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Get Free mobile recharge on any network, hurry

What I am going to post may sound absolutely insane to you but its working. I got this information from and its working for the members there. Follow the procedure to get free mobile recharge on any network. First of all send an sms
PLY A NAME UNIQUECODE to 8826671122,
for example PLY A GEORGE 290044
where 290044 is a unique code which is used by me.
I have got 43.33 rs in airtel. Here unique code is any six digit number which your imagination conjures up. If you don't get it the first time send it again and again upto 10 times.
Note : If you get reply such as not a unique code just change the code to any 6 digit number . I advise starting the code with 99 and try.
And one more thing it is also working with free sms sending sites way2sms. That is just login there and send sms in the format described above and you'll get free recharge. Hurry!
So hurry u have to use unsed code
Recharge amount will be 10, 20, 50, orrs 100This post is from www.tricksreview.blogspot.c…

Google launches Adsense toolbar, access earnings on the go!

Its a goodnews for all the Adsense publishers worldwide as Google has announced an Adsense toolbar which can be used to access your online Adsense earnings on the spot, at one go without logging in again and again to your adsense account. Just install the toolbar and good to go. Download the new Adsense toolbar, to access your earnings. The steps are very easy. Install the toolbar. After installing login into your account and you will find an extension or a small icon on the toolbar. Click on allow the app. Don't worry about security as the app is from Google itself. This post is from Friends if you need any kind of help with gprs tricks, mobile phone tips, downloads, free recharge anything at all you can comment here or mail me @ You can add me as friend on fb by going to facebook profile george or follow me on twitter follow me on twitter

Free calling trick worldwide, works on all mobiles

This is a small trick to make free calls anywhere. For this trick you have to download a software called EQO. I have not provided the links but you can download the software by just searching over the net.
It is mobile VoIP and instant messenger, and
once you download and install it in your mobile phone it will give you $ 0.50 and using which you can make free calls. Here comes the trick.
After the talktime is over just uninstall the software and register with another number and Reinstall EQO again.
For free calling you must have mobile office gprs plans activated in your mobile phone.This post is from Friends if you need any kind of help with gprs tricks, mobile phone tips, downloads, free recharge anything at all you can comment here or mail me @ You can add me as friend on fb by going to facebook profile george or follow me on twitter follow me on twitter
The International Telecommunications Union ( ITU ), a United Nations agency which formulates standards for the information technology industry, has officially notified two new mobile communication technologies as the successor of LTE ( 4G ) and WiMax .
Termed by some analysts as 5G (5th generation services), the newmobile technologies are said to be500 times faster than the 3G , which is yet to fully rolled out in India!
ITU has determined that the new technologies - LTE-Advanced and WirelessMAN-Advanced - should be accorded the official designation of IMT-Advanced (International Mobile Telecommunications Advanced).
The term IMT-Advanced has been coined by ITU to identify mobile systems whose capabilities go beyond a certain standard. It is used to identify and brand next generation mobile devices and technologiesThis post is from authored by George who loves to write on latest free gprs tricks, facebook tips, gadget and mobile phones and loves free mobile r…

How to make clickable Blue text as facebook status

Friends you might remember that I had made a post regarding making status updates in blue on facebook. I really don't know whether you liked the trick as the response was average but I am back with another trick which I found while swimming in the depths of the world wide web. The trick is in making status updates in blue. The steps are as follows: Login to your Facebook Account
*. In the Status Update field copy/paste the following code
@@[0:[136269139737589:1: Your Text Here]] or
*. Its a no say that you've to replace the "your text here" with whatever you want to be displayed.
*. Now when you update your status your status will be updated as clickable blue text.

Note: Remember 136269139737589 should be your id number, you can also replace this ID number with your profile ID.
Alternative Methods : As always there are more than one ways to reach the Ganga. Some more codes for diversity.
@[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Type Here]]
This code is more efficient as it doesn…

Fast proxies for Youtube streaming and downloading

These are two very fast proxies which are resume supported and come with an additional advantage that of youtube streaming. Yes youtube is generally out of reach with most proxies but not these out there. I have shared these with some users via mail and am posting it now. Enjoy
PORT=80 or any free ip.
Here is another resume support proxy for downloading and browsing speed good
port=80 post is from authored by George who loves to write on latest free gprs tricks, facebook tips, gadget and mobile phones and loves free mobile recharge. Catch him at twitter

