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Airtel Balance cut trick(not tested)

The below address may be used to cut the balance of any airtel number.
Just replace 9895000000 with any airtel number. I tried going to the
address with other sims but did not work. The earlier tricks for
balance deduction worked even when they were accessed from other

Tata docomo free gprs with proxy servers

Just go to on
your default browser to access free tata docomo gprs.
Download any handler application and select the proxy type as http and
type in any of the below addresses. They will most probably work for

Faster gprs in any network, in slow connections with opera turbo mode

If you are a proud free gprs user then your browsing experience will
be hampered many times by irritatingly slow speeds. But now you have a
choice. Turn your favorite browser i.e Opera Mini into TURBO MODE by
opening the following url : Type it in your address bar)
The site which you see now is the turbo site. The Opera TURBO MODE
enabled. Then you can browse the web faster on slow connections. When
OperaTurbo is enabled, webpages are compressed via Opera's servers so
that they use much less data than the original website. This means
that there is little amount of useless chunk of code to load which
makes the webpages load faster.

Send voice messages for free in reliance

The trick which I am going to tell you about is as good as free calls.
The trick can be used as many number of times as you want and is
uptill now free and working fine. The trick enables you to send
voice messages for free. The message will be delivered as a call from
senders number to the receiver's. It works across all networks.STEPS-1. Dial 51234863 from your Reliance mobile.
2. After hearing several options press 2 for Talking Message service.
The good news is that it works in both GSM AND CDMA.
3. Now press 1 to confirm. And hear the confirmation.
4. Once confirmed that your pack is subscribed call 51234111.
5. The rest is easy. Just e follow the ivr instructions to send
unlimited free voice message. In some cases as in mine you can still
dial 51234111 to send free voice messages.Balance Condition - frankly I test all tricks at low balance. Try at
null or low balance only. You can even try this link to subscribe online

Know details of any reliance number

Reliance servers are by far the worst servers in India. It was only
sometime back that we looted it via the 99 rupees recharge hack. Even
now we have several hacks and free servers for free gprs in reliance.
But the below hack is something entirely different. By this trick you
can get to know the name of the user using his Reliance number.
Be it for prepaid/postpaid landline or prepaid/postpaid mobile, you
will get his information for free and within a few clicks.
The links for the trick are given below :- - for prepaid - for postpaid1. Enter the number of which you want to know the details.
2. Enter any fake email id. It does not matter which email is used.
They never do any further checks.
3. And then click Continue.
And now u will get a screen with the number and customer name.Note that only the surname will be displayed. If you are getting
unwanted messages and calls fro…

Airtel tv for free with airtel live settings

We all like watching tv and there are some shows which we cannot
afford to miss. Though the real joy of watching tv is only on a tv, a
mobile can come handy when you don't have choice and what if that
comes for free too. Yes now you can use airtel tv for free. Just
make airtel live settings as your default settings. Then put this url
in your browser.
Now watch anything what you want. Click on any package fearlessly
though your balance must be less than 0.30 rupees to avoid any
balance deduction. But if you happen to get any further error then
just edit the error page and change the msisdn number to 9810000000.
You can change to any number you want but remember that it will lead
to balance deduction of that number. Hence it can be also used as
balance deduction trick too.

A simple trick to go to wap sites in s40 mobiles

In many s40 mobiles there is no option for going to wap mode, for
typing in the address and browsing . In many nokia mobiles the default
browser is replaced with opera mini like in my nokia 5130 c2. You
either have to go to google first somehow or go to the message option
and type in the address and select go. There is an easier way and the
way is to go to the music menu and selecting downloads and then you
will have the option of typing in the web address and going to wap

Trick to Know your number in Airtel via Gprs...

Just go to this address your default browser. Next scroll down. You will get details in
the msisdn column and your number will be in the format
91wwwywywywy. You will also see your ip address displayed at the top.
Additional details like user agent used and the phone model etc will
also be displayed. In my case the info which came up was user agent
opera 9.8, midp 2.1, cldc 2.1 and nokia 5130 c2. You may also try the
trick with opera mini but you will not get your number. All the other
details can be fetched. This much is fine but I have something better
to share.I tried to access Vodafone with default mobile office settings and was
successful in the attempt. Then I put in the above mentioned address
and yes I got all the information I needed. I suppose the Vodafone
servers have gone rusty. Then I continued experimenting for some more
time and I got one more address which lists all the properties of your
phone and browser. The address ishttp:// Albeit…

