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Airtel to not charge extra on New year and 31st december for outgoing sms

Airtel is trying to woo customers who were affected by the two day outage in Mumbai and Malad areas. I don't whether the offer applies only to that area or whole India but for some lucky people there will be no charges on the outgoing SMS on new year and 31st december for all those who have SMS packs. You will not be charged at rs1.50 or re1 for SMS on these days unlike other SMS operators all over India who have already started being a pain on our ass. For the lucky few happy smsing and a blessed new year.
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Get rs2000 in your airtel number, new year gift dhamaka

Hello friends this trick will show us whether its working or not only in 48 hours. If you try this trick now, you will get to know the result only after 2 days i.e on 2nd january 2012. My friend has experimented with this trick, he says that it will work for you.

1.First thing is activate 3G by sending ACT 3G TO 1212. Next dial *566*6# from your airtel number. 3. If you get message as " you will get a coupon if you have recharged with 100rs or more, within 48 hours", then you will get 100rs in your account. 4. Deactivate 3G and activate it again and again dial *566*6# atleast 20 times or as much as you can within one hour. If you are lucky you get rs 2000 in your account. New year gift.
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Collection of all working backqueries for Airtel free Gprs

Here is the collection of all working backqueries based on facebook and twitter ip. Use them for unlimited free download on 3G AND 2G network.
?  2.?
18.? Follow me on twitter or send an SMS FOLLOW george_defo to 53000(toll free) from Airtel

A cold morning, the day before

As I woke up myself from a slumber which will be the final one before this year passes on to a next and so on, I couldn't fail to notice that a windy day greeted me. The distasteful sound of the Nokia tune kept breaking the silence of the empty, morose room left in utter gloom with the approach of the windy day. Though humans celebrated it as hard as they could and did whatever was in their power to greet the coming year, I suppose nature held on to the waning joy, a reminiscience of the past. The wind continues to howl clearly expressing her distaste towards the impending year, clouds dominate the sky hiding and forfeiting the mutual joy of the fatherly sun's smile on us earth beings and making us want more of the celestial joy above. Life and light is missed today but I feel a year of hope ahead. Howl however hard the wind may, let nature express her fury in appropriate measure but all I can say that hope is the salt which keeps life moving breathing fresh and waking up afte…

Happy New Year 2012 wishes all a very happy new year.--
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Fresh twitter backqueries for Airtel free GPRS unlimited browsing and downloading

There are some more twitter backqueries to add to your burgeoning list
of freebies. These backqueries can be used especially for QBrowser and
Ucweb where you need to exactly copy the below string and paste it
into the backquery field.
1.? 2.? You might have observed that the second backquery uses cini similar to
the fb front query we used to deploy for free free gprs on airtel and
reliance. --
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Trick to get 3G speed on your Airtel net

Friends I have a trick for getting 3G speed. Its simplicity is what
excites me the most. There's not much what you have to do to get mind
blowing speed on your mobile and PC. My folks are getting around
200kbps speed. Here is Trick
port: 80
handler setting :
front query: :
proxy: Http
try and comment here if it is
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Reliance thought for the day pack for free

In my school days we had a thing in the morning assembly called
Thought for the Day. Everyday we got to think about something new and
innovative. We listened to awesome thoughts from students from
different backgrounds, culture all for free. Here's a treat for you,
something fresh to think about each single day.
Step1} : Dial 51234916p1, the automated response system will babble
something and then you will get a message as follows:
Special Offer!!Now recharge with Rs 100 and get full Value worth Rs
100. Hurry!! Reliance
After that message your thought for the day pack will be successfully
activated. After Successful Activation you will get Daily Sms from
Thought for the Day Pack.Activation may take 48 hours. It works in mumbai and maharashtra--
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Get Cricket and bollywood Alerts for free on Airtel with new trick

