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More cgi proxies as front query for airtel, reliance free gprs /cgi-bin/cgiproxy/



http://FREESITE /cgi-bin/nph-proxy.cgi/aquaashie/http/



When using cgi proxies as front queries please replace the http if it does not work with http. You can use any free site followed by the cgi proxy to access free airtel, reliance or aircel gprs.

Cgi proxy as front query for airtel free Gprs in ucweb

I have found one more way to access free gprs in Airtel and Reliance through Ucweb browser. This time it is a cgi proxy. I found that this has a better speed.

1.Any free get.cgi/000001A/http/ nph-get.cgi/000A/http/ get.cgi/000100A/http/

4. get.cgi/000110A/http/

5. get.cgi/000A/http/

6. get.cgi/000110A/http/

7. proxy.cgi/000100A/http/
8. proxy.cgi/010110A/http/

9. google.cgi/000A/ http/ erp.cgi/000A/http/
Note that is free only in rel…

Free downloading, free browsing proxies for airtel

To access free gprs in Airtel do the following settings in your phone.
LETMETHRUTHIS.COM(also helpful for pc since its resume supported. Very fast gprs browsing and downloading with opera and ucweb)
Go to or with any of the given proxies.
PROXIES.TK. ... These are old proxies but are still working good for downloading)

Latest proxies for free Gprs on airtel

Gals and guys out there. From the past few days almost everyday I have posted about some working proxies for free GPRS on Airtel. Here's another list to add to your experiments for browsing and downloading. I have given the full steps once again in case you have doubts regarding how to use them on your mobile or Pc. You can try the given proxies for faster gprs access and downloads in airtel.

Open handlers like e buddy, ucweb and give front query as Frontquery:
For opera edit the custom http box as http// and in proxy type http and add

Some proxies for free GPRS on Airtel

These are old proxies and I am just posting them because they are easy on memory. If it works then its going to be great for you, my personal favorite in this category is You may not use the box for entering url the first time you load the page. Just reload the whole thing and before the whole page loads stop the process to see the url box. Its the only way to make it work. Nice clean layout.
proxy:"select any 1 from below"
use any of above proxy

Free Reliance gprs with Opera Mini

As promised I am going to present another trick for free gprs in reliance. Download operamini 4.3 or 6 handler versions as they are the best. You will get a menu with custom http server, custom socket server etc.
In http server type

and in socket server type and leave the front query untouched. In the phone you have to create new access points
accesspoint(apn) name rcomnet

proxy server address

and port 80.

This trick is working for me in kerala. Try it. You can replace the http field as also instead of what is given above.

Free 3g, 2g gprs in reliance with any handler

For using free gprs in reliance do the below settings. The access point should be rcomnet

Proxy address should be

Now open the any of the handler applications and scroll to the bottom and select proxy server type as


and enter the proxy server address as

The greatest advantage of this trick is that one can use this trick in 3g mode too. I will post more on accessing free gprs via reliance in my upcoming posts.

Access free Airtel Gprs through Freedom client

Everybody wants to have ways to access unlimited gprs on pc. There's a simple way of doing so atleast in airtel through one simple free account and proxy settings.

You have to download freedom client. Just run a google search on the net for it and you will get it. Open your freedom and click on the freedom server tab. When the tab opens
type in exactly as given below. Any mistake done will terminate your chances of free gprs access. and port 80 or 443 or even 53(it has stopped working in many regions port 53). After that, click on the proxy server tab and type in as

and port 80 or 443 or 53. Now click on open port tab. You will be given options and there you have to tick on port 8080. Its very important to have a freedom account to use freedom. If you do already have
a freedom account then signup on

and get a free account. Next setup your browser proxy settings as proxy : and port 8080.
Thats it! You are …

Free reliance Gprs with default browser

Just enter the following address into your default browser to use free gprs in reliance: the site you wish to go to). It will open up the desired site or if no site is entered an error page wherein you can enter the site of your choice. Since the proxy is foreign the language will be foreign. Use google to browse in english.
Do not forget to make the following settings in your phone :
proxy address :
port : 8080
apn : rcomwap

How to mod applications with your s40 phone?

