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Fast http servers for Airtel Free Gprs

Are you tired with slower speeds on your Airtel mobile? Handlers do
allow you free gprs but getting good speeds may not be possible on
them always. But today I present you some custom http servers which
can increase your speed considerably. There's a new front query too
for speedy downloads. You know the appspot proxies I talked about
earlier. They allow you good prefer and these custom servers are based
on them. So here's the treat:
custom http server: socket server: query(for opera4.2): query(for opera5.xx,opera6.xx): always keep balance low and use airtel internet settings.

Call all local numbers at 30 paise with new trick

To activate call reducing trick for Airtel just send ONAM TO 202. This
trick has been working for quite sometime and it always starts working
near the Onam time. Now onam is a festival which is celebrated in
kerala during august and september. When you send the message You will
get a reply as Dear Customer, Congratulations! You have won a special offer from
Airtel "Call one Airtel Local Nos at 30p/Min". Your Services will be
activated in 48Hours. Validity 1 Month

Latest july 2011 working Proxy List for Airtel free Gprs in default browser

Airtel has blocked many a number of once working proxies. Now there's
a fresh list of hot working proxies for browsing without data charges
on airtel. The process is similar to what has been already told in my
previous posts and the only thing which you got to alter is the proxy
address with anyone of the following. If one does not work try the
other. Just go to or any other free site of Airtel
mentioned in my last post. Create new settings as port 80 and
proxy or

How to get call me tune for free in Tata DocomoHow to get call me tune for free in Tata Docomo

Hello friends! Today I am here with a call me tune trick for Tata docomo customers. Dudes when i sent an sms as Free to 543211 a reply came which i reproduce below exactly as it showed for your convenience.

1-stay (free)
2-jealous guy (free)
3-in love with a girl (free)
To set the song as your Call me tune, reply song number to 543211 (Toll Free) or SMS MORE to 543211 (Toll Free) to get more songs. Charge : Rs 15/download. Friends I think that when our account balance goes below 15 rs we may activate the call me tune for free. This is the trick. Enjoy if it works for you!

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July 2011 Latest free mind blowing ips for free Airtel Gprs

Free ips have been discovered for airtel free gprs. The credits for
all these ips goes to alex and satish. These are mind blowing and
working all over India because these are based on the new mobile
application of facebook which allows free usage for idea, reliance,
airtel and aircel. So these tricks may work with lot of operators.
Thanks to alex and
How to use these free sites? For opera handler use as:
Put the below in custom http server
You can use the following as front query: default browser for free browsing just type in

How to use cgi proxies with these free sites for front queries in Airtel?

Just put the free site before the cgi proxy and you will get a new front query. An example is shown below:


Working front query and settings for airtel free gprs in opera, ucweb etc

Guys I have got new proxy settings and front queries for Using Airtel
free gprs in opera mini and Ucweb. This is the latest in the class of
proxy servers and so it will work with good speed.
Proxy server-
PORT=80In custom http server put as -
FORNT QUERY. The front query is based on cgi proxy and hence it cannot
be resume supported.

2011 July latest back queries for Airtel free gprs

Below I present you with two new latest back queries for airtel free
gprs. As you know the custom http servers cannot be edited in all
kinds of handler applications, so we have only two options for us one
is using front queries and the second one back queries. Since most of
the front queries are based on the cgi proxy and are not resume
supported they are not very beneficial for us. On the other hand the
back queries are resume supported and solves the problem of
downloading when used in ucweb or bolt. So guys enjoy

As far as I see its use the best thing is that you can use the nimbuzz handler without the disconnection problem with the second query. In messengers you are frequently logged out or your status is shown offline with the previous back queries. However download still does not work properly in opera mini. Please use ucweb for all your download needs. You can go to for all your handler needs. All…

Tata docomo launches e learning services for class 10, 12 iit and engineering students on mobile

When I was in my 12 th last two years back I had heard that mobile
operators would launch e learning services for preparing one for
entrance exams. One could take tests, preparatory questions and even
clear doubts through mobile. Though it never took off when I was
studying it seems that it has now partly come true. Tata docomo is
known for its innovations in the telecom area and it has now launched
service called Tutor on Mobile short form
(TOM), which is a knowledge
marketplace packed with
premium educational content,
and easy learning mechanisms.The service gives content on
educational and career related
topics, and provides tutor
content to Class X, XII, IIT and
Engineering students, enabling
students to learn on the move.
The thing which attracted me the most is that learners can also take mock
tests through this service.
The service has been launched
in association with Voicetap
Technologies (a 2 year old
technology start-up founded by
INSEAD and IIT alumni. Tutor on Mobile (TOM) uses

