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Airtel 3G trick working again

Guys and gals this new year is jam packed with the greatest tricks.
Now airtel 3g trick has started working again. Read the full
1.Send 3G to 121 to activate if already not activated,
you will receive a message from airtel-" Thank you for your request
for 3G activation. To enjoy fast internet access, the handset needs to
be 3G compatible.You will be charged @ 10p/10KB. In case you are
already subscribed to 2G data pack , then the same will be
deactivated. Please reply with 1 to confirm."
2. After replying 1 you will receive -Thank you for your request.
3Gservices will be activated within 4Hrs. You will receive a
confirmation sms on activationof the services.
3.After few seconds another msg - 3G services have been activated on
your mobile. If you wish to change 3G bill plan, SMS 3G to 121
4.Now change 3G bill plan, SMS3G to 121 - options are
1- Rs. 9 Free 10MB
2- Rs. 45 Free 30 Mins
3- Rs. 21 Plan
4- Rs. 94 Free 150MB
5- Rs. 37 Free 30MB
6- Rs. 64 Free 80MB
7- Rs.1245 Free 10GB Plan
8- Rs.97 Free 200MB Plan
9- Rs.197 Free 500MB Plan
10- Rs.450 Free 1200MB Plan
11- Rs.750 Free 4GB Plan
12- Rs.675 Free 2.5GB Plan
13- Rs. 250, Free 300 MB Plan
14- Rs.72 Free 60 Mins Plan
15- Rs.251 Free 500 MB Plan
If you wish to activate this plan, please reply with the number of
your plan above to confirm.
5. I think there's a problem with the 7th option. So select the
(10GB Plan) - Rs.1245 Free 10GB Plan - Speed will be 7.2 MBPS till
planend date
Please reply with 1 to confirm
6. Finally - Thank you for your request. Bill plan for 3G services
will be activated within 4Hrs. You will receive a confirmation sms on
its working in---
west bengal
For the below states instead of option 7 try option 11, it will work confirmed in kerala---
kerala(was working previously)
karnataka u chk and tellme wrk for you or not
credit - sandip

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