Today I am going to present you a tutorial on modding java applications with your own s40 mobile. Many users request others to mod applications for them. What if you can mod them yourselves. There are two jar applications for this. The first one is class edithor and the second one is class translator.What a Class editor does is that it opens a file in text mode so that you could edit its text values as well as hexadecimal values.

Class translator allows you only to edit the text values of class files so that the risk of modifying the javastrings is less. But when I tried to mod using this application I was not able to open the class files. It did not work for me. The method of use is described below. Use it to see if it works for you. So in order to edit your application, you need to have your .jar application renamed to .zip format.For s40 phones,this could be done if you download any .jar file via UCWEB or if it is an attachment, it will be downloaded in .php or .ext extension. Si…

How to access airtel free gprs in ucweb?

It has been a number of days since I was involved in the search of a working trick for using ucweb for free in Airtel. Ucweb has been advantages over operamini like the easy integration of phone functions with browser, resume support, converting .jar files to _jar before downloading and of course the cool skins available. I searched many forums and what I got was typing in either in the front query box or editing the proxy type with the above mentioned. Both way I could not access free gprs on ucweb. Finally I got a comment by Monu in one of the blogs and he says that the trick has been working for him since the past two years. Just put the below address in the front query and you will have free gprs at your footsteps:

Now you can replace .214 with .191 or you can use or also but the rest of the url should be intact. One more thing is that you should not use handlers li…

Tata docomo free gprs trick

Previously there were many hacks for tata docomo but recently maybe since only 4 days or so one of the ips is not working. In some places two ips have been blocked. So please check and Many places are reporting complaints. Although dive in ip is still working for some people. There are many new ips for docomo some of which are listed below: is the latest one and the fastest.
How to use them: For operamini download any handler version. Then edit the custom http server as and then come down and select the proxy type as http and then put in proxy as any of the ips given above. Keep minimum balance above 1 rupee and also keep dive in settings. Thats it. You are done. For other applications only edit the proxy type box and enter the ips

BSNL now offers new gprs packs

Bsnl India's public sector telecom industry has come up with new plans for 2G data services across the country. In one of my earlier posts I had mentioned about Bsnl removing the 40 rupees minimum balance for Gprs access. Also Bsnl offers the cheapest rates for net surfing around 1 paise per 10 kb. The new gprs plans would give the customers more data for the same amount and at competitive rates too. Example Airtel, vodafone , reliance etc offer around 2 Gb for 95 to 99 rupees with a validity of 1 month, but Bsnl would offer 3gb data for 98 rupees starting from june 2011 across all circles. The speeds are also good. The offers come in the wake of rising competition, mobile number portability and the scrapping of unlimited data plans sometime earlier.

A cool website to read something shakespearan

Do you enjoy reading classic novels like Shakespeare? I too love them
and was first introduced to them in my sixth standard. But given the
high costs of books these days and factors like mobility we may not
afford to read them all. At the same time the shakespearean novels are
not easily available on e book websites. Even if you do get them they
will be rather in pdf format. Its damn difficult viewing big novels in
tiny pdf viewers;moreover these viewers move too slowly. But I have
found a great solution to the lovers of classical pieces of
literature. The address is given below The site has all 57 works of Shakespeare and all of them available
for reading in wap or html format. No pdf business, no downloads just
straight to the point. My favourite is "TAMING OF THE SHREW" which
speaks of a newly wed husband teaching manners to his wife in the
hardest way possible. It is a good laugh.

Review of Nokia c2 01

Are you planning to buy the new Nokia c2 01? I too was considering
buying the Nokia phone and the most important fact being that its
'the' cheapest 3g phone from Nokia. But but(why there has to be a but
before all good things) wait a second! If 3g is your primary goal then
this but has enormous implications on the thought process you are
going through.1.The first being that even though its 3g and cheap the maximum speed
you would be getting will be around 340 kbs. The reason being that it
does not support hsdpa. That thing is the one which gives you speed!
2. The second factor is that the phone lacks a secondary front camera
and because of that you cannot use video calling feature. So if you
were dreaming of talking to your girlfriend(as they show in the
vodafone zoozoo ad) that dreams will well nigh remain dreams only.
3. Screen size: I was terribly upset with the small space which
they attributed to the screen. I mean just look at that, what the hell
are you gonna do with such a s…

Changes in Facebook: new functions added

Well, facebook has been witnessing a lot of changes recently, the latest one being that directly below your profile picture, visitors have the option of calling you and messaging you. They are shown as per your privacy settings. There's another option called text, however it was unclickable for me(on mobile). However facebook has certainly lifted up the ease with which we can contact our beloved ones on Facebook. Directly send a message or call the person with these new functions. Recently Facebook introduced picture sharing as wall posts and before that new security arrangements were added to prevent misuse.