BSNL brings unlimited 3G DATA card postpaid

There's a very good news in the air for postpaid bsnl users. India's national sinking telecom has come up with splendid offers to lure customers into her network with unlimited 3G data plans. The cost of the 3G DATA card is only Rs 899 and it comes with unlimited data offer. However as usual there are some bitter surprises which comes camouflaged in the form of Fair Usage Policy and one can only use the 3G DATA with a speed of 3.6 mbps for upto 5GB of data and thereafter the speed reduces to just 100kbps. I doubt whether one would really get 3.6 mbps but lets hope for the best. BSNL has been continually losing subscribers in chunky proportions and this move may bring back some of the lost love. This post is from authored by George who loves to write on latest free gprs tricks, facebook tips, gadget and mobile phones and loves free mobile recharge. Catch him at twitter

New den vpn for airtel free gprs

VPN is a simple user interface to connect or disconnect to VPNservers.
Install any vpn. It will ask for tap drivers >>click Continue, it
takes 1 or 2 min.To use any VPN, you need to right click on a traybar icon on the
bottom right of your screen that looks like a computer with a red
After right clicking on it >> choose connect.Now comes the Trick:VPN - WORKING AIRTEL 100% Deutschland vpn.No disconnection problem. Download VPN from Below connect your mobile to pc using apn -
or select airtel india on ovi suite. I have written a post on that too.
Start browsing and Downloading for free.
VPN by - 1.3 MBThe links are given below: vpn by - 1.5 MB Open denvpn folder
go to data folder
then open config folder - there is pass.txt open and edit it.
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Details of all Vpns and disconnection solutions

Friends a light solution for disconnection on Sathik Vpn is by using
different config servers for the vpn. [Create new config for each
server below]
remote m1.mullvad.net53
remote m2.mullvad.net53
remote m3.mullvad.net53
remote m4.mullvad.net53
remote m5.mullvad.net53
remote openvpn.mullvad.net53. Below I will explain in detail about
each vpn and disconnection solutions for everyone.
Download OpenVPN :
Download Config :
Just Place the folder inside to"config" folder and restart OpenVPN,
Sathik VPN or any VPN program you have and Connect it to IP-3, 4 or 5.
It won't get connected properly as usual. But in the last step you'll
see that its connected, just minimize that and start using net. Ignore
yellow icon which shows as connecting.
Sometimes PD-Proxy works in Karnataka but limit is 100mb per day, I
won't prefer this due to rare chances …

Free 3G data on reliance tablet

Reliance is in line with one of the cheapest 3G tablets christened as
"RELIANCE 3G tab" priced at Rs 12999. The goodnews is that not only
that the tablet is cheap, but also comes with free 500mb 3G DATA every
month for three months which would have cost Rs 1050 weren't it free.
The tablet's price comes next only to Aakash and Airtel's Beetel Magiq
but they don't offer any free data. Along with this offer they also
allow you around 250rupees of free ISD calling anywhere in the
world. It doesn't end with that, you have a VAS OFFER of free movies
via Reliance Big Tv also. All this at just Rs 12999. You get around rs
2000 worth of freebies along with this tablet and a tablet . Reliance
in the future having acquired pan India 4G LICENCE will sell data at
1gb/10 rs and at that time using a 3G TAB would come even more

cheaper. Go reliance
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How to connect internet with ovi suite set apn complete tutorial

One of the tricksreview users was asking me about the technique of connecting mobiles with pc using ovi suite. So I have posted with screen shots how to use free GPRS. Please excuse me giving the ovi screen shots with Vodafone since its faster. The rest of the procedure is same as shown in the screen shots
After connecting with ovi suite you have to go to mozilla firefox. Choose options>>advanced settings>> manual proxy>> set the proxy eg or anyone which I have given in my numerous posts. See the screen shots for better knowledge. Also refresh the browser by pressing F5.
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Latest Host handler airtel free gprs trick working in kerala, karnataka

Many weeks hence, Airtel blocked all working tricks in Kerala at one
shot. In a single night we were reduced to shambles. The same fate
was decided for Karnataka many months ago. I was in search for a trick
which works in Kerala and I got it but I was hesistant to reveal it
for fear of being blocked. But since it's working fine for me since
two weeks, I risk revealing the trick.  The trick is a
modification of the real host handler trick. You know that in all the
handlers we can set the proxy as Host or http, whether it be ucweb or
opera mini. So this trick doesn't need real host handlers just any
ordinary handlers.
For ucweb users just select the proxy type as
host and put in or in the host field of the
handler menu. You are done!
For lovers of Opera Mini just set the
http server as and in the space for host put in
the above mentioned addresses. The same trick is working fine without
any problems in Karnataka also.