I would rather recommend the use of twitter trick for getting any kind
of alerts for free. Read my post on getting free cricket scores by
twitter on Airtel. Its a great way to get any kind of alert on your
Airtel mobile at no cost. Try the below trick at very low balance or
at zero balance. Trying any trick on operators is always fun. Try
these tricks at your own risk.
1)Dial *321*555# and reply 1 to conform and get bollywood updates free
2) Dial *646*605# and and reply 1 to conform to get cricket alerts for
free or for devastating your mobile balance.
Try at low balance.
You got conformation msg in about 1 hour.
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Airtel 3G trick working again

Guys and gals this new year is jam packed with the greatest tricks.
Now airtel 3g trick has started working again. Read the full
1.Send 3G to 121 to activate if already not activated,
you will receive a message from airtel-" Thank you for your request
for 3G activation. To enjoy fast internet access, the handset needs to
be 3G compatible.You will be charged @ 10p/10KB. In case you are
already subscribed to 2G data pack , then the same will be
deactivated. Please reply with 1 to confirm."
2. After replying 1 you will receive -Thank you for your request.
3Gservices will be activated within 4Hrs. You will receive a
confirmation sms on activationof the services.
3.After few seconds another msg - 3G services have been activated on
your mobile. If you wish to change 3G bill plan, SMS 3G to 121
4.Now change 3G bill plan, SMS3G to 121 - options are
1- Rs. 9 Free 10MB
2- Rs. 45 Free 30 Mins
3- Rs. 21 Plan
4- Rs. 94 Free 150MB
5- Rs. 37 Free 30MB
6- Rs. 64 Free 80M…

Working trick for West Bengal for Airtel free GPRS

1st Trick (the best working) = Opera Mini Reverse ip trick
Acess Point settings -
Proxy -
Port - 80
Now download any opera minihandler (ignore if you already have one)
and put the following settings in handler menu-
Handler settings -
Proxy Type -- HTTP
Proxy Server --
Proof That its working
Opera Mini 4.4 -
Opera mini 6.5--
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Idea 5RS 3G PLAN trick

Many consider themselves lucky if they find a trick for Vodafone or
Idea. Its almost impossible to find a loophole in their networks. But
my beloved friend who calls himself mindhacker has done the feat of
defeating Idea. Here goes the trick:
1. Make a call to 500. If number doesn't exist the trick is not for your state.
2. As always an automated response will come which you need not pay
any attention to. Its like the ranting of Rakhi Sawant utterly
3. Mind your business and type 4411555599 or 441555599
4. After dialling it will say that the plan has been activated .
5. After that a confirmation sms will come.
6. Now enjoy 70mb GPRS pack with one day validity. This trick works in
Mumbai but it may or may not work in your State. New year gift to
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New proxies for unlimited download

Here's a list of proxies which are working for me and give good speed
also. Not all of these proxies will work for you as some of these will
be blocked in your states. Try and comment. I will add more proxies
for your benefit soon.
port- 80(For All Proxies combined otherwise try 8080) homepage- free site like
3] ip which is free everywhere)
4] in south)
5]'t work in gujarat)
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Proxy for nimbuzz handler for good speed

Guys there are many proxies which tricksreview already told you about
but those proxies don't give good speed when used for nimbuzz handler
or such chat apps where speed matters. There's frequent disconnection
problem too. But here today I give you new proxy which can be used
along with airtel front query. It also works perfectly with ucweb
handler 7.9 or 8 and nimbuzz handler. Download speed is too good.

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Recharge your number unlimited times with telecomtalk for free with tricksreview exclusive trick

I recharged my number 5 times with this trick.I am just dying to tell you this, almost jumping in my boots. I can't
wait to tell you how I have found a trick for unlimited free recharge
on your mobile. This is what I have found on telecom talk. But before
that I will tell you the trick. Register an account at mobiwik with
the below link and in the code for mobile write as 594877. Yes its the
same for every mobile number. You can use the same mobile number as
many times as you want. Just change the e mail id for free recharge on
your mobile. But please note that the offer will end on january 1.
Read the offer. Telecomtalk is proud to partner with Mobikwik in giving this
exclusive offer for TelecomTalk Readers1) Register at with this url :
2) Once you successfully register, you will get a surprise Mobikwik
balance which is absolutely free. Yes not like the amulyammail where
you get only .25 paise per mail. The Mobikwik balance will be given