Airtel, aircel, reliance, videocon free gprs on default browser

Though km proxy has
been around for a lot of time it was just few minutes ago that it came under my eyes. Km proxy is a real fast proxy for free airtel gprs or for any other network depending on the ip address you use. Since 0.facebook is free on Airtel, Reliance, Aircel, videocon etc I suggest you to prefix that before the proxy address I am about to give you. Just keep in mind that since the proxy happens to be be german a yahoo page of the german origins would open. Do not go seeking for google since it would only return a page not found error when you search something on it. You can directly go to the sites of your choice when you type them on the search bar of the yahoo proxy page which opens up. Enjoy free browsing with km proxy for all networks free gprs.

You can also use
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Videocon free gprs trick

It has come to such a sad situation that everyday tricks are getting
blocked. Instead of using reliance or tata docomo I would suggest you
to use videocon for free gprs. As of now it gives rocking speed on
mobile. Just use the below settings: APN : vgprs.comHomepage : server : port : 8799
Just save it and exit and now
open opera mini 4.2 or 4.3
handler and put
http and socket server as

Airtel free gprs on pc with Your- Freedom client

Guys Your – Freedom is a Free Service Tunnel [VPN] which can be used
to Obtain Free Internet access and also Bypass Security Firewalls/Or
BypassNetwork/Wi- Fi Restrictions
So Here Iam Posting a New Way of using Your – Freedom To use Airtel
free GPRS. But the greatest advantage is that you can use it on 2G As
well as 3G. Yes 3g too!
First Of All Download Your-Freedom Client Register A Your Freedom Account Install Your-Freedom On Your PC/Laptop
After Installing Connect Your PC To Airtel Internet with the below
settings AccessPoint :
Now Open Your-Freedom. It will start the wizard and it searches for
available servers. Cancel that process.
Now click on Configure
Now , Go To Server Selection , In Address Type any Airtel free site
like or just see my tutorial on how to access airtel
free gprs and see all the free sites on airtel. Select Connection Type
As HTTP / Or …

Get a crazy kart game cd absolutely free from Zapak

The greatest thing about freebies is that they are free and the worst thing about them is that these offers seldom last long. Many times they go away sooner than they come. I wished to write a post on getting free t shirts but I procrastinated and that offer does not exist anymore. So without much ado or delay let me finish what I wanted to tell about with this post of mine. As you would have already guessed perhaps that this is about to be some give away. I believe that many of us are gaming freaks and would definitely like to taste some new games. If you have heard about the much popular crazy kart by then you are coming in terms with the freebie. The game is already available for free download at the website and also at zapak zones in metros but if your place does not happen to be either a metro or even lacking in good internet speeds then you can order the game cd to be deliverered at your door steps for free. Well who does not like getting a game cd and that too for f…

Website to convert all your favorite java apps to android

I found an Android app called Android J2MEMIDP Runner that lets you
right away convert your existing
J2ME [jar/jad] applications to Android package (apk) without source code .
You can convert java applications into.apk, which is much
simpler than scanning the whole web for android applications modded
for your specific needs. For android you can either give URL of a Jad
file or upload the downloaded jar/jad file for conversion. The site
Now- you can either convert your modded software through phone or
online, enjoy free gprs with android
phone too. Since android is the latest blaze in the mobile world this
site will be definitely a boon for the ditchers of symbian and other
already present operating systems. There are a lot of phones already
available which are android and are cheap enough to be bought at the
same price as symbian phones. They allow you faster processing speeds
and an overall good feeling, multi tasking, faster gprs and better

Win free talk time

Win free Talktime!
How to win Free Talk Time on
your mobile? There's a simple enough way to do it if you are bit tech
savvy like me. If you think you have got a lot of information on
mobiles of various brands like nokia,samsung, android, indian telecom
etc then its the perfect opportunity for you. The site I am talking
about is the Mobile Indian.
If The Mobile Indian expert
likes your Answer on any
given day you will get -
To redeem and to receive Free
Talk Time, you require a
minimum of
100 points and
subsequent multiples of 100
((e.g. 200, 300, 400 etc.)
100 points = 100 Rs.
recharge value
100 Rs.
recharge value
includes Talk Time, validity
amount, transaction amount,
tax amount or any other fees
collected by your respective
Service Provider
The mobile number provided
by you (listed on your login
ID) will be eligible for
Talk Time amount will be
credited within 5 working
days after you make the
redemption request. To redeem points and to
receive free mobile Talk Time,
click the 'Redeem'…

How to use google transcoder?