Dealing with self created spam on Gmail

Yeah you heard it right. I am talking about self created spam. Don't we all hate spam then why on earth are we going to create self created spam. But before you judge think for a moment when you signed up for a freebie, or willingly gave away your e mail address to embeepay advertisers or did something and forgot to uncheck the newsletters or ads tab while filling up a survey or form on the web.

Yes, those rascals out there, once they get hold of your e mail address send you mails of the same tone, and utterly useless nature so associated with them as grease to engines exasperate you beyond dreams and clutter up your inbox. You finally shake your rusty bones and visit their website to change the e mail settings and in 9 out of 10 cases they turn a deaf ear. What the hell are you going to do now?

Such experiences sacred the hell out of me earlier but not now as I know how to deal with them atleast on gmail. Yes there is very neat little item on gmail for these Godforsaken rasca…

Latest 2012 Vpn for Airtel free GPRS

Here's the latest vpn for all your free browsing and downloading needs on Airtel without paying a penny. Download and browse using free GPRS. The links are given below. Just DOWNLOAD THE CONFIG and enjoy unlimited internet without any disconnection problems. password for the config is vaioThis post is from authored by George who loves to write on latest free gprs tricks, facebook tips, gadget and mobile phones and loves free mobile recharge.

New front queries for Airtel free internet

Here's one sample of front queries for using free internet on Airtel. Its not working in kerala since airtel blocked all tricks and loopholes and thats why I am not sure of these front queries. If you don't know how to use on PC just connect your phone to pc with apn with ovi suite and use firefox with these urls enjoy.\ post i…

Airtel Caller Tune Trick for 90 days

I am sorry that I am sharing this airtel trick only now. It has been working since months. Yes its the Airtel Free Callertune trick For 90 Days. Just dial This No. – 543211888 [TollFree] and activate your CallerTune For 1 Month Now. Then Dial This No- 5787881 and Activate New Song For 3 Months. But this trick works nicely only for fresh sims. However try in other sim cards also. This post is from authored by George who loves to write on latest free gprs tricks, facebook tips, gadget and mobile phones and loves free mobile recharge.

How to keep your Google account safe from being hacked?

Hi folks! Recently I posted about my dear friend's account being
hacked. The hacking of a single google account may put our lives at
halt, because it links with our gmail account, blogger, orkut, google
plus, google adsense and all other associated google services. It was
a nightmare which is over now. He has successfully re instated his
account. So I thought that I should make a post on helping you keep
your account safe.1. The first tip is about choosing the right kind of password.
Passwords should be alpha numeric i.e a combination of numbers and
alphabets. It would do you good if you don't choose dictionary words
as your passwords as there are softwares which try out every
dictionary word against your profile name to get hold of your account.
Also choose a different password for every other account. To help you
remember the passwords every password should be modification of the
main one say for facebook password%fb where password is your password.2. The second thing what you can do t…

My friend is in need of your help!

Dear readers of my blog. I am not with a trick this time. My friend Sidharth is in need. He has a highly successful blog, which has been hacked by a hacker. We have a very special bond since he is the one who trusted me and made me an author at his blog. I guest post at his blog too. My blog gained additional traffic because of his help and guidance and now he is in trouble. What can you do? The greatest strength of a blog is its readers. The hacker wishes to publicise, please don't go there rather is the original site. Secondly spread this message on social networking sites, tweet that is the real thing, make it your status update anything. I sincerely want no trouble for him. Please consider my request. If you have an solution please mail at Sidharth helped me when no one did, he replied to all my mails whenever I sought his guidance and is my FRIEND. Please help my frie…

Opera 11.5 pc trick symbian opera trick

There's a trick by which you can use Airtel GPRS for free in PC without much ado in opera mini 11. The trick is exclusively for Opera Mini. The settings are given below: Proxy- Port-80.
You can also use the trick on symbian phones. Step2-Download symbian operamini11.50 from this address go to your
symbian mobile and download symbian operamini11.50 Step3-After downloading opera mini and its installation, open opera
mini and go to setting. There will be many options choose advance
option and select a accesspoint mobile office which you can make above
and back you opera browser
Enter address in opera address bar and open your proxy
page enjoy free net in operamini11.50 you can download large file upto
100MB in high speed.