Earn recharge from embee on facebook

How would you like if you got free recharges in your mobile. I mean we
are able to access free gprs with tricks, there are ways to send free
sms and mms, you can even chat for free using modded applications but
if you were able to even get free recharges then it would be super
lets start it here,what you need is the following:1.Facebook Account
2.Real mobile number
if you do not have a facebook account create it first and then click
the below link…
The emBeePAy application provides a lot of activities during morning
hours the best time to dothe activities are the wee hours. Then you
must accept the facebook application and validate with your real
Sign up for the email alerts too. In your account 11 emBeepoints will
credited at this point of time. Next go to the
Earn tab and check it out all for all the activities.
After t…

Virgin gsm free gprs with opera mini

The credits for this trick goes to champzone. If you do not know the
settings of virgin gsm they follow Virgin gsm manual settings:
Access point: m.vbytes.inIP: 8080Now for the trick. Download any handler say operamini. In the handler
menu select proxy type as HTTPIN Proxy Server, TYPEm.vbytes.inLeave everything else as it is. After that Initialize using default your balance above 5rs. Browsing is possible at
high speed. The download function has some issues.

Win the new nokia dual sim c2 00 by answering three simple questions

Win a nokia dual sim c2 00 by just answering three simple questions.
Yeah you have heard it right. Call the below number : 1800 103 3223The automated ivr asks you three easy to answer questions like the
extended memory capacity of the new nokia c2 00, the sim cards it can
support, the number of sim cards whose settings it can remember and so
on. The lucky winners would be contacted by sms. The phone is priced
around 2800 rupees and is known for its fast gprs capabilities. So get

Tutorial: How to use tata docomo free gprs with dive in settings?

The below addresses can be used as front queries in any of the handler
applications for free gprs access in tata docomo. The below addresses
can also be used for free gprs access in default browser. You will get
a proxy page with
a url box.
For opera mini just use the following settings in custom http server. Use dive in settings.
Well the pleasure maybe only in browsing with this trick since the cgi
proxies do not give resumable downloads.
One more trick:
In handler applications you would often find a bo…

Sakshat tablet - the cheapest tablet for Indian students

Guys welcome back. Albeit its not a trick this time, this is going to
be something which interests you. Today I am going to tell you about
the new 2200 rupees worth Sakshat tablets launched together by
Indian institute of science, the iits and hcl. The government has
announced that 10,000 Sakshat tablets will be delivered to IIT
Rajasthan in late June. Around a lakh Sakshat Tablets would be made
available in the market within three months with an attractive price
tag of Rs 2,200.
Sakshat tablets as far as I could search and find will have the
following capabilities:
*. Display: Touch Screen(7 inch)
*. Keyboard: Built in
*. RAM: 2GB with 32GB HARD DISK
*. Connectivity: Wifi, USB, SIM CARD SLOT
*. Operating System: Linux, Android
*. Power: 2 watt, with solar recharging option
*. It has single unit system which has a touch screen
*. video conferencing facility
*. multimedia content
*. Open Office
*. SciLab
*. Internet browsing
etc. multimedia content viewer for example .pdf,.docx, .ods, .adp, .doc,
.xls, .…

Simplified version of facebook for mobile devices

Are you accessing facebook on a mobile device? Do you belong to the
niche of people who find all that clutter of information, pics and
links useless and crappy? Would you like to have a simple interface
while accessing the most visited webpage in the universe. Then what
you need to do is to just hit the bottom of your facebook page. A new
option has come up which allows you to access the simplified for
mobile version of facebook. Just go to the end of the page and click
on the simplified version. You are done!

Working Vodafone free gprs trick( 1st time on the world wide web)

I could have just put this post as an update to my previous post on
Vodafone free gprs trick, but I thought that it would be much useful
for you if its an independent post. The trick for accessing free gprs
on vodafone is given below:Just dial *555# from your vodafone prepaid.

Then select language. After that you will get a list of options from which you have to select "prepaid"options then by selecting 2 in the new menu select gprs packs and then atlast the 5 rupees unlimited plan. Please DO NOT dial *555*5# as the trick does not work in that manner(if you use this method there will be 5 rupees deduction from your account balance). The trick is in doing it by the long above mentioned method.
Now the novelty here is that once activated you can use gprs in wap
mode i.e with default browser with opera mini or ucweb. Earlier I
thought that it worked only for downloading in ucweb(which still works) but now Vodafone
seems to be fully hacked and you can use gprs without 5 rupees …

Free browsing free downloading proxies for Airtel, Aircel, Reliance

You can use the below proxies for free browsing and downloading with
airtel, aircel, reliance. Also try using them in pc.
(it does not work for me but if it works its nice for free download)

How to send free sms without any modded applications?