Google transcoder is a handy tool developed by Google to simplify
web pages for the mobile. Even though its main use stands for mobile
users it can pretty well be applied to the desktop too, if you
particularly wish for a simple ad free easy to navigate webpage. Also
there's an option to switch off the images. The greatest advantage is
to your pocket since it well nigh reduces the terrific amount of
data. The addresses are
You can also use
Most of the cases the google transcoder view is on by default whenever
you view a page after searching it online on google. In order to view
pages in their usual form you need to select they pages directly at
the bottom of the page. In some cases they do become a headache
because no links like registration links or sign links work; in other
words javascript does not work.

Videocon free gprs trick

Guys you can use the below site for accessing free gprs in videocon in
default browser. The trick as you see is based on and
also uses the keep minimum one rupees as balance. I also have got a second
trick for you using handler applications. apn:
proxy: port: 80In any handler application put
front query there as

and for operamini change http server
Google Plus the new social networking phenomenon by our very own Google created much a stir and hub in the cyber space since its launch. Indeed so remarkable were its features that zuckerburg facebook's founder ended up launching novel and unheard of features in facebook. The latest buzz regarding Google Plus is that within 3 weeks of its dainty launch the site has garnered around 20 million plus visitors. That is something which does not happen with all websites and I happen to remember the scene from the movie " The social networking" where on the very first day of being online facebook created a record. Well, they say nothing's new under the sun. However it has to be noted that still google plus is strictly invite only. Although we may have to bear in mind that Google in itself has a very protruding sack of fans and users over the globe and google plus is relatively not a very new launch. The world's favorite search engine being at its beck and call for all so…

Free facebook on airtel, idea, reliance, aircel with the new mobile app

Free facebook access is something which everyone dreams of. Your
favourite hangout on the world wide web, the second most visited home
page on the planet yes thats facebook. Its true that we can access it
through without paying anything but often a full
facebook experience is lacking. Moreover its not free for all
operators. Now enjoy free and full facebook access with the new app
for mobiles. Pay nothing as data charges on airtel, idea, reliance and
aircel. The application is Godsend and its a boon for the official
facebook addict. The links are given below

Hot July appspot proxy trick for Airtel, aircel and reliance free gprs

You all are well aware that is free on Airtel, Reliance
and Aircel. So the below trick can be used for multiple sims. Also
there is a probability that it works on pc too. Few moments ago I had
posted a trick on using free tata docomo gprs with appspot proxies. As
I was testing these on Airtel I found that if i change the by typing in I could get access
to a proxy page. I noticed that by simply typing in the address in url
bar results only in an error page depicting that the address is wrong.
So what did I do? I just appended after the http and
eureka I got the trick. One peculiarity is that Google's sites open
like a charm with these ips. But yahoo also does not allow you all
sites to be opened. The solution is in affixing any site of your
choice after the http example http/ or or anything.
The downloads are fast and browsing super

The only working free idea gprs hack

I have searched long and hard for any free gprs trick for idea all
over the internet. Idea is one of the few operators which offer a
great gprs speed even in 2g. I do not officially know whether this
trick would work for anyone but even then I am posting it for
everyones good. You need to either use the mms apn or make the below
You can also go to any https (secure) site
(it works for me free on higher balance but when I checked on low
balance it does not work)

JULY 2011: latest backquery for free airtel gprs

The latest back query for Airtel is given below. Just open any handler
application and put in the below backquery and enjoy free gprs. This
is the latest discovery in the line of back queries and works great
with ucweb browsers. You can also use nimbuzz handler with this back
query. I use these applications by downloading them from and put in these back queries.
? home.php?_rdr

Latest july 2011 list of front queries for tata docomo free gprs

These front queries are based on google appspot engine and are rumored
to be working on fresh tata docomo sims( not older than 6 months). If
these work for you then it will be very fast. You can use them either
as front queries in handlers or in default browser. If used in default
browser a proxy page will open up wherein you can enter any address
and browse for free. However I do not presume that downloads are
resume supported. 4. 5. 6.
You already know that free sites on airtel can be used to open any url via proxies. My last post was on new resume supported proxies which help you to browse freely and download on Airtel. These sites are already known to you like and the hungama server ip and of course many more. Do you remember the site which could be used for free bollywood content download? Yes if you take only the ip address of that site and make proxy settings with any proxy listed on my last post you will be able to access free gprs. I have tested it and it surely works. The site is

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Free downloads on Airtel with this site

There is nothing better than getting priced downloads for free. I love hacking into Airtel's sites and get free downloads. Below are the links for a site through which you can if free bollywood content like themes, wallpapers, videos and more. All of them are priced at above 10 rupees and some of them at above 30 rupees but you can download all of them for free.