Airtel 2g and 3g services have yet to be restored in mumbai

I have been keeping a close eye on Airtel network in Mumbai which was
hit by the fire yesterday. I read an official statement right now
which states that, "We are working to restore 2G and 3G data services
later tonight." which means that the internet services have still not
returned back to normalcy. So the deal what I have got for you is to
use GPRS services for free untill tonight for Mumbai users. Yes the
outage is still continuing and is bringing us a cart load of good
hope. I think we can continue messing up big time with Airtel. Just
enjoy yourself.--
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Tomorrow when you get a girl- the woman of your life

Friends this is what I got somewhere on the world wide web which I
thought would be very interesting for all of you. Its a real treat to
the eyes and the mind. Its most interesting delightful piece of work
which would excite you all into thinking right about the Indian Girl.
Please read it with patience. Tomorrow you may get a working woman, but you should marry her with
these facts as well.
Here is a girl, who is as much educated as you are;
Who is earning almost as much as you do;
One, who has dreams and aspirations just as
you have because she is as human as you are;
One, who has never entered thekitchen in her life just like you or your
Sister haven't, as she was busy in studies and competing in a system
that gives no special concessionto girls for their culinary achievements
One, who has lived and loved her parents & brothers & sisters, almost as
much as you do for 20-25 yearsof her life;
One, who has bravely agreed to leave behind all that, her home, people
who love her, to adopt y…

Aakash tablet available at Ncarry

Many of us missed booking aakash ubislate tablet version one. The
official site was down for a great deal of time, the toll free numbers
never worked and finally every single AAKASH tablet was sold out
within hours of announcing the online booking. Never has a device
brought such excitement and hope amongst the masses. So now there's a
ray of hope again for the ones who wanted it dearly to buy the Aakash
tablet. An online retailing website called Ncarry has come up with the
booking offers of Aakash tablet. You can go to the site:
for booking the tablet which is the toned down version of its yet to
be launched brother Aakash 2 at Rs 500 more than this Aakash. Try
trying your luck at Ncarry. Aakash 1 has a 328mhz processing speed, a
2GB internal memory which can be extended to 32GB, wi fi support, full
touch screen and supports and keyboard too.
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The Advantages of joining

This post is to explain you in detail regarding 's benefits
to you. If you are a newbie in the blogging arena then you probably
need to know the tips and tricks of blogging, SEO techniques or Search
Engine Optimization techniques, creating html tags, anchor texts,
proper use of keywords etc. Such methods can't be learnt without the
help of an expert friend who has already established himself in the
blogging field. does just that for you. Few months back
when I started out in the blogging field based just on my interest in
tricks I couldn't envisage all these things and made many mistakes.
Its only now that I am getting nice traffic and page views but
nothing could have been achieved if my friends hadn't helped me out.
But you have this opportunity through zlobber from which you can learn
about every single thing regarding blogging and making money online.
Whats more you get 90% revenue share on each zlob posted there
by you for unlimited period of time. Eve…
Fellas have you ever heard of voice SMS spoofing. Even I didn't but today when I heard about this site then my amazement was beyond words. Send voice SMS from any number to any number with this site.

2.Register using own email and mobile number.

3.Verify email,wait for sms verify code for mobile which takes a long time and it may not work first time also.

4.Login now and verify your account

5.Enter sender id as any number [Don't use Text].

6.Enter receiver number as 0091xxxxxxxxxx Format.

7.Select Voice sms

8.Type the msg,it will be send as voice, amazing isn't.