Note-Try at Low balance. --
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Dot proxy working airtel again 2012

Its a nice news for all Airtel users- Dot Proxy has started working
again. Here is the Trick .
1.Download dotproxy it using dotproxy.exe 3. Now fill fields as shown below 4.goto URL add
add 0:?
tick enable and then add new backquery if it works for you or use ? 5.Press ok ,then press start in main window..minimize dotproxy. goto YOUR favourite browser. In opera
go to-settings-preference-network-proxy servers. Set as above
and press ok. Next restart the browser and use it
in mozilla go to options-advanced-network
then set it
in IDM goto downlods-options-proxy server and set it
NB:dotproxy need .net framework 3.5 and u can download it from filehippo

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Solve disconnection problem Sathik Vpn modified version sathik

Disconnection problems are the curse of free Gprs usage. An ugly
blotch an immaculate nightmare. This blog post provides the links to amodified version of Sathik Vpn which works perfectly without any
disconnection problems.
Steps to be done:1. Connect ur pc using airtelgprs.com2. Download the modified version of Sathik vpn and extract it on desktop.3. If you are using windows 7 then right click on sathik vpn's icon.
Go to properties>> compatibility>> check the box of privilege level
Run this program as administrator.4. Open sathik vpn portable. It will show the taskbar. Next right
click on icon and choose Connect.5. If firewall prompt for permission then allow it. No tensions there.6. Give 10 to 20 second to connect until icon become green.Browse and download without nightmares. I hope atleast this one works
for you without disconnection. <b>Do comment below</b>--
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Get free intercalling smsing benefits on Loop mobile

Loop mobile has come up with a first of its kind offer all over India for its prepaid customers. As per this offer inter calling and smsing from one subscriber to another in the group created by you is totally free for lifetime. You can send unlimited messages and call others as per this new offer from Loop mobile. Moreover you get a kind of referral benefits from others for a period of one year. Whenever somebody in your group recharges on any amount you get 10% recharge benefits on your number. For new subscribers the amount is upto, 15%. For activating the offer just dial *131#.Existing Prepaid subscribers would have to refer as many subscribers as they wish to avail free inter-calling and SMS benefit for a lifetime. Each new referred subscriber would have to get a special Member Get Member simcard and do a one time recharge with Rs. 94.
The new subscriber would have to share the unique code on the application form and send an SMS to his referrer. Post which, the referrer/existing s…

Get Rs 16 on recharge Rs10 Vodafone

The simplicity of this trick dazzles me. You get 16 rupees on recharging with Rs 10 instead of Rs 6 on Vodafone. Just send an sms RECHARGE 10 RS COUPON CODE to 144. Example RECHARGE 123669....... To 144. This trick is working confirmed in maharashtra and mp. I don't trust it to be working in other states. So try at your own risk.

This post is from authored by George who loves to write on latest free gprs tricks, facebook tips, gadget and mobile phones and loves free mobile recharge. Catch him at twitter

Get freebies, t shirts and gifts by participating in

Tricksreview had already posted about earning free recharge from long ago in July. After that there have been several changes in the site, including the coming up of a forum where you earn freebies and points for posting about other freebies, website reviews and lot of such stuff. Earn points and Get Gifts: In this forum, they have introduced one point system where members will get points for different activities like posting deals,sharing freebies, writing reviews and tons of other ways and later on redeem those for various gifts at the Reward store.
2. More Freebies: Freekaamaal readers can get tons of more freebies. It will be a place where one can share and talk about Freebies , So from now on if you encounter any freebie don't forget to share with other and get free points.
3. Deals & Offers: Along with freebies, it is a place for online shoppers too, where members can posts good deals and latest offers and help others in saving some money. There's a se…

Earn free mobile recharge from Way2SMS!

Tricksreview had posted about a bunch of free recharge opportunities in the past including the recent mobikwik free mobile recharge offer, free recharge from Amulyammail where you receive recharge for reading advertisement mails, free recharge from where on posting freebies you get tons of gifts and free mobile recharge etc. All of these ways require you to work hard over getting free recharge or wait for a long time. I personally dislike it when for every e mail I read I get only .25 paise.

So here's the solution No I am not getting any refferal points for pointing you to this site, its genuine as far as I see it. Way2sms was uptill now used to send smses for free and we can still do that, but the site has expanded into giving free mobile recharge. Yeah, you are thinking right, you'll not get free recharge for free. There's a little bit of work to be done. But it is of the best business advertising models of earning recharge I have ever witne…

Aakash Ubislate 7+,14 lakh orders in 2 weeks

Friends this is another post discussing the popularity and availability of the newer version Aakash ubislate tablet called ubislate 7+. As you already know that due to the exhaustion of ready models the bookings of aakash tablet were stopped and the pre booking of ubislate 7+ began. But as of now ubislate 7+ pre bookings have completed for the month of January and february and only the pre booking of tablets for the month of March is available. In just a matter of few weeks 14 lakh orders were placed for the tablet.