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New working fast resume support proxies for Airtel

At the start itself I would like to express my deepest apologies that I was not able to post something fresh for quite sometime. The reason for it being my ragging in hostel. Ragging is a menace which cannot be avoided in hostel life. Though it was not that serious seniors disturb us by waking us up at odd hours. My usual drafting time is past mid night and specifically at this time they bother me by making me sing songs and like awful activities. All said Airtel seems to be discovering newer proxies and blocking them all out. However when one door closes infinite others open. Below I post four such proxies which are fast free and resume supported. I checked them back like 1 hour ago and they are working. The addresses are


1. or

2. Proxy

4.proxy - a bit slow)

Use them with as access point port 8080 and go to or any other free site on airtel. You will get a pr…

A cool site to read indian satire online

I found out this cool site accidentally today. I will give the links soon but before that me explain how this site interested me. This site here publishes satire, freaky funny false news about real events. Let me just present you with an example. Heard about google plus, now hear about dispirin plus the new tablet from google which is android powered to cure headaches. The tablet has an electronic chip which gives electric shocks to relieve your headaches. Believed it! Me too at first but then it suddenly hit me that its a satire and is just an excellent quip. Enjoy the site

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Use 3g at 2g rates only on vodafoneUse 3g at 2g rates only on vodafone

Today when I was checking my updates on facebook I came across a post by vodafone zoozoo. I am a fan of zoozoo and it was posted that you can try 3g at 2g rates on vodafone upto 31st of July. This offer is valid for the north indian states like baddi, uttaranchal, shimla, up west etc. This is because vodafone has recently launched 3g at these places. This is not a trick but a valid offer from Vodafone and great one indeed. To avail this offer just sms TRY 3G TO 111. Your offer should be activated within 24 hours. I also suggest to like the vodafone zoozoo fanpage since they always give away such offers but first publish them on the official zoozoo fan page. Enjoy a valid offer only on vodafone...

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Airtel free gprs with high speed resume supported proxies on mobile and pc

Just make the below Settings or the numeric proxy
just go to with these settings and you will get a proxy
page where you have to enter the address. Also works on pc.

There is one more proxy which is working for free.
port-80 Open
and downlaod with
resume support.

Though going to will give you the proxy page its always possible that this super ip may get blocked in the future. Also due to heavy use you may face some difficulties in speed. Additionally you can use the below given addresses for free airtel gprs.

1. for hungama server)


3. appstore ip, worked for me two months back in kerala, but its blocked now though it may work in rajasthan where it was first discovered)

4. indiatimes games portal ip which has been working since december 28, 2010 and maybe even earlier)

5. …

How to get invitation to Google Plus?

Google plus thats the buzzword online these days. The new social networking revolution, google's challenge to the social networking czar facebook. Google's bid to securing the online space in this area had been previously unsuccessful with its site orkut losing heads and popularity at alarming rates. Facebook today has around 600 million users. Do you know what microsoft did when netscape surpassed over microsoft, it copied everything what netscape had to offer in its browsers and operating systems and with efficient marketing strategies bought back its market share. Now it seems Google is bent on doing the same. Google plus has everything that facebook can offer plus a feature called circles which I would say is the best. Circles allow you to separate work life, personal life, close friendships etc easily on the same account. Now one need not end up concotting different accounts as in facebook. You need not worry if your boss has sent you a friendship request and need not fu…

How to solve downloading problem while hacking 5 rs plan in Vodafone

To those who are using vodafone free gprs by hacking 5 rs plan, to them this post is going to be very useful. Of late I have noticed that although I am able to browse freely by hacking the 5 rs plan on Vodafone, I am not able to download for free right now. But don't worry I have got a solution for your problem. The download speed is around 7 to 10 k/s using this trick. Its very simple. Just use the airtel settings i.e mobile office in vodafone. Yes borrow an airtel sim if you don't have one and save the mobile office settings instead of vodafone live. And your download would go on smoothly.