How to activate daily rental pack 30p/50kb in Airtel?

Earlier Airtel provided the option of the daily rental pack of
30p/50kb but now its nowhere to be seen in the ussd menu. The old
customers have the offer but for the new customers there's a way
around the problem. The solution lies in simply dialing the number
*567*11#. The rental pack will be activated for you. Then send a
message as MO to 543210(toll free) to get the mobile office settings.
"You are done"

Aircel, vodafone, tata docomo and airtel offer out of the box ways to access Facebook

Facebook the most frequented site on the world wide web has caught
the attention of the big players in the Indian telecom industry.
Aircel, vodafone, tata docomo and Airtel have come up with novel
methods to make access to this social networking site even without
gprs. Previously I had discussed about two apps from which you can
access twitter and facebook, gmail, orkut via sms. These services are
somewhat similar but has little differences too.Aircel: Aircel might have been the first operator to milk in facebook
in myriad ways such as these listed below. Music, voice updates etc
are on the palate as of now. Customers of Aircel will have to dial
51555 and enter login details i.e your username and password. If your
mobile number is already registered with facebook then you can skip
the username step and continue with password only. What you want to be
displayed as the status message should be recorded within 30 seconds.
What more you can also post voice updates on your beloved friend's

Latest 2011 Trick for browsing and downloading in default browser for Airtel

The trick which I am going to present to you is for accessing websites
using the inbuilt browser in your phone. It is based on the resin
server which is free on Airtel. I had earlier posted two servers but
none of them are working today. So I discovered one more. Now the
address is
You have to use airtel live settings. The above would not work with
mobile office settings. Enjoy!

Latest 2011 list of secure sites working free on Airtel(tested by me)

This post is to tell you that even if all the handler ip, reverse ip,
super ip tricks are blocked; you can still access free gprs on Airtel.
Secure sites have been free on Airtel network since its inception.
Some of you might have heard of the 45 proxy ssl sites which are free
on airtel. Though not all of them are actually free, some of them do
fulfill the promise. When you access such sites there are 2 to 3
security notifications which you might have to pass. Just click on ok
when they come.
Now the reward to your patience.
This site has always been working . You must use airtel
live settings. It won't work with mobile office settings.
Tunnel sites like ctunnel, k tunnel, etc are free and
fast compared to flyproxy. Gmail is free on airtel with airtel live
settings. Some other sites are:

2. this proxy does not work in kerala but I
don't know about other states

3. tested a…

Latest statistics on Mobile Number portablility and Inferences

It has been like five months since the launch of mobile number
portability in india. This had been a dreaded word for mobile
operators across the country raking in shameless profits and offering
poor service. As of now these are the latest statistics in mobile
number portabilityVodafone
127.36 488,250 0.382) Idea 84.29 391,191 0.463) Bharti Airtel 155.80 530,615 0.344) Aircel 51.83 162,664 0.315) Uninor 20.31 31,019 0.156) Videocon 6.01 5,404 0.097) MTNL 5.43 3,793 0.078 ) TTSL 86.05 197,404 0.239) BSNL 88.82 107,724 0.1210) Reliance 128.87 44,753 0.03
These numbers reflect the total number opting in and porting out. The
biggest gainer being Vodafone followed closely by Idea. As I can
remember Idea still places advertisements regarding its excellent
towers and voice quality. Vodafone as per me is great when it comes to
signal strength, even the remotest places have a Vodafone tower and
awesome signal. But Vodafone in its initial days placed no importance
on gprs plans. It was only a year back the…

Latest Vodafone Offer: Surf the internet free

Surf the whole internet free upto 28th May!This is the new offer from Vodafone in the sixth super week. Yes
watch videos, play online games, free facebook,
orkut, myspace, twitter, gmail, yahoo and just about anything else you
can imagine to do using gprs from 9am to 12 noon upto 28th may.
Browse unlimited but not download. Just send super to 111 to know more
details or visit
I believe this is the greatest offer from Vodafone uptill now. Maybe because this is the final super week. They
have just announced it yet on their official fanpage and just for fun I
sent an sms to see this lovely surprise.

