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Win Free mobile recharge with amulyammail

Friends all of us like to use gprs for free, want to find out if we
can send sms for free, we want to download millions of gigabytes for
free, talk for free and love freebies. What if there were any way to
even get free mobile recharges. Each day not having to spend your hard
earned pocket money on mobile coupons but do the very same things for
free. Friends here is a chance to get free mobile recharges now!
There's not much you need to do, just click on the below links and
pave your own way to free mobile recharges! When you click on the links you would be taken to the site The site gives absolutely free talktime for reading e mails and online shopping through amulyam. It is a one of its kind site in india and you are very lucky to hear about it. In fact I personally use the site. The next big question is how to win free talktime from this site. Basically you get plentiful e mails everyday loaded with wads of cash just for you. Secondly you get more cash for doing mind…

Tutorial: How to flash phones using Jaf?

This tutorial should be tried at your own risk. I own no
responsibility if your phone goes dead while you are applying the
steps here. It would be better if you go to nokia care centre. First
of all you need to find out the rm-xxx of your phone. Note RM-xxx by
dialling *#0000#- install JAF
- copy the files from copy folder to c:\program\files\ODEAN\JAF
- now make this directory:
C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-xxx (if its already there leave it)
copy ur firmware files to this RM-xxx folder (if its already there leave it)
Restart your pc after installing jaf
USING JAF TO INSTALL COOKED ROMS 1. Turn your phone on.2. Leave it on the home screen.3. Hookup your USB cable.4. Connect using PC SUITE mode.5. From main cooker folder. Right click onOGM_JAF_PKEY_ Emulator_v
5.exe and select run6. In the step 3 BOX click OK. Now JAF gets loaded.7. In JAF left click theBB5 tab8. Under Flash Settings.A. uncheck CRT 308B. check Manual FlashC. check Normal ModeD. check Use INI. Note that you sele…

Working http server and front query for gujarat users

Dear brothers and sisters of gujarat. You must be sorry that lots of
tricks have been blocked and not working in your state. Do not worry
as tricksreview today gives a working front query for you. This
query was working earlier and then it was blocked. Now it has again
started If you want to
use it in opera mini just put after 191. and you
will get your working hacked opera. WIN FREE MOBILE RECHARGE--
Visit my blogwww.tricksreview.blogspot.comttp/"> If you want to
use it in opera mini just put after 191. and you
will get your working hacked opera. WIN FREE MOBILE RECHARGE--
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Kolkata users! Now talk to your heart's content with Vodafone

Vodafone has come up with an offer which would give joy to the
denizens of the city of low kolkata. Seeing the festive season of
durga puja ahead vodafone has launched the new bonus card of rs 99.
Talk to your heart's content with this bonus card which is valid for
a period of 15 days and offers 30,000 seconds of talk time to all
local Vodafone to Vodafone numbers. The voucher is availabe throughout
kolkata in in vodafone Stores, mini stores and retail.
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Get Triple 3G data from Reliance this Festive season

Reliance seeing the festive season ahead has come up with a new 3g
offer called Triple Dhamaka. According to this offer all existing
prepaid vouchers would give you three times the data already
available. This is a limited period offer. So hurry up! This offer
is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers in all the 333
towns of the 13 3G circles of Reliance Communications. Reliance offers
three ways to subscribe to these plans. The first one is through R
World, the second one the retail outlet or through a simple SMS.
Through this offer the prepaid customers can get 195 MB data for Rs
65, and for rs 408 (Rs 399 for postpaid) they will be getting 1.5 GB
data. At Rs208 you stand to get 750 MB.
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Friends I present you with vpn tricks for using free gprs in pc. Free
gprs in mobiles is a great thing but at times you need to download big
files and then you always wish if the same thing were possible in pc.
It is now with virtual private networks.1. Go and register at Please provide your real e mail id.2. Check your inbox for your Username and Password.3. Download my Config Files Paste these into c:\\Program files\Openvpn\config5. Edit real-vpn.auth with notepad and paste your username and passowrd.6. Now open Vpn and use unlimited.Second trick
1. Go / and press Agree to get username and password.2. Download modified config files Paste config files inrespective folder and start open vpn--
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Aircel has recently launched its balance transfer services in India.
Using the service you can transfer mobile balance from one aircel
local number to another. Just dial *122*666#. You will be able to
transfer rs10, rs20 and rs100.--
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Useful smart service by vodafone

