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Cheapest Android mobiles in India by mts

It was around this time that two years back I bought my nokia 5130 c2
at a price of 5000 rupees. Its this time of the year again and I get
nokia x2 at around the same price. Shell around 5000 bucks and lay
your hands on the new nokia blah blah blah but at the end java phone.
No multitasking, no hi fi super sexy games or high end graphics..
Nothing. But not anymore mts has just announced the launch of not one
but two android smart phones for a sum below 5000 rupees. Both the
handsets are based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon S1 processors and will be
available from September 1. The babies are christened as- MTS MTAG 3.1
and MTS Livewire, both in the sub Rs 5,000 category.
Running on CDMA EV-DO Rev A technology, MTS MTAG 3.1 and MTS Livewire
support high quality voice and net enabled data services. MTAG 3.1
comes with a 2.8 inch capacitive touchscreen with a none too bad
240x320 pixels display. The phone supports multi-format audio/video
player with 3.5 mm jack, and is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel c…

Google plus gets ignore button!

Have you ever wanted to say right to some people on their face while
you see their comments that you don't care. Even if you haven't, I
have craved to do so but without sounding rude. Some of the comments,
wall posts and status updates are so dumb so boringly unattractive and
creatively sketching an asshole that I truly would have loved to
ignore them. Well its to bid goodbye to all those people trying to buy
your attention with mind numbingly dumb tactics. How? The new ignore
button in Google Plus. One of the engineers at the project says that
google has tried to bring our relationships in the real world to the
virtual landscape with the button. The ignore button does not move a
person out of your circles but you don't get to see his/her comments,
whatever the person has shared etc. The Block button on the other hand
throws the chap out of your circles. You can multi ignore too with the
ignore option. Its just like real life some who were friends become
bitter enemies, some friends ar…

Google introduces hangout feature in You tube

Google plus is gaining in millions every single day. It is the fastest
growing website ever and one more feature has been introduced to this
awesome social networking phenomenon. Hangouts the google plus feature
which was rumoured to drive the nuts out of facebook gets another
advantage. The hangout feature is integrated into you tube. Nestled in
the share button is the start a hangout feature wherein you can
invite few of your friends to watch the video together. Under all
YouTube videos, users will see a new link to "Watch with your friends:
Start a Google+ Hangout."
Although there have not been any official announcements yet regarding
the new feature, company product manager Brian Glick wrote something
like this, "You can now start a Google+ Hangout with a YouTube video,
directly from YouTube. Watch with your friends." It was not like that
one could not share the videos earlier on google plus but the
integration has made it a lot easier. For those unfamiliar with Hangouts,…

Airtel Gprs trick for pc and mobile default browser( appspot proxy trick)

Guys here is one simply outstanding trick for your benefit. Mostly all
tricks which work on your mobile default browser technically work on
your pc too. So if you just happen to discover some proxy attached to
a free site working in default browser then be sure that you have hit
the bulls eye. This is one such trick which works well on your mobile
as well as pc too. The proxy is an appspot proxy - google's very own
creation! You can open any site with it. I tried downloading on mobile
via but it does not work with me. Try any other site. Google
does open very well with it though other proxy sites have a hard time
digesting google through their systems.
1)Now first of all just activate mobile office on your mobile
2)connect your very own mobile to pc using pc suite
3)connect internet through as access point. Open a
browser (any one). I would personally suggest Mozilla Firefox for this
trick, because it has good rendering speed.
Now Enter The Following URL in the address …

Ip addresses and ports for Reliance Free Gprs

Guys lots and lots of proxies and ports have been discovered for using
reliance gprs for free. I have listed as many as of them possible down
here. I think you just need to go to after making the
following settings in mobile. Or if you are using an opera mini
handler just edit the http server as and
use the below settings. Use RCOMMMS as the APN and IP and Port are as
APN: rcommms
Ip :
APN- rcommms
PORT- 8080
APN: rcommms
Ip :…

New trick for airtel free 3g

Guys its speed that we always crave for, faster downloads, faster
streaming, faster browsing etc. If its not for speed we seldom are
satisfied with only free gprs. There is a http server and front query
which has been rumoured to be working free with Airtel 3g. The trick
can be used on all networks wherein enjoys unlimited
free access. Download any handler and in custom http server put in as: the front query should be edited as