Some tips for you: Use the vodafone live access points because you
cannot predict when this fellow is gonna deduct your balance. Secondly
do not use browsers like opera mini or ucweb, only use the inbuilt
default browser. Although I have been using operamini for browsing using the 4 rs plan, since 9am no data has been deducted from my data balance. Bu…

Shortcuts in Opera Mini to ease your browsing needs

The following shortcuts in opera sound interesting. They allow you do
things which you normally would not have thought about while going
about your everyday googling or other internet requirements. Again
just to have some fun I have listed out a set of opera shortcuts and
I believe that more can be found.
1. Config: Type it in your browser address bar and see the fun. You
would be led into your browser power user settings. There you have
options of
2. Debug: Here you would shown a lov of information on the browser.
3. Server:setup: This option is to check whether the connection you have works or not. Generally if you are at 0 balance this page appears.
4. Server: This option briefs you on the current browser configuration and such things like that.
5.server:source which displays the source code of the current page.
Here's a full list of all the hidden Opera Minicommands that I've discovered. I've tested these in Opera Mini 4.3 and 6 and I believe that (except as noted) they should wo…

How To Overcome Speed Capping in Vodafone?

I don't know but its my observation that whenever I subscribe to
unlimited plans like one day 5 rs plan for gprs in Vodafone or the 14
rs or 95 rs plan, for some part of the day like 12:30 p.m to say 3 pm
my connection speed would not beat a snail. Even during night times
like 2 am the speed goes incredibly slow. This may be a technique used
to decrease the data usage of customers. But accidentally I discovered
a way to get around this problem.Solution: The solution is in using airtel's mobile office as default
settings or reliance's rcomnet. Or just create new access points with or rcomwap as preferred access point. Believe me it
works! Even the download speed increases to a great limit. There is no
speed capping at all. I hope the Vodafone servers get more rusty in
the future.

Review and update:Please do not use the mobile office settings for downloading in wap mode. I just lost 130 rupees downloading videos in the wap mode. I regret not paying enough attention while…

The 40 rupees barrier no more in bsnl

Usually nobody uses bsnl sim for accessing free gprs, mainly due to
the dearth in tricks in bsnl. However it is one of the most profitable
sim for gprs users. When compared to Airtel and the like who charge 30
paise per 20kb bsnl is an angel charging only 1 paise per 10kb that
means 2 paise per 20kb. See the difference. It also means that you are
not charged for the data you do not use. In Airtel, vodafone , idea
and such data is so packeted that even if you use 1 kb for a single
session you lose money as much for 20kb.So what can you do with it?
Simply told if suddenly you find all the tricks vanishing one fine
morning then the regular facebook addict can use facebook cheaply.
The mail geek can still check mails and the blogger(like me) still
blog. Further now you can access gprs even below 40 rupees and upto
-10 paise. This information was given by my friend Arun kumar. Earlier
you could not imagine doing that but may be thanks to mobile number
portablility's shock bsnl is waking up. Even th…

A cool app- The Dowry Calculator

Well I was going through the hot search trends when I came across this
cool online app called dowry calculator. Incidentally I was discussing
about dowry early this evening with my friend. Now to get straight
into the topic. This app calculates the groom's worth in lakhs. There
are columns to enter your age, your profession, your caste, skin
colour (ranging from pitch black to pink fair), the bucks you make per
month, your college(iitians and iimians get valued more), your
father's profession and things like that. You enter them and click on
calculate, you will be led to a page with a short review and your
amount would be set. If you are satisfied go ahead and have the
'ladoo'. I entered some hypothetical values based on my future
plannings and got my value as 50 lakhs. Check how much you are worth.
Dedicated to all match making aunties! The address is Its also available on facebook. I have
liked it too. Though the second website which I found is still b…