9.Click send,Done.It delivers instantly as a voice call. Just imagine fooling your friends by threatening them or making their fun.
TRICKSREVIEW advice: There's a daily limit of 6 voice calls so register 5 or 8 accounts. Its irritating at first but will give rich benefits at the end. Enjoy your time. Happy christmas and blessed new year from
This post was fi…

Vpn villa free on Airtel unlimited downloading the best vpn for new year

Friends here's a new Vpn for all your download needs. giving vpn for Free based on OpenVPN, there's no limit how you use it or for what you use it, it supports Torrent Downloads and ssh applications too as well. So forget those sites whom does not have torrent support, vpnvilla have 1 Gbit shared port for all free users and they will add additional 1 Gbit line when they will reach 500 free users, and also you can get multiple free VPN accounts, there's no limit like 1 account / person, you can have 100 vpn accounts for free. They have client area where you can ask for help, the only thing you will have to do is, you will need to complete 1 simple survey to get 5 days FREE VPN, I think it doesn't matter if you spend 2 minute to complete a survey and get 5 days full functionality vpn.
the most good thing is that you can ask for custom port either onudp or on tcp, that's even for free, and that's a good thing if a percular service provider block some p…

Aircel 3g Trick

Friends use this trick before it expires. Just activate 3g by sending a message START 3g to 121
its gives u 50 video call & 200 or 300 mb data
after use of free data its stop working and you have to stop 3g by sending msg stop 3g to 121
after deactivating your 3g
START IT again by above given method its works again.
You can increase your data by simply activating and deactivating 3g. Some are using this method from 14 dec. You can increase the data upto 45 gb and video calling balance 9000.00 INR for 3months
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The best site for downloading all kinds of handler apps- opera mini handler, ucweb, qbrowser,nimbuzz

So friends yesterday tragedy struck my mobile. What happened was that
my mobile has some occasional bouts of amnesia. Whenever its on such a
fit, java applications get deleted by themselves, messages in inbox go
to nowhere land, contacts go haywire and like that. So the day's topic
was about finding handler apps. Since most of my blogging is
via mobile loss of my favorite java apps was a real tragedy.
I now needed my opera mini 4.2 and ucweb 7.9 handler versions.
Plunder disappointed me by a great deal since whenever I tried any
downloads from opera mini for ucweb the errors like page not found etc
would be there. I got opera by default browser trick. Just go to and put in the site from where you want
to download. But whenever I put in plunder address it says that there
have been maximum downloads from this ip. Tired I registered on
plunder and after that using the default browser I couldn't log in.
I am a free GPRS user and I couldn't bear having t…

Activate and deactivate vodafone services with this number

Airtel has a similar service where it offers the customers to know the details of all the services which are activated on the number. Now Vodafone India has come up with a similar service. Incidentally Airtel came up recently with a service of balance transfer similar to Vodafone. However lets come to the topic.


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Send free SMS on Vodafone: December 2011 Trick

This Vodafone Hack for Free SMS is working for me. But I think different states Have different Message centre numbers and it may not work for your state sometimes. However I can guarantee this trick for the southern circle. The steps are as follows:

*.Go to message option>settings>message centre number

* You can either replace the default msg centre number or add a new msg centre number and keep it as default. Put the new msg centre number as+919863002222

*.Now restart phone and start sending free sms. This step is very important.

Click to get 100% Free mobile recharge in 15 Minutes!

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New proxies for airtel free gprs on pc and mobile December 2011

This Trick is Default Browsing
Trick which is working fine for
both Mobile and Pc.

Apn –
Proxy –
Port – 80
Home Page – or

Third Trick
This Trick is Working Fine on Pc
for 3G at 0 balance or below 1 rs.

Apn –
Proxy –
Port – 80
Home Page – or
0.facebook .com or .

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Working Proxies for Airtel free GPRS PC and mobile

Friends from the past few days I have been posting all new proxies for Airtel Free Gprs without fail. Now these proxies work for both mobile default browser and PC. These tricks are
for both 2G and 3G.

First Trick
Apn –
Proxy –
Port – 80
Home Page – or
This Trick is giving good
Browsing and Downloading
Speed with resume support.