Vodafone brings you a range of services which allow you extreme ease
of use. Example vodafone has come up with a new service of call me
back using which even at zero balance you can send an sms to your
friends requesting their call. Such a service could be a life saver
in situations. Vodafone allows you the simplest way of balance
transfers using which you can transfer rs5 rs12 and rs30 to local
vodafone numbers. If you are low on balance just sms CREDIT to 144 and
you will get an instant top up of rs 10. Rs 12 will be debited from
your account later. To access all these service just dial *130#.--
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Download big files with this back query(working in gujarat)

Although back queries work well in the southern states like kerala and
karnataka almost all tricks have been blocked in gujarat. This new
back query will meet all your needs like downloading big files and
also is rumoured to work in gujarat and other north indian states.
Here's the treat:? =64kbps/? zout=45--
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Fastest backquery for airtel free gprs

Guys even though back queries do not work in all states of india
wherever they work they can be used in ucweb to download virtually
anything. Today I present you with the latest and the speediest
backquery. You may use it on nimbuzz for chatting without
disconnection. You can use it in ucweb for downloads. You can also use
it in opera mini.
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Win prizes with just by tagging friends

I saw an advertisement by Airtel advertising the site
The word hfz is acronym for har friend zaroori. Airtel has come up
with a contest wherein you can win prizes for tagging your friends on
facebook with a tag or a type. A daily winner is selected from the
number of people who try. The rules are simple just tell the friend
type and win great prizes. Maybe its an Airtel attempt at gaining more
spotlight on facebook. In airtel's words " We have just so many
different types of friends - Joke friend, Poke friend, SMS friend, MMS
friend. Some close, some far but one thing is for sure, zindagi mein
har friend zaroori hai yaar.
Do you have an interesting friend type? Share, and you could win a
trip to LasVegas with your friends or walk away with daily prizes." A
samsung galaxy ace is also on offer as a prize.
Tag as many friends with a friend type (e.g. Today's winner tagged
around 961 friends with a friend type) and win daily prizes.
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Tata Docomo Gprs data offers

Tata Docomo brings magic again. Tata docomo has pioneered in bringing
out value for money gprs packs with great speeds too. You get the best
speeds and the cheapest rates only on tata docomo. For 2g data packs
two new packs have been launched just for you. The two new packs are
the 8gb and 2.5gb packs. If you are a heavy user then the former pack
is ideal for you and if you are best at the low end then the the later
pack will be viable for your needs. Just compare it to Airtel which
offers only 1gb at 98 rupees and 2gb at 149 rupees. Docomo is 4 times
better than airtel and cheaper too! 149 8 GB ! 30 days95 6 GB ! 30 days ! 65 2.5 GB ! 30 days 48 1 GB 30 days ! 33 Night 1 GB ! 30 days !15 500 MB ! 3 days ! 5 50 MB Till midnight !
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Voice based twitter updates with vodafone

Vodafone has launched voice based twitter service for its users pan
india. What it means for you is that you can instead of updating your
twitter status via hand typed messages can for so only with your
voice. The service has got a behemoth celebrity following and is
turning out to be quite indispensable. The service has been nick named
bubbly since it is launched in association with bubble motions. Just
dial *7* on your handset, record your twitter message in your own
voice much like the voice messaging service and instantly your
followers everywhere on this planet receive notifications. It's free
to start bubbling, and free to follow friends and family.
Amongst bollywood stars the technology freak Amitabh Bachchan is
already in. Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra are following. Don't get
surprised if you find Virender Sehwag, Harbajaan Singh and Yuvrav
Singh on bubbly. Last year Rcom happened to launch Bubbly social
messaging service.--
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New idea resume support free Gprs trick

Dear friends finding tricks for idea free gprs is like spotting polar
bears in the wilderness of sahara. I do not know whether this trick
would work in all states. Just try this trick. Go to in default browser or use in handler opera.
Setting: Use Idea Gprs or idea internet whichever works for you. This
is a minimum balance trick. At high balances it will cut your balance.
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Free 3G with Aircel upto 9th of september

Its the age of 3G and everybody would like to lay their hands on high
speed downloads, video calling, gaming, streaming and everything thats
on offer on a 3g connection. What if you got all that and that too at
no cost. Get ready because aircel has come up with the most mind
blowing offer in 3g. Aircel has come up with a latest free 3G offer
for the new areas wherein it has introduced 3G network. Aircel is
offering Free 3G data upto 250MB and 50 Video Calls till 9th of
september. The offer starts from today. To avail the offer just
type START 3G send it to 121.
Save 3G Settings which you will receive in the next message.
The offer is working in Maharashtra.
Please try in your state as well.
For more information call the toll free number 121.--
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