Now update your status with pictures in Facebook

Facebook is now all about setting new trends. Today 18th of may 2011
facebook has introduced a new feature. Now you can update your status
with your photo. Take a snap of what you are doing like if you are on
a picnic update your status to your friends by showing them how much
fun you are having. I would say its a rocking feature. Earlier friends
and kin had to go into your albums to see the moments of fun. But now
whatever you do, set it as status. Instead of writing "gonna fishing"
snap your fishing experience. Hanging outta with friends. Show it!
Facebook rocks~~

Tutorial: How to access free Gprs in Airtel?

20/5/2011This post is dedicated to all my friends. Now I have been accessing
free gprs on Airtel since the past five months starting from december
28 2010 with the trick I am going to post now.STEP 1: Go to the address given below and download the file. is not a simple opera mini but this is called a handler opera
mini. In this you can put in your own servers for accessing free gprs.
Cool!STEP 2: Next initialise the application with paid gprs. It means you
have to keep some balance and open the application and browse for
sometime.STEP 3: This is the most important step. Close the file and you must
have noticed that when you open opera mini there is a handler menu for
filling in http server custom server etc. In the very first option of
http server type in type in type in…

Airtel free gprs with jboss server trick

As I was trying some of the old servers of airtel with the t9 space
trick I got hold of one more working trick for free gprs in Airtel.
This is by using the J boss this at 0 balance with airtel live settings only. It does not work
with mobile office. You Will get the t9space homepage and the whole
internet at your footsteps.

Important Update: When I first discovered this trick it was working for me. But recently on subsequent trials it was not working. So this trick works only by chance. Don't worry you can still use the hungama server trick in a little different way and that too with mobile office settings.

Airtel free gprs with hungama server(working in kerala)

I have discovered one more way to access free gprs in Airtel. The
hungama server has always been associated with Airtel tricks. So I was
trying free downloads in hungama but failed in that instead when I
tried this it worked.Http:// airtel live settings. It does not work with mobile office
settings. Use access point as Airtel live. I tested in on my mobile
just yesterday and in kerala.
Update: This trick only works on chance basis. Now there's another solid working trick. Just go to the above address but first create settings in your phone as:

port 80
apn as
. You will get a proxy page and you can browse or download unlimited. My other post details on the various proxies you can use like, etc.
Please visit the below link to use this trick more effectively.

SpeakAsia a scam or reality-true facts and features

The speak asia issue with tv channels has become one of the most
searched trends in google. Hence I decided to garner some traffic from
it. Also I believe that you are always on the hunt for novel ways to
make money online. By the way make money is another term which is
highly favoured. It ranked 9th in 2010 amongst the most searched
terms. So making my way back to speakasia.Recently speakasia has come head to head with tv channels like aajtak,
star news etc for being fraud. Now these are the tv channels who
spread that the world will be coming to end in 2012 and ran the arushi
murder story for 1 and half months. But this time they do seem to be making some sense. There are many reasons which make
us doubt speakasia's authencity and chief amongst them is that they
charge 50 rupees for 1 dollar when dollar rates seldom cross 46
rupees. Have they never come across the economic times? The second
fact is that they do not have registered domain for their website or
e mail addresses which hints …

Protect yourself from these Viruses in Facebook

Facebook is a popular social networking site which has so captured
worldwide attention that its story was made into a book and then a
movie. Today there are over 600 million people registered on Facebook.
Its popularity has not only attracted revenue in billions but also
hackers and spammers in a mind boggling level. Today I have decided
to tell you about viruses in Facebook after seeing the status update
of my friend Tome who warned me about dangers in facebook.1. The spam messages usually come as messages from trusted friends
packaged in attractive covering. An example was "see the status update
of the girl which got her expelled from school". Such messages do come
from friends who have fallen for the bait. In the above case it leads
you to download a virus infected file.2. The recent one is related to the infamous bin laden. See video of
laden being captured or shot are the messages which come to you. In
this case clicking the message will cause all your friends to receive
the same…