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Vodafone Free Gprs Hack 2012

Today I will tell you about an old Vodafone trick which may work for you. Remember that tricksreview had already posted the hacked 5rs plan trick. Now 5 rs daily plan is withdrawn and does not work. However there's a slight possibility of working in this hack.
Vodafone Free Gprs trick for
2012. This trick is working for
both 2G and 3G.
With this trick Use 1 Day
Vodafone Gprs Plan for Free.

2012 Vodafone Free Gprs Trick

Its a Very Simple Trick.
Just Type ACT GPRS4 and Send it
to 140 .
After Some time you will get
Confirmation Message that your
service has been Activated
Successfully.Make money online

Click to get 100% Free mobile recharge in 15 Minutes!

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Call Airtel number at 30p/minute with this trick

Friends this is an offer from Airtel which many people don't know about. If you send an SMS as ONAM to 202 you get an offer from Airtel like calling one number at 30p/minute or something like that. I don't know whether it really works or not. Lets try and see. Keeping my fingers crossed I will reproduce the message which I got.

"Dear Customer, Congratulations! You have won a special offer from Airtel "Call one Airtel Local Nos at 30p/Min". Your Services will be activated in 48Hours. Validity 1 Month"

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Free sites on airtel, new proxy, free download on Pc

Friends use this site for free gprs on default browser on Airtel.
Port:- 80
For PC :-
connect with APN :-
just set the same proxy and port in MOZILLA ( FIREFOX ) and open given
homepage by me and put there your website and
enjoy browsing and downloading for totally free.
Use mobile office Setting & Just put it in default browser :- [nofollow]
just replace with the other site whch you want to
browsing & downloading


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Free sites on Airtel, browse and download for free on default browser


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One Gateway for all SMS sites(way2sms, site2sms, fullonsms etc)

The best things are those which can be said in the least number of
words. So without much ado without any pretence I present you a simple
multisender way2sms, site2sms, fullonsms and other sms sending sites
gateway. Use it on opera or go to a free site putting a backquery like
? behind the site address for all your sms needs.
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Buy Ubislate 7 the better aakash

Whenever and wherever on the blogosphere the news regarding the features, availability or latest news on aakash ubislate tablet showed its neck people had only one question. Where to buy aakash tablet or how to order aakash tablet. The datawind company now seems to have given answers to all the queries by opening the sales of the tablet aakash and now declaring it sold out. For people who do not know how to buy let me tell the site address which is

This site has had a heart attack due to the huge volume of traffic in the last few days and I think its not functional. I would have posted the toll free number but starting from the time videos were posted on youtube with a smiling HRD minister holding the cheapest tab on the planet the toll free numbers aren't working. I have called it around 56 times with the automated lady's voice always telling me the line is busy.

I could have added more spice and juice to the story had it any use but as of now I will conti…

Vodafone is going to disconnect inactive prepaid connections

Hey did you guys hear the news that Vodafone India is going to comply by the strict rules and regulations of the TRAI and is going to disconnect the prepaid connections which are inactive. Prepaid numbers which do not make any voice, sms or data calls for a continuous period of 2 months are going to be disconnected. The customers will be intimidated by Sms. This news is also updated on the Vodafone website. The same action is likely to be followed by other operators. The reasons may be asserted to the reduced number availabity to the network operators. This a very bad news for students and tricksreview users because students generally have two or three sims with them, I have around 8 Sim cards. When we go home for vacation we generally use other Sim cards. Hope something positive happens.
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Get 100 rupees instantly!