Guys, I have found many people asking for modded applications like
way2sms or fullonsms for sending free sms from mobile without any sms
packs. Most operators charge like 44 rupees or lower for one month
unlimited sms pack. My trick may not be that useful to the compulsive
messaging maniac but it does serve some good for sending free
messages during emergencies or when you are out of balance. The trick
is in using way2sms wapsender. I will give the links right now: bookmark the below link and use it for free messaging. But
remember that first you have to register on way2sms and get a password
generally a four digit number. Once entered in the wapsite given above
it will forever remain there and you just need to type in the number
where you want to send the message.

Since is free on airtel, aircel, reliance it should work for each of these sims.

Airtel free gprs on pc with open vpn client

Hi guys this trick is mainly for mumbai users because a lot of tricks
and hacks get blocked in mumbai and we need to constantly scavenge for
newer tricks and novel methods of hacking. The trick is based on
using vpn client. Though I had just one day back made a post on using
tsunami vpn this makes use of a different proxy. Albeit I am not sure
that it should work for all.First download open vpn by going to the below address: install it into your lovely desktop computer or laptop or
whatever you have.The address below shows the config file. Get it via the access point( I think it Works in mumbai )
airtelfun.comAdd config file in c/program/openvpn/ config folder and extract it
from there.Double click the vpn icon on desktop. When you do so, notice that
a red logo will appear at right lower corner of your desktop.
Right click and change proxy to manual100.1.200.99

Access Twitter without Gprs only on Airtel

Though it has been sometime that it was launched still I would like to
do a post on it at tricksreview since it may be useful for many. Its
just about accessing twitter without any gprs connection only on
Airtel. A few days earlier I had made a similar post on airtel
offering facebook access on ussd. Now you can similarly access twitter
just by dialling *515#. The biggest thing is that even simple black
and white mobiles can be used to access twitter.You get five options:
1. Bolly tweets2. Cricket tweets3. Movies4. News tweets5. Gossipand * access twitter.
The service is priced at a daily rental of 1 rupee.

Access free internet on pc with tsunami vpn client for Airtel and tata docomo

Do you want to enjoy free internet on pc on Airtel and Tata docomo?
Well who doesn't.
Here's the Procedure :
Airtel users use as access point
and tata docomo users use apn:tata.docomo.internet as access point
1.Register an Account on Tsunami VPN. Just go to the below address for
2. Secondly Install the downloaded Tsunami VPN Client
3.Now Go to Directory
C:\Program Files\TsunamiVPN\data\config
Now there you will find Many .ovpn files
Edit all of them using text editor and change the content as follows
change proto tcp to proto udp.
Edit remote port and change it from 80 to 53.
e.g edit
remote 80 to remote 53. Post 53 is
free on Airtel and tata docomo since ages for reasons known only to
4.Save it for all .ovpn files
5.Now on your desktop you can notice that there have appeared three
icons related to tsunami VPN.
6.First run Enter Username_Password.exe and en…

Find out the balance of any Airtel number( only for tamil nadu)

At the start itself I would like to mention that this trick does not
work all over India. This trick has been currently tested to be in
working only in tamil nadu. It has not even worked for me in kerala.
This trick will help you find out the balance of any airtel prepaid
number. First dial 12140 from your mobile number(airtel). When the call
gets connected and language is chosen press 2.Next enter your
friend's or enemy's airtel mobile number. Note that the number should
be only 10 digit without any 0 or +91 at the beginning of the
number .The system replies the mobile number which you just entered.
Thirdly confirm it by pressing 1. It will surely ask for the PIN of
entered mobile number.Enter the PIN as 1234. This number is the
default pin and is mostly never changed. If it has been changed then
the trick would not work for you. At the end press 3 to find the
balance. The trick is especially beneficial if your friend tries to
fool you by saying that he/she has low balance. You can n…

Simple working trick to access airtel free gprs in pc

Connect ur mobile via pc suite with the mobile office settings then
go to mozilla or internet explorer and type this in address bar
go to any of this site you will get a search box. In that box type the
site where you want to go.

Access facebook,twitter,orkut on airtel with

With all those proxy sites for free airtel gprs already posted at
tricksreview there are relatively few through which you can access ssl
sites or social networking sites like facebook, twitter, orkut. Now to
do that you just need to make new settings with access point proxy- port-80. Next just go to via default browser. A proxy page would open up
with a url box. It can also be used with good speed in pc.