Vodafone's musical super week- download 10 songs per day free

Now Vodafone has come up with the latest music super week just for you
guys! Starting from today i.e may 14 to may 20 you will have the
opportunity of downloading songs from various genres upto 10 songs per
day. I hope the songs are not as bad as the cheap games they offered
previously. Go to their zoozoo fan page and like it. If you are a
Vodafone user you may win super zoozoo goodies just for using the free
offers. activate sms SUPER to 111. Or you can directly go to
if you are using vodafone live. Use default vodafone settings or you
are sure to lose balance in tons!!
Review: As per the information I could gather at the fan page I can say that for some users these offers were chargeable. One user complains of being looted of 80 rupees for downloading 5 songs. When I downloaded games I too was charged a little amount for browsing(which they profess to be free) but that was not a big amount. I downloaded 10 games. B…

Trick To Access Full view or Pc view in Orkut with Opera Mini

A lot of us use google's orkut as our favourite social networking
site. But most of us find it difficult to access the desktop or full
view in orkut. Whenever we log in to orkut we get the mobile version.
Even if we click on the full view tab at the end of the page the
mobile version is loaded again. As such a mobile user is helpless.But not from now. You will first need an opera mini browser, any
version. What you need to do is just after accessing the mobile site
press #8. You will be led to the settings menu, where you have the
option of unticking the mobile view option. Do that, and come to the
main page and then select the full view. Eureka!!!

Now A backquery for Airtel too using the trick!

Try browsing with this address in default browser with mobile office settings just put this address in the backquery box and it should work like a charm in opera and ucweb.

If does not work try

Faster Gprs by changing only one setting

It was today that I discovered this!! You can get faster gprs in your
mobiles just by changing one setting. I use nokia 5130 c2 and its an
s40 v5 device. It has got opera mini 4.2 pre installed. But even when
using paid gprs I was not able to switch over to the socket connection
mode. I thought it was due to the make of the phone i.e s40. However
when I downloaded the newly released opera mini 6 I could use the
socket protocol. Now the version difference is the one which helped me
here. Just press #8 in opera mini and you will get settings tab, there
go to the protocol and select socket instead of http and voila you are
done. The pages load in a jiffy, the browsing is smoother, the looks
are better, the downloads better and the G or E symbol does not
deflate. I found more about socket and saw that we can't use port and
other things and so hacking it for free gprs may be difficult. But one
can use the Airtel super ip trick by downloading the modded files.
Just put in the query bo…

Why you may not be able to access blogger blogs on 12th May?

Google's blogger had gone into sleep mode or read only mode for some
technical reasons. There was a complaint regarding the favourite blog
list in blogs and one could not do anything on blogger except read
blogs from 10am to11am today. But despite the time period being over
blogger is having issues. Some bloggers find their blogs evaporated,
many readers are not able to access their favourite blogs, still
others are not able to post anything or even see their dashboard. I
hope the issue is resolved soon as many love reading blogs and the
cords of patience are already bursting..

New Feature in Facebook inbox- Now see the faces of people you message to!

Guys I just went into facebook inbox right now and discovered that
there are a few changes introduced there. Earlier whenever you sent a
message to anyone there was a standard e mail sort of format which
included 'TO' and 'SUBJECT' only. But now there is a box on the left
hand side which displays a small profile picture of your friend too.
All the received messages too incorporate this new advantage. Its a
lot better than the old inbox and refreshingly novel than e mail
clients like yahoo, reddif or google. Just check in to see the new

Social networking without gprs- access twitter,facebook, google and more by sms

Today I am going to give you information on two cool mobile apps using
which you can do something unimaginable. We know that all of us like
to spend some part of our time in social networking like twitter,
facebook or google something up. But given the high data costs and the
dearth of tricks in many networks we often are forced to limit our
adventures. However today I give you two options to access free social
networking. Well not free but its as good as free. Most of us have one or the other sms plans loaded on our mobiles. Imagine using those packs to communicate in orkut or facebook. That's just the idea behind this venture. Somebody has truly said that an idea can change your life...