Please do not confuse it as a refferal link or spam. I am posting just
for your benefit. Lush trip is a newly launched travel site and its
promoting the site. For the sake of popularity and for new members
they are giving away rs 100. You just need to click on the link below
whereupon you will be taken to their site and register a new account.
Just enter your e mail id, number and choose city and its done.2. Once registered you will be given a zipdial number which is toll
free. Dial that number to verify your number.3. 100 rs is credited to your
account. rel="nofollow"
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Open vpn trick For airtel free gprs

Hi guys. I have been in a serious research for Open vpn trick in
airtel. Earlier I had posted a trick with pd proxy,tsunami vpn which
became very popular. But the main problem was automatic disconnection
during certain intervals. Finally I got it. I'm posting this with with
the trick so don't say it's not working. If it's not working for you,
it's only your problem. Speed is fabulous so why wait more?
Goto and download the software
2. Connect phone in pc via pc suite and connect with Airtel internet
3. Then open the downloaded software and it will be minimized in system tray
4. Right click that and select Raptor udp globe
5. They will ask username and pass
6. Give your email and password that you used in registration.
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New Raptor vpn

Many vpns are blocked everyday and as many are blocked that many new
ones are discovered and spread all over the webscape through blogs,
forums and other media. Here is a new one. Its totally free. The
biggest problem is the premium tension but its free.
Even though its free, it have greatspeed and great connectivity. But
this is specially designed for Android mobiles, but we can use it for
our purpose in pc also.
So visit this page.
Download their config file
Put that folder in openvpn configfiles. And you are ready to rule the world.
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Free gprs on pc and mobile for airtel

Apn –
Proxy –
PORT – 80
HomePage – if does not work use or Btw just watching a review on Samsung Galaxy Note. The note taking ability is amazing. Just wish I could use handler apps as well on android devices.

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Airtel pc and mobile trick for free internet with airtel live

For PC use this string in your address bar.[ your site name here ] For Mobile:-
Step 1:- Download any Mobile Handler Application.Step 2:- Now in Front query put this string and save the setting and enjoy the free gprs on both pc and Latest December Airtel Free GPRS Tricks for Both Mobile and PC 2:-
This trick is working for mobile and pc both, just follow the belowsetting
Apn – Proxy – Port – 80 HomePage – This post was first published at

Real Host Handler Trick On Pc

Guys now you can use the real host handler trick of mobile on pc too. I will describe the procedure:

1. First do the following settings.
Port 80

2. Go to firefox in pc and choose the settings option. From the settings option choose automatic add proxy. If the browser is not automatically using this proxy add it manually.

3. Then fill in

4. Enjoy Airtel free gprs on pc.

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A Blogger's View point on the Aakash ubislate tablet

Today I am going to be talking about the disadvantages of Aakash
tablet. Its not that, that I want you not to buy the Aakash Ubislate
tablet but I would definitely want you to understand what you are
supposed to be expecting from this tablet. All good things do not come
cheap and if someone is paying a fortune for ipad or iphone know that
the apples come with world class technology, flawless touchscreen,
retina resolution, freaky apps and lots more which can't be described
in words. Aakash has been garnering much lime light for the sole fact
that it comes pocket friendly with the government subsidized version
at just Rs 1750. The version for the public comes at Rs2500 while the
refined version with Gprs facility and much better processor comes at
Rs 2999 which will be launched by January end.
Now for the disadvantages of this tablet I have noticed many flaws
which should also come under your purview:
1. The touch screen is a sticky resistive one and you can't expect
much from i…

Use any sim on any modem without unlocking the modem

Friends you all must have dealt with the impossibility of not being able to use SIM card of one operator on the netsetter of other operator. But at times we all feel the need of doing so due to lack of proper network strength and range. For example when at hostel I use Idea netsetter but when I come back home I find that there is no range for Idea in my home and I have to use my vodafone SIM. I was in search of a trick of using other sim cards on netsetters easily and I found out a trick. Here's my share.
Simple steps of using any sim on any modem You need not go about unlocking the modem. Now you can use any sim. It's very simple. Step by step instruction:

1. Insert SIM in Modem

2. Modem show invalid SIM, just ignore it and close modem software.

3. Start NOKIA PC suite.

4. Goto nokia pc suite connect tointernet option.

5. Goto Configure. Select your data card modem,and make all operator apn setting as like when we use nokia mobile connection.

6. Finish set up.

7. Now connect …

New hss+ Expat shield v5 Airtel vpn For airtel free gprs in pc

The credits of the fabulous trick in using gprs for pc goes to Raju.

