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The new girl in the school

Hi friends this is a new saga where I and Kyra battle with the
authorities for our basic rights in the land of the rising sun,
Arunachal pradesh. The principal was exasperated and the management
out of funds this time. We students of class 9 wanted an outing and
the school was supposed to provide the means of transport but no, not
this time. We walked out in fury, it was a hard time living as a
student and not going out when the wild rivers beckoned you was a feat
considered impossible by our standards. We wanted a celebration but
our reasonable demands were out of the school management's sense of
logic. This school was run by an elite group which had its Indian
headquarters in Bangalore, and international one's in Rome and by
various loops and twists somehow came under the Pope himself but no it
couldn't afford our travel.
We returned to our classes. Kyra was in class, seeing her was always a
relief. She had come to our school earlier this year because her
father had been transferred to…

The biggest gainers when facebook gets sold, the millionares and the billionares

These are the pictures of would be millionares and billionares.

Hello guys, in a few days from today history is going to be made.
Facebook a social networking phenomena and cultural icon is going on
ipo. If you don't understand what an ipo is, it means that a company
is going to divide its value in millions of units and sell them to
public. Each share is valued at $35 for facebook and the total value
would be a whopping 96 billion dollars! Its 70 billion dollars more
than the value of Google when it was auctioned. Above the pics denote
the people who made the right decision back when facebook started and
are going to be millionares.

well if you're wishing to be in their place today then you have come
to the right place. Yes, there's a social network that you can own and
make millions out of it. Zurker has been designed with the concept of
making the common people as partners and shareholders. All that you
need to do is invite others to join it and you get one share per
person. sign up fo…

Internet is fun

There could be no better example to this statement than me. My first
rendezevous with internet was when I was in class 3 or something. It
was in my home in kerala. After that I couldn't get much of it because
my father was posted in the remote state of northeast, the land of the
rising sun Arunachal Pradesh. Though this was the place of heavenly
beauty, connectivity and electricity remained a major issue throughout
my life there. Later I did get to use internet on pc but it was quite
limited. Only when I completed 10th did I get a full fledged internet
experience and that too on a mobile. It was the era of 2G Auctions and
airtel had captured the seven sisters.
Boy it was fun. The very first time I keyed in and
waited as the world's biggest search engine giant opened was magical.
I was astounded with the simple interface, the rainbowy Google and a
small space for typing in your search query. The whole space was white
except the google rainbow. Though the initial rates were a …