Free browsing and downloading in mobile and pc for Airtel(simplest trick)

There are many tricks available to fool the Airtel servers into
providing free gprs access. But the biggest problem is the complexity
of those tricks. The other dark side is that these tricks do not work
in pc or work with additional twists in pc. But here I give you one
the most simple and old tricks for free gprs. The tricks are based on
php script and proxy based browsing. For mobile default browser: just
go to
Now flyproxy will open. Put any web address there in web address bar
and click go. It will take you to the website in which you want to
go. The advantage as I observed is that the browsing is speedy while
using flyproxy.
> Surfing and downloading both are working. But as is the case in default browsers downloading is not resume supported.
> You can use any other proxy instead of flyproxy. Like or or use or or for pc
>THE procedure for pc…

Get cricket scores on vodafone for free

Everybody likes cricket and per chance that you are not watching your
favorite game you would definitely like to be informed on every move
of this wonderful sport. The next game winning move lies on just the
ball ahead and you will never like to miss the action whenever it
transpires. Would you like to be informed of every run every 6 and
every four on the pitch and that too for free. Here is a trick to
access free cricket scores on Vodafone. Just write CRI and send it to
543215 and the score will be received in next 2 seconds.

Working message hack in Airtel(send free sms)

You all know that you can get 400 sms with one day validity on Airtel
by dialling *222#. Airtel provides only 400 msgs on 5 Rs SMS pack.
But you can get 410 msgs for 30 days with this simple trick to fool
airtel one more time. So here's the trick:-Buy a 10rs recharge card,
on it you will be getting Rs 6 talktime with10 msgs on a validity of
30 days. Check your sms balance by dialing *123*3# or *123*7#. It
will show 10 msgs with a validity of 30 days. Dial *222# for 5rs sms
in which u will be getting 400 sms for only 1 day but not to worry
these 400 msgs will be credited to your already existing 10 msgs which
u were given on 10rs recharge. After subscribing with 5rs sms pack you
will get a msg from Airtel that ur msg pack has been activated. Next
dial*123*3# and see that the message balance will be 410 msgs with a
validity of 30 days!

Free browsing and downloading on pc with Airtel with new trick

When in browser in pc like when using opera9 just right click on the
right side of the search bar then click customise.
Now a window will open press ADD and after that in the space for
address type in

You can use any working front query just use
%s after the frontquery and put
%s before, if you are using back query. The step which I mentioned is
very important and should not be taken in a silly sense. When it comes
to tricks the difference of a comma or dot marks the difference of a
working and non working hack.
Here are some examples for front query:
For backquery:
Use any fq or bq. Now tick on use as default and press ok after that just type any site
in search bar without http i.e type or in the right hand side search bar and hit
enter. This is one of the simplest …

Unlimited cgi proxy front queries for free reliance gprs in opera mini

Gals and guys, once again tricksreview presents you with a mind
boggling collection of front queries for free gprs in reliance. The
examples of how to use these front queries are given to you in the
most lucid way possible. All the freshest front queries are gathered
for your use. These are based on the facebook app address to which
reliance, aircel, idea and airtel provide free access. Earlier these
ips worked like a charm on idea and airtel, but now you can see the
magic only in…

Free gprs in default browser with new proxies in Airtel

You must have already discovered that airtel has mercilessly blocked
all kinds of working proxies and proxy based free browsing. But here
is a list of new and hot proxies for accessing free gprs in Airtel.
Just make the below settings and go to any free site of airtel and you
will surely get a proxy page wherein you can download and browse for
free. These proxies are working as of now and therefore should be used
promptly before they are again blocked. Access point
port:~ 80 Hp:~ Now Open Home Page and enjoy
hi speed download.ApN:~ airtelgprs.comProxy:~
Port:~ 80 Now Open
Port:~ 80 HP:~ Open Home Page and then
download and browse as much as you desire.