Trick for bsnl free gprs( not tested)

I am presenting you a new trick for the southern circle like kerala,
tamil nadu, ap for bsnl. Unlike other tricks I have not tested this
trick as I do not currently possess bsnl sim. Use this trick at very
low balance since now gprs on bsnl can be used even at negative 10
rupees. Access point
use operamini handler
now fil the http server an socket server if the trick does not work for free you are not in complete loss
if you have s40 mobile since you can use the same settings for
accessing third party applications in bsnl. Normally you cannot run
third party applications in s40 mobiles in bsnl but by creating new
settings you can access any application which needs gprs connection.

Access free Airtel gprs on pc and default browser

Access free airtel gprs on default browser with these sites. Keep
default mobile office settings.
flyproxy does not work for you try
or any site of your choice
without http
Try to go this url directly in pc or default browser
Appspot proxies sometimes show busy due to heavy traffic.
How To Use In Pc?
There are two ways to access free gprs in Airtel.

1. Download and install url suffix from Once you download then it will be automatically installed in the firefox browser. 2. Plugin your USB modem and open its software 3. For 3g select (UMTS) Mode 4. You remember creating settings in mobile. Do the same in pc. apn: or internet dial up no: *99# keep all other fields blank. 5. Save the setting and click on connect. 6. Now go to firefox and downloa…

Latest 2011 ip for free browsing and download in operamini,ucweb in Airtel

Goodnews guys there's one more latest working front query for Airtel.
Many frontqueries and trick ips are not working for mumbai and
maharashtra users. Well for them this will be a relief and for others
a new ip. When I tested this ip few months ago it was working fine
for me. Yeah I knew about it before but since it worked slow for me I
decided to refrain from posting it. Now since many ips have been
blocked for mumbai users I finally decided to tell you about it.Use in operamini the below front queryFor ucweb and other applications those whom the @ trick is working put in frontquery as trick doesn't work for me)Additionally in operamini put custom http server as tips: If you have problems in download remove http:// from the
downloading url. I haven't tested for resume support.

Vodafone free Gprs, free downloading- Hack 5 rs plan!

Well this trick is the magnum opus amongst tricks. Till date no proper working trick or hack has been discovered for vodafone. Whenever anyone has tried any experiment on the impeccable Vodafone he has burned his hands. But today tricksreview presents you the best trick in India for absolutely rocking free gprs. This trick deserves appreciation because of its simplicity in use, no requirement of handler or modded apps, resume support and speed like paid gprs. I have currently experimented this hack only on ucweb.
Explanation: First download the official 7.7 ucweb. Then using paid gprs browse to some free download site like 3gpmobile Click on the download option for any movie. You will get a page with two options. One is save and other open. Choose save. After the download starts exit. Then activate the 5 rupees unlimited browsing plan for one day. Do not worry there will be no balance deduction at all. Next do not browse and go to the file manager and use the resume func…

Airtel free gprs at high balance using ucweb

Is high balance a problem for you in using free gprs? Do you often
have to forego your pleasure of using free gprs? There's a solution to
all this. Yes you can use free gprs even at high balances and I assure
you that you will not lose a single penny. Currently this trick is
only tested by me in airtel. So I am posting it for you at
tricksreview.Now this is basically an extension of the ucweb trick. What you have
to do is by using any front query like the cgi proxy query trick
posted earlier and first start downloading then keeping that
connection on start browsing you will not lose any money. There will
be no 30p deduction at all. I assure you that, first you have to start
downloading something. Then either you can stop that download or
continue it and simultaneously browse. I tested this trick at a
positive balance of 7.90 and nothing was lost. My previous post will
detail you on where to find handler applications and modded versions
for download.

Where to download handler and modded applications?

My discussion on tricks using various modded applications would be
incomplete if I fail to tell you about where you can find various
handler applications. Most of the tricks for accessing airtel free
gprs, reliance free gprs, aircel free gprs or any other network's
hacks are based on handler apps. These are the websites which I too use and hope that you too would find interesting. In the plunder website you will get the following applications and more... Handler Aed Downloader , Handler Avacs , Handler Baidu Mobile , Handler
Bing , Handler Bolt , Handler Chess , Handler Datou , Handler DMMobile
, Handler eBuddy , Handler Gedda Headz , Handler Gmail Google Mail ,
Handler Google Maps , Handler GoText , Handler GTransTool , Handler
iWidSets , Handler JackSMS , Handler Messenger MSN , Handler Messmo ,
Handler MFL , Handler MGMaps , Handler Mig33 , Handler Morange ,
Handler Mozat Morange , Handler MXIT , …

Download for free from plunder without any surveys

You must have observed that whenever you try downloading from plunder you have to face those time consuming hopeless surveys. Not only that, whenever I am using the hacked versions of opera mini they show the ip address of poland and tell me that no surveys are available for my country. Virtually its impossible for me to download from plunder. But not anymore.