For using sms tweet first you have to register your mobile phone
number with the website. After successful registration it will connect
your twitter account with their server. You can start posting your
tweets by sending the message as formatted below to the number+919243000111 …

Earn free mobile recharge, freebies, and gifts from freekaamal

Well, you must have heard about a lot of websites giving free mobile
recharge. I will be shortly doing a post on that, but before that I
would like you to know about this great site I have come across i.e. I have seen a lot of sites giving freebie information and also seen many facebook pages on that. But most of them are non indian. They will not mail these items to India. Other websites have too less freebie offers on them. But here's a website which is just apt for your needs. Here not only that you can learn about which site or company is giving away freebies but also if you
post information on freebies you stand to win some cool prizes plus an
assured free recharge of 50 rupees. Hence there are two benefits that
of free recharge and of freebies! No there's more. You stand to learn about contests on the web from here, every month top ten contributors win assured t shirts, mobile recharges, goodies and more. There's a section called hot and cool websites from …

The free ip which has started working again.

Many blogs are still hanging on to an ip address which was once upon a time free on Airtel, but they have blocked it as of now.

This ip worked for around 3 months and was first blocked in mumbai in march 2011. By the mid of April the ip was blocked in south too and hence it stopped working. The ip was discovered by some genius on december 28, 2010 just on the day when sms live ip was blocked. Necessity is the mother of invention. However his brother .214 is still working atleast in southern circles.

Update: This ip has started working again atleast in kerala for me. Cheers! AIRTEL rocks.

Airtel 10 rupees Net plan not hacked!

Many blogs are proudly publishing that they have discovered a hack for the 10 rs internet plan in airtel. The trick is dialing *0# or *0* and after sometime dialing *567# and activating 10 rs plan at 0 balance. Later you will get mobile office settings and your balance will be deducted to negative. If you now place a call to customer care and tell them to refund your money they will do it because the plan cannot be activated at 0 balance.

This trick is complete gibberish. First of all the trick is not going to be activated since this is an old failed trick which came into limelight during early february last year. I myself have used the 10 rs plan for free during the months of january and february. At that time the free data was around 10mb. It later was upgraded to 100mb and the trick was blocked. I do not know how this trick now comes unwarranted in every blog and is being copy pasted mindlessly...

Free Gprs on Aircel

First of all, I am not sure of this trick, because I have not tested it myself. However it is rumoured to be true and working in many forums atleast for the southern circles. The logic behind the trick is that facebook server was free in aircel some time back. Now for the trick

Download any handler browser like opera mini. You will find spaces for custom http server, socket server, front and back query. Leave them all and at the end you will find a box for proxy type; select host and type in

I hope this trick works for you. I will update soon after testing it myself.

Idea Hellotune Hack for 90 days

Now if dial *888# in idea you will get a offer saying

free hellotune for 90 days only song selection charges of 30 rupees.

This part of the story is true but as per rumours if you do that at zero balance then no charges will be deducted from you. Just try and see at your own risk because the idea gprs trick has just failed and I do not want to lose another 30 rupees!

Idea Gprs Hack may not work for You!

The latest trick on idea for free gprs is dialing *567*1# and if the message comes as success you will be able to access free gprs. If its not working replace 1 by 2,3,4,5,6,7,8.
REVIEWI tried all methods but its not working. The message comes as success but after that we are not able to access internet for free. I tried various settings like idea fresh , idea gprs, internet etc but to no avail.

Hence the trick may not work for you!

How I Lost 30 Rupees with this stupid Trick?

Sometime ago, I came across this trick for airtel which professed to find out your own number. The trick is send IM to 57070. I sent the sms and the post mentioned the number to be tollfree. Not only that I did not get my number but also my balance came down to -20. Now airtel does not give full talktime for 20 rupees. In order to make it positive, I had to shell out 30 rupees. So beware of the blogs you see and take everything with a pinch of salt!

How I Lost 30 Rupees with this stupid Trick?

Sometime ago, I came across this trick for airtel which professed to find out your own number. The trick is send IM to 57070. I sent the sms and the post mentioned the number to be tollfree. Not only that I did not get my number but also my balance came down to -20. Now airtel does not give full talktime for 20 rupees. In order to make it positive, I had to shell out 30 rupees. So beware of the blogs you see and take everything with a pinch of salt!

