because only if you are providing torrents or running facebook will you approach these limits. The only thing you need to consider is whether your site will be available for most of the time(uptime) and whether it will load efficiently. Your host should be reliable.
2. Google it,bing it don’t go blindly : In order to verify the reliability of the different web hosts you will need to search about it online. Web hosting is such a lucrative field that people may recommend a particular web host just because it gives more affiliate commissions. Use y…

Why shouldn’t you blog?

There are a few mistakes I did when I started blogging. Starting a blog on a non monetizable topic like free gprs tricks and continuing it for 15 months.People like Harsh Agarwal of shoutmeloud, Rahul Banker of thecopypasteblog started blogging about free gprs tricks, copy pasting them but then stopped and turned to blog about blogging. I did not have that sense.Starting a blog on the blogspot platform and continuing it for 15 months. I should have bought a custom domain and turned to something else sooner.Copy pasting or plagiarism. I copy pasted lot of articles from popular forums like and frendz4m for free gprs and other things which concerned my niche. I was doing it for traffic but then it was a blunder. It is a traffic which wouldn’t pay for a single thing on the planet. Free data, free calls, free recharge. If I posted free AIDS they would take that too. But I did not know that and I continued like an ass. And I too was like them. I loved all these things until I rea…