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Resume download trick for ucweb

I have already posted a trick for resume download in ucweb. The trick
works with the use of backquery. Here is another trick for resume
supported download in ucweb. Downloading big files without resume
support is very risky since if something happens and the download
stops then you lose all the downloaded material and have to start from
ground zero again. The same trick may be used in bolt 2.5 for resume
download.Resume Download trick for ucwebFirst go to using any browser and paste your
working download link in the URL Box of this website and click go. Example-

Then you will get Download page. Copy the newly generated link which
looks like the below given:
Just replace german- with O.faceb…

Download games for free from Reliance wap portal

I would rather prefer using peperonity for downloading free games.
Peperonity is a wonderful site for getting cheap gameloft games which
are normally priced at 99 rupees on many operator portals. However one
advantage of getting downloads from the portals is that you get good
screen quality. There's less risk of malwares too. But here is a
trick for free downloads from reliance.
1. Use rcomwap connection with server ip as and port
8080. Do not use
2. Use default browser because you need to get the clicked link
before it redirects. Yes the trick is in getting those links.
3. Type the address as
4. After that click on any game you want to download. As always keep
your balance the bare minimum.
5. As soon you click that link, the site will try to deduct 99 rs. But
since your balance is low the page will redirect and say $0 .
6. The actual trick starts now as you click the game name, you should
try to get the link, before it redirects.And after get…

Free online dictionary, horoscope, home maker tips, vastu, tarot on Reliance

I feel very happy when I am able to use the service portals for free
be it airtel or reliance or any other operator for that matter. I
immensely enjoy when I get to download games priced at 99 rupees or 50
rupees for free. Or listen to airtel radio, or get to download
wallpapers, themes etc at no cost. Below I have provided the links by
which you can use online dictionary for free on reliance. I would
suggest you to try this at 0 balance.
Open the site in inbuilt browser or on pc.
This service is provided by reliance itself but it charges you at 3 rs
per word. I think its a bit too high. So by using this link you can
use it for free: lovematch- rashi- tarot(f…

A cool site to download almost anything for your pc

Do you like to download premium softwares, movies and like stuff for
your pc. Rapidshare and similar sites offer you a means to do that but
the download time counter which starts ticking everytime you want to
download something is a big turn off. Do not worry, there is a site
which allows you to download lots and lots of softwares, pc games and
things for free. The links are given below.

Airtel free gprs with working backquery trick in open vpn

I have already posted a working hack which enables you to download and
browse at high speed by using backquery in ucweb on airtel. The same
backquery can be used for airtel free gprs on pc. The steps illustrate
how to use it:
1. Download VNAP.NetBuster Proxy Pro Download .net 4 Open vnap proxy pro, go to profile - edit - url handler, now click
on proxy write as1234 in local service port option4. Click on enable back query, and type in?

? or ? save profile5. now open mozilla browser or opera pc browser , go to Menu then
settings then preference then advanced settings then network then
proxy servers.6. Click on ht…

Airtel free gprs on pc with pd proxy

I am going to provide with all the tricks and hacks known for free
airtel gprs access on pc. I have already written a post on tsunami vpn
client, your freedom and open vpn. This post deals with airtel free
gprs with pd proxy. You should keep as access point.
1. First of all you need to signup for a free account at
2. Download pdproxy
3. Download and install .net 4
4. Connect with as your accesspoint and open pd proxy
5. Fill username and password
6. Select demo server, select tcp and click connect. See the screen
shots for more clarification.
Thats it. You are now ready to surf and download for free on your airtel sim.

Airtel free gprs on pc with open vpn.

Accessing free gprs on mobile is cool but accessing free gprs on pc is
100 times cooler. Tricks working with as access point
or airtel
1. Download FreeopenVPN
2. Download FreeopenVPN config
3. Extract freeopenvpn config files to C:\Program
4. Connect with access point
5. You will see the taskbar right. Right click on it to select the gui
settings and from the menu displayed select proxy settings.
6. Click on manual configuration then click HTTP , type in as in address which is the address of and 80
in port. All done then click ok.
7. Now again right click on openvpn gui and click connect.
You are all set for free gprs usage in pc.

How To know your Vodafone number.

There are a few ways of knowing your Vodafone prepaid number. Vodafone
unlike other mobile operators tries to provide complete transperancy
and information to its users. One is the official.
Dial *555#. After selecting language you will be displayed a set of six options.Answer as 6 which is the option of applications. Next you will get a
menu with the first option of know your number. Answer as 1 and you
will get your number.
You need to have positive balance.
1) Now send a sms
ACT VL to 144 for Vodafone Prepaid Users ( For all over India leaving
Mumbai and Kolkata )
For Mumbai And Kolkata vodafone prepaid users send sms ACT VLZERO to 111
This is a toll free number for vodafone. So don't worry. It won't charge you.
No I am not going off target. The trick is not about gprs. I know that
it is for Vodafone Live (to get GPRS settings ) SMS.But when you send this SMS, you will get 2 SMS as a reply from Vodafone.
that are
1st SMS is like from vodafone
null: 91xxxxxxxxxx
where xxxxxxxxxx is your Voda…