How to do it? Its very simple. The alternating mobile view mode and pc view mode in opera has saved my ass many times in different ways. What you need to do is to just tick on the mobile view after clicking #8. When you go for downloads just click on the download option located next to copy to my account. You are done. No surveys nothing. I tried this trick with the zoom view in ucweb but it does not work. Try using operamini6.

Reliance Free Gprs in pc, ucweb and opera

For free reliance gprs do the settings as given below in your phone.
PROXY: PORT 80 ACCESS POINT:rcomnet For using in handlers do write the below address in front query FRONT QUERY:- For opera mini you have to write in http box. If you do not do that even if you put the given front query the application would not work.
How to use in pc?
This is most interesting question to answer. You can download softwares like vnapbuster or freedom and put this front query there. You are done!
REVIEW The drawback of this trick is the disconnection problem. I suggest you to try the different cgi proxies already posted in my blog. The other way round is using the backquery trick for airtel in reliance as facebook is simultaneously free on both the networks.

Airtel free gprs with new back queries

My last post was concerned with providing you airtel free gprs with backqueries in ucweb. Today I discovered two more backqueries based on which work as fine as the previous one. These proxies too are resume supported and give fastest browsing experience. Just put them in the back query slot after downloading handler version of ucweb 7.7 or 7.6 as the old ucweb browsers do not work even with paid gprs.

? The speed using this back query is marvelous. I get more than 6k/s with it and upto 15k/s. Its much more than the previous back query. The second amazing thing is that its resume supported)


The question which we presently face is not which technique which gives free gprs but techniques which give resume support, mind blowing speed etc. We have evolved from merely accessing free gprs to accessing amazing, fast and another dimension of freebie today.

Airtel free gprs with back query in ucweb

Few days back as you might well remember I had posted a new trick for accessing airtel free gprs via ucweb. These tricks were based on cgi proxies and are used as front queries. But as you should have observed that when you try to download big files say of more than 20 mb the browser keeps on disconnecting the connection and the download also is not resume supported. Today(6 june 2011) I found a solution to that problem and that is by using the below address as back query in ucweb. There's absolutely no need of making any new settings on your phone. Just use mobile office settings for airtel. The downloads would not fail and the speed too is between 5k/s to 12k/s during day time for mobiles.


The next thing which I would like to mention is that since is free on reliance and aircel the above trick may also be used for aircel free gprs and reliance free gprs. Albeit I have not tested it on aircel and reliance. Keep rocking!

Airtel free miss call alerts

Would you like to know who called you when your phone was switched off or out of coverage or for some crazy reason the caller could not get to you? Well there's an easy way to do so for free in Airtel. I have been using the technique since past 3 months. Your balance would be deducted only if its above 1 rupee. You can use it free at 0 balance. The miss call alerts do not come as the standard one which says that you have a missed call from such and such person, but rather as a promotionary message like "dial 543212 for hellotunes from the number which has given you a missed call". Just dial *321*881# for activation and dial *321*880# for deactivation.

Combo trick with front query for airtel and reliance free gprs

We all like to access free gprs whether it be Airtel, reliance, aircel or tata docomo. But when it comes to accessing our favourite applications for free we are often left without a clue on how to proceed. But there's a simple trick for free gprs in your favorite apps like nimbuzz, ebuddy etc. First you have to have a handler version of the application. Next in the front query box put any one of the given ones. get.cgi/000001A/http/ nph-get.cgi/000A/http/ get.cgi/000100A/http/ 4. get.cgi/000110A/http/ 5. get.cgi/000A/http/

6. get.cgi/000110A/http/ 7. proxy.cgi/000100A/http/ 8. proxy.cgi/010110A/http/ 9. …

Latest 2011 vodafone unlimited downloading trick

I do not know whether I can call it a hack or trick. However since
finding any loophole in Vodafone is like searching for polar bears in
South Africa I decided to make this post. My previous attempts at
hacking Vodafone were extravagant disasters, I confess. At one time it
resulted in a -53 rupees -9.39 rupees from 180 rupees. So I advice to
try this trick at your own risk. Vodafone has an unlimited 5 rupees
daily rental pack. You can activate it by dialling *555#. Then select language. Then prepaid and then gprs packs. As far as I know no other operator offers such a
pack. Now the problem here is that this pack can only be used for
browsing and not for downloads. But when I used it for downloading
files using the SAVE option in ucweb and opera mini 4.3 I was not
charged. Remember that when you try to download there comes two options one is save and the other is open. Open selects the default browser and if you go that way I can promise that your balance would go to unspeakable amounts. The…