Get any offer from Your Operator for Free

Well this does not belong to the cadre of tricks but can be used effectively, especially in these distressing times of mobile number portability for mobile operators. They will do virtually anything to pacify agitated customers and if You can show that anger artificially then they will shower offers on you. So first of all send an innocent sms as PORT(SPACE)10 DIGIT NUMBER to 1900. Then wait for two days. You will get a call for sure from the customer service(mostly female) politely asking you the reasons of dissatisfaction. If it is gprs offer you want tell them that such and such a mobile operator has such offers and you too want a piece of the pie. After some talking they will give you the desired offer. I got airtel to airtel 20 paise per minute via this trick. One of my friends got airtel to other local as 1 paise for 6 seconds. In airtel, for kerala circle you can call 51570 after port request to activate reduced rates. Recently I experimented the trick with vodafone for free g…

Get a call from your own airtel number

Unlike many operators which offer the customers a way to know their number if they forget, Airtel seems to be least interested in doing so. As far as this case is concerned Vodafone is the best, since they have an option of know your number if you dial *121#. I would be shortly doing a post on that. Lets come back to Airtel for the time being. In case you forget your own airtel number you can try this trick to remember it. Dial *144*6575# from your phone. It will disconnect automatically and the next thing you know is that your own number will call you!! Amazing trick isn't it?

Win tons of Freebies from Vodafone zoozoo facebook fan page

You might have seen the egg headed alien like beings advertising vodafone vas services during ipl breaks. These are called zoozoos. Now Vodafone in order to promote their 3g services has introduced the super zoozoo and its fan page. Whenever a super week comes, you can win lots of goodies by just participating in the super weeks and liking their facebook fan page. Also guess what the next super week is gonna bring and you end up holding free ipl tickets! The page has crossed 16 lakh likes and now we have the e mail super week going on..

No Free mbs from Vodafone

This is another non working trick which has been ubiquitously placed word to word in many blogs but as usual the trick does not work. Now the trick is simple - Send BUDDY(space)vodafone number to 144. You will get 350MB for one day. I sent sms to 144, 111 etc but the reply is that the keyword is wrong. I changed the format of number to 12 digit hoping that for once Vodafone has been hacked, but no luck guys! So do not fall for this trick- A lie is a lie even when copy pasted thousands of times..

You cannot Know Balance of your Enemy with this trick

There has been a recent trick doing the rounds which claims of finding out your enemy's balance in airtel, which goes like this

1. Dial 12140 and choose language 2. After that dial 2 then put your desired number 3. If the password is asked then dial 1234 and know balance of your enemy.

Well, simple isn't it, though it does not work anywhere in India. I checked this very number four times and I could only get my balance. So folks do not be fooled by copy pasters.


1000% not working. Then you may ask why did I post it, this is to tell you, to make you aware.

Cut the Balance of any number in Airtel

The best thing about Airtel is that its technically the mother of all tricks. Earlier there was the Picture Post trick which allowed one to activate around 20-30 services on any airtel number, thus allowing you to cut as much as 210 rupees.


Iam having a lot of fun with this new trick. This link to this trick is posted below. REVIEWYou can either make the poor fellow be subscribed to weekly alerts or daily cutting 7rupees and 1 rupee in the latter case. Thus a huge amount can be deducted from his or her number. The earlier trick was to use this link of picture posts but it was blocked by airtel. http:// bikinibabes.php Before that we could use the wap tv subscription link and cut the balance but as of may 2011, it does not work. However the vuclip link has been working fine since two weeks.

UPDATE: I checked this link back again and its not working. Sorry guys but I feel party…

Reliance New Front Queries

There are a few front queries which I found after skimming through the web, since reliance has now banned lots of back queries. I personally never used back queries, I only used in custom http server and it always and still works like a charm. This trick previously worked in airtel too but now it is blocked. Its quite strange to note that both reliance and airtel have their games portal hosted on similar ip addresses i.e., and from them these tricks have their origin. You can also use the below given ips in custom http server by suffixing them with
Example get.cgi/000001A/http/ Also free sites in reliance like hungama or too can be used. However there may be disconnection problems. Use the default rcomwap or smartwap settings or make one of your own.