New HSS + Expat shield v5 (2011) - Airtel Vpn - 2G/3G

1) Do as shown in the first figure
2) Then click on MISC -: Options and edit local port as 53.
3) now select server and port and click on connect.
Now enjoy high speed browsing and downloading.
Download :
or download from here Download shield vpnTested personally by me, it was giving 500++ speeds
All credits to Raju.
Working States:
6.Madhya Pradesh

Use UDP 9200 or 80 port in maharashtra if it's not getting connected--
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Proxies for @ trick

The credits of finding these awesome proxies for the use of the netizens like you and me goes to Rana. Whilst I do not claim that these proxies will work everywhere and always I do know that these are working for some people.
in 2g 15-20kbps. port-80 port-8080 this is very fast

Either use
or the below frontquery

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Reliance callertune hacked

This trick comes from the very talented Monoo Mankar who has so many
interests that he can't express them all. An ethical hacker of the
first kind, he genuinely delves into finding rocking tricks for using
free gprs, free downloads from operators sites like airtel live. The
free sms trick of airtel too was his creation.HERE is the absolutely delightful trick to getting subscribed with
reliance ct in just below 1 rs dependent on the song.
First you need to do it with your default browser with smartwap or
rcomwap setting. It is surely working him in m.p.
Make low balance as 6 or 5 rs then go to
"nofollow" target="_blank"You will get a msg as follows
Sorry. You do not have sufficient balance.
click below
"nofollow" targ…

Working vpn for Karnataka users Sathik Vpn

I have personally posted many vpns and many of them are working. But I have heard that all the vpns are getting banned in many states. Amongst the many blocked states the area which has been worst hit by Airtel is Karnataka. No vpn save sathik is working for karnataka users. After lot of searching and scouring the web my friends found this SATHIK_VPN which is working in tcp server. So stop your worries, And Enjoy Unlimited Internet again with SATHIK_VPN
1) Torrent supported
2) No disconnection problem
3) Supports TCP port
4) No Registration Required
Here is the Link rel="nofollow"
Its working Great in Tamilnadu and other states

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Useful google bots to give you company

Credits of the most wonderful post on google bots goes to manasaz. The post drips with useful information and tips for making the most of your time spent on google chat.

Useful Google Talk Bots That You Must Add as Friend
Here are the eleven most useful bots that transform Google Talk into a more useful program:
1. Add this IM Feeds bot as your Google Talk buddy and you will be able to read any blog or website that syndicates content via RSS feeds. To subscribe to a website in GTalk, simply send a new IM message that says ub where you can put any other site which you want to read inside Google Talk. 2. - This secret bot lets you post to FriendFeed from Google Talk. You may submit either hyperlinks or text messages. 3. This imified bot turns Google Talk into a real powerhouse. It means that you can do a lot more this way. You can post bookmarks to delicious, send messages to Twitter, submit b…

500mb data on tata docomo for free

Please don't say that this trick will not work now. This is an old trick but it has started working again and is the only working trick for free gprs in tata docomo. Here's a trick for free 500 mb data on tata docomo. It works in karnataka
type: WINDOWS OR ANDROID to 54321
you'll get a confirmation msg saying your request recieved or it saying that the offer will be activated after 48 hours. Some others got 3gb data with 3 mnths validity on nokia c series phone. If you have a 'C' series nokia phone you will get this offer.
Even on micromax android A600 you get the same offer.
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Double 3G Data on Aircel

Good news aircel customers. In order to attract others and offer more to its already burgeoning user base aircel has come up with some superb plans. Aircel is now offering double data on some of its 3G packs in all 13 circles where it is providing 3G services.
Revised Data Plans are as follows:-
1. Rs.92_200MB_30 Days
2. Rs.203_500MB_30 Days
3. Rs.602_2GB_30 Days
4. Rs.752_4GB_30 Days
5. Rs.852_6GB_30 Days
Applicable to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