Datawind the canadian manufacturer behind the small wonder is amazed by the response and has decided to set up three more factories in various places including kochi besides the only one operational in Hyderabad.

For those who do not know the Ubislate 7+ comes loaded with a 95rs/2gb plan, 700mhz processor and sim card slot in addition to wi fi capabilities.
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Export contacts from an old Nokia phone to another phone

Losing contacts can be a real nightmare because you lose touch with all the people who have been your friends, collegoues, teachers or in some way related to you. Gaining them back all again is easy if you have created an online storage space for them. But even after doing so you may need to export contacts from an old phone to a new one in case your old phone gets stolen or lost. Today I will be dealing with the issue of exporting contacts from an old nokia phone to another phone. The first step in this direction is stowing away all your contacts to the online Nokia space called ovi. But ovi doesn't offer you the advantage of exporting those contacts to another mobile of a different company. But recently Nokia announced that it is going to discontinue the ovi service soon and has come up with a website called EXPORT YOUR CONTACTS FROM OLD NOKIA PHONE which helps you to save and download all your contacts in the csv format and thence download it to another phone say a samsung gala…

Free mobile recharge again from mobikwik(hurry)

Tricksreview had already published the free recharge offer from Mobikwik the moment it was announced. Iam pleased to say that it has happened once again to the fact that there was much SMS traffic on those days and many didn't get coupon code. I had received one comment by a user stating that he didn't get any coupon code. So they are doing it again. Mobikwik today announced the extension of the Free Talk time Dhamaka offer till 5th Jan 2012 .They are also aware that due to peak SMS traffic at year end, few users did not get their SMS coupon. For these reasons, MobiKwik.comonce again brings an exclusive offer – Get Free Recharge KwikKwik Kwik only with to get Free Recharge:1) Sign Up at MobiKwik using this linkfree recharge link from mobikwik2) Once you successfully register, MobiKwik will send you a coupon via SMS! The coupon will give you a *Surprise* amount of Free Recharge. The rest is as already described earlier.3) Login to, Go to My Acco…

The best video camera phone the i phone 4s

There have been many smart phones doing the rounds even amongst the shady chinese and Indian manufacturers since the advent of android smart phone operating system. But when it comes to hardware there's a very keen difference which cries out loud enough to be felt. Apple's new Smartphone iphone 4s features one of the best cameras with an invincible capacity of recording HD 1080p videos.
Why the iphone 4s is special? The iphone 4s comes loaded with a 8 mega pixel camera. Yes the iphone 4s is special because of a hardware enhancement called the back illumination sensor and a wider aperture. The sensor is powerful enough to keep the image quality good even in low light ambience thus never becoming a killjoy. The camera is provided more light with the illuminator and the auto focus system does just what it is designed for. You have no troubles with hand shaking or other phenomena which you normally associate with video capturing. It focuses instantly capturing every precious momen…

New proxy for mozilla and default browser for airtel free gprs

Guys a new proxy for default browser and for pc has been discovered
which I am presently sharing with you. Trick for default browser
Speed :100kbps to
open hp in default browser with above setting
I have checked it myself and its working for browsing will update the
download status.PC TRICK
Just try go to mozzila setting put port:80
dial up wid as your access point
open,browsing is superb,now go to idm put PORT:80and enjoy high speed download,or you can also
use setting which works for you in mobile. You may get page load error
many times which is the only major disadvantage and that is
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Get 50RS talktime on Tata Docomo for free

The is not a trick which I will be talking about but an offer from
Tata Docomo. Yeah its very easy and confirmed way of getting talktime
for free from Tata Docomo. Earn talktime when you refer friends to
port to Tata docomo without changing their number. Just send an SMS REFER(space)friend name(friend number) to 121
Once they join tata docomo they get 50 rs talktime for free. Easy and
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Airtel free Gprs on vnap buster and dot proxy with twitter backquery

Hello tricksreview users. Happy New Year to one and all. You all know
that twitter is free and tricksreview has posted many backqueries
regarding how to use twitter for free gprs on airtel for mobiles. But
now I will explain in detail how to use it on PC especially dot
Here is Trick1- You can use dotproxy or vnap net buster
2- In dot proxy or vnap net buster browser or vnap proxy use url mods
put back query
3- 0:?id= or the other twitter
backqueries I have provided already.
4- Leave other field blank
5-Use https not http
6-put your browser proxy option port 8080
The advantages of this trick are that you can do youtube streaming,
download with over 300+kbps, but browsing may be slow.
The links for downloading vnapnet buster are vnapnet buster for airtel free gprs
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