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Top 4 reasons why you shouldn’t go for free web hosting

Free domain names, cheap web hosting, free hosting, free web hosting etc. are some of the most searched terms on the internet. Also nothing sells like free. A tactic used by less popular web hosting and domain name providers is to provide free webhosting and domain name for a year and then charge ridiculous renewal rates. You may get quality web hosting but then they are charging like hell. Also the domain name maybe non transferrable. You end up paying $35 or more for renewal which would have cost you only $10 per year. Great penalty for a freebie. This is only one of the examples where you may be cheated and there are several more ways of being screwed if you choose free web hosting.I list the top reasons why you shouldn’t go for free web hosting. At the end you will screw yourself.Uptime issues with a free web hostIf you really know what hosting is then the above statement would have given you the worst nightmare right now. A web host is the thing which makes your site available wh…

Bluehost hosting review 2012 and promo $3.95 in 2012

Hosting is a billion dollar industry or maybe a trillion dollar, I don’t know for sure but since web hosting is such a big industry there a lot of web hosting companies like bluehost, hostgator, ipage, fatcow etc. Closer home too there are many hosting companies but I will  not discuss them because I have a strong reason to believe that their uptime is not great. Today I will be discussing the benefits of choosing blue host as your web host. Yesterday I posted a review about Hostgator wordpress web hosting. Why another review? Its good to know about all the web hosts so that you can make an informed choice regarding whom to pay your money.
There are some features of bluehost and with this bluehost review  I will shed light on all those features  which are unique to it compared to other webhosts which I will discuss shortly:
Unlimited hosting spaceUnlimited bandwidth. I don’t think many of us understand what it means but all of them say that bandwidth is unlimited. Just like your interne…

Hostgator wordpress hosting maximum discount coupon September 2012

Overview of hostgator web hosting Host gator is one of the finest wordpress web hosting companies on the planet and there are some very nice features in host gator compared to other web hosts. Currently 5 million websites are hosted on host gator and they have the experience of a decade in the web hosting industry. I will discuss the host gator features  one by one but before that let me tell you that if you are planning to start a new website on the most popular platform for blogging like Wordpress then you would need a web host for the very purpose; a web host is the place where your web data is stored and they make it available to the world. A web host gives you the assurance that your website is your own. I have this blog on blogger and its well nigh possible that one fine day they may shut me down but not if my website is hosted on hostgator. Anyone can access your website from anywhere if your website is hosted on a good host like Host gator anytime. Host gator provides  99.98% upti…

Get free 100 rs recharge from airtel

WIN three premium wordpress themes for free
In the past we have shared many tricks of getting free mobile recharge by sending sms, by posting facts by reading e mails. This time you need to send only one sms and your account may get 100 rs within 48 hours. I too am waiting for my recharge. The message came as that my mobile will receive the gift coupon within 24 hours if I hace recharged with 100 rs or higher but there is no need to do that. Just dial *555*6#  and after 48 hours you may get your free recharge.

Start a website at $1.25 and get rich with hostgator and network solutions

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online. There are lots of ways to make money online like affiliate marketing but it requires you to know what works and what does not work and it takes a lot of time to make money and one more thing is that you can’t make money straight off the bat. In affiliate marketing you tend to lose more money first and only then you know the game plan. However with blogging you can go about a set formula
1. Start a blog on a popular and paying niche like make money online, blogging, health, dog food, travel etc. Do not blog about gprs tricks, free recharge, free sms , calls etc. if you hope to make money blogging. I have tried and the maximum you earn will be $150 per month after one year if you get lucky for AdSense.
2. Update it regularly
3. Update it for 3 months and then Google recognizes that you are alive and starts sending some real traffic to you like 300 to 400 visitors which is not much but enough to give you more than $100 per mont…