Free downloading from airtel live

Guys free downloading especially from operator sites is always a
pleasure. There were earlier many tricks which allowed you free
download from airtel live like tadka, the games portal etc. Today i
present you with many links for free download from airtel live. The
good thing is that you can also use opera mini for accessing the
links. If you observe more keenly then you can well see that these
links are the very ip addresses which can be used to access free
airtel gprs. Not all of these links can be used as front query or http
servers but yes these are the gateways to unlimited downloading and
free browsing in Airtel. You can download given software without any
balance deduction from airtel live.RINGTONE COMPOSER: is Composer.sisMICKEY COMIC: ADDA: COCK:

Four tricks for Aircel Free Gprs on mobile, pc, idm etc

Guys and gals! If one single trick does not satisfy your hunger for
free Gprs in aircel I present you four tricks. Note that these tricks
work equally well with Airtel and you need to only change the apn to Here goes your bite. 1st trick )apn-aircelwap. Use vnapnetbuster
Put the proxy as-
(2nd trick) Fire your browser to use proxy-
google chrome or internet explorer preffered homepage or you can replace with any website.(3rd trick)for mobile please try apn(4th trick) For unlimited browsing & downloading configure-idm & browser with
proxy as proxy-
In case you need to browse ssl sites & fast browsing use

Latest http server trick for Reliance free gprs(based on facebook app)

As you are well aware of that reliance is providing free gprs access
to the new brainchild of facebook namely the facebook app for all
mobiles. Now we can exploit the very address meant for free gprs
access in that app for meeting our needs. It recently worked with idea
and Airtel too but of late the trick is playing well only in Reliance.
You may also try it on Aircel. The http server should be filled in
with the below ip. As always go for downloads from

Http server for Reliance Free Gprs

Guys tricksreview welcomes you to a new http server for Reliance free
gprs. Just download a handler operamini since http server work only
with opera mini. I especially vouch for the site You will find all kinds of handler
applications on that site. Just download it and fill the http server
with the below address.

Fresh back queries for Airtel free Gprs on mobile and pc

The credits for the trick goes to ALOK. Below I present you the latest
list of working backqueries for Airtel free gprs. I think that these
should work for most networks as many networks endue
with free access.
1) ->>? [Faster than others]
2) ->>? [latest]
3) ->>?
4) ->>?
5) ->>?
6) ->> ?
7) ->>? [a very nice one]
9) ->> ?
10)-> ?
11)-> ?
For mobile use any handler and put any backquery...
For pc users download dotproxy and in backquery add a backquery from
the list and start it
and set your browser to use proxy on port 8080. Simple and
very neatly done!

Send free anonymous sms all over india

Do you like to send anonymous sms. I would definitely love to that to
my friends and I am currently doing so too! I just love seeing my
friends freak out after seeing freaky messages sent from some funny
number. To do that you just need to click on the links and replace the
number with the number to which you want to send messages and the text
should be replaced with what you wanna send.
you wanna send
The message comes as being sent from TD 53733.

Know your number on any network for free

There's a simple trick which works on almost any network to help you
find out your number for free. The trick works because you are calling
the tata docomo mobile number portability number(toll free) and you
are routed to the step from wherein you can find your own number. The
number is given below and try it yourself. Believe me it works!18002660000p1p3p2p3

Way2SMS Wapsender

If you are rather wondering about sending free sms but not interested
in subscribing to the high cost plans for a large number of messages
then today I present you an option which allow one to send free sms.
The idea is by using way2sms wapsender. You can almost use it for free
on any network like airtel, aircel, reliance and idea just by
attaching any free site before the way2sms wap sender address.
The links are given below: attach after http or use in
Airtel. The new address will be as follows:


I am sorry guys that I was out of touch with my blog for so many days.
It has been like two weeks since I posted anything fresh and so I
thought that if I am making a post it would be something great! The
reason for my absence was that many tricks for Airtel like the new
http servers got blocked. I was testing them for reliance, idea and
other operators and they work perfectly well on them. Here's a new
trick which can be used for free gprs in Reliance and idea. For idea
use idea internet settings. I tried with Idea fresh settings but they
did not work for me. The trick is given below:
1- For Mobile default browser you can use this address
and after opening page enter url & surf freely.2- You may use this in handler opera,ucweb and nimbuzz or any other
handler version.
For opera handler download opera 4.2 from plunder/yk_handler and
edit the primary server as
and secondary server