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Reliance 3G modem now at just Rs 3000

This is not a trick but Just for information. You all know about mts's 3g dongle which has come down to just rs 999. Now reliance has come up with low cost Internet devices to customers, Reliance has cut down the price of its 21.6Mbps 3G USB dongle or modem from Rs.4500 to Rs.3099. A reduction of almost 31%. Such moves will accelerate the flow of 3g as
3G is slowly gaining momentum in the country and price cut like this will help companies gain more customers.
Reliance has 3G license for following 13 circles and have covered around 400+ cities and town under 3G network.
Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Orrisa, Assam,North East, Jammu & Kashmir.
Source: RCOM website. (
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Reliance missed call alerts for free

You all like freebies and here's a freebie for you reliance customers. HERE IS THE NUMBER DIAL IT AND GET RELIANCE MISSED CALL ALERT FOR FREE

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Call all numbers at 10p/minute from your Airtel number(local and std)

Guys this trick has been tested by me and it works on all airtel and non airtel numbers. By the use of this trick you can call any other number at 10p/minute with your airtel number. Yes its true and all what you need to do is just send an sms as BUDDY(SPACE) ANY NUMBER to 52212 from your airtel number. The number is toll free and the reply comes within seconds and it says, " buddy successfully added, call each other at 10p/minute." Try this trick from your number. Test if it works for your local numbers or std numbers or only airtel numbers. This is working is maharashtra.
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Get 100mb free for 7 days in Airtel

This trick works only in some Airtel numbers. I Tried the trick and it didn't work out for me and you should not curse me if it doesn't work for you. Just dial 121314 and the automated voice response system will give an offer of 100 mb for 7 days. Press 1 twice. You will shortly get a message either saying that it has been a success or minimum balance is required. I tried at zero balance. Try at any balance less than rs 9 and you may succeed in getting some offer. However I still have all the front query, backquery and handler tricks working and if you too have it all then never mind.
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Twitter, facebook, opera mini apps for free

Hello Friends,
Presenting Yahoo-Messenger, FaceBook Orkut, Twitter Mobile JAVA Modded Apps free for all Operators.
First Initialize with paid GPRS and then Use it with Default GPRS Plan...
It will also work with 3G.
For AIRTEL Use Default MO or airtel internet
For DOCOMO Use DOCOMO GPRS ok, Orkut, BBC, Blogger Services...
Yahoo Messenger v1.5 JAVA S40v3\v5\v6

XPLORE-ME v2.3 JAVA S40v3\v5\v6





Simple facebook trick to make status updates in blue

This is the easiest hack around for facebook. Simply copy paste this code into your facebook status and enjoy...

@@[0:[100001152578980:0:your text]]
@@[0:[ rocks!!]]

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The easiest way to Download from Youtube

Below I will explain to you the easiest way of downloading from youtube. You can use opera mini. I generally use ucweb because of resume support.

1. Select video 2. Press#1, edit the url in address box. You can see url as content/ 3. Just delete m. And replace with ss 4. Now url has to be 5. Now you can download your youtube video.... 6. This service is provided by a website and the same website can be used to download from rapidshare and such websites.
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New Proxy for unlimited browsing and downloading on pc and mobile

Friends I present you with a brand new proxy. Use it before it gets banned again. Airtel catches proxy browsing too soon!
West bengal friends: or site name
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Free twitter alerts

You all know that twitter is free on airtel. Both the gprs used version and the access of twitter without gprs i.e by dialling *515# are free on airtel. That's not all, you can get twitter alerts for free by sending a message to 53000. Get Free Live Cricket Score Alerts Only for airtel customers:
To activate SMS:
FOLLOW csu_livescores to 53000(tollfree)
or FOLLOW tweetcricscore to 53000(tollfree) follow arycricket or for news alerts follow arynews to 53000. To stop the alerts send unfollow arycricket to 53000. I subscribed to some more alerts like word of the day. Just send follow awad to the same number. Or send wordfortheday to the number. Try searching for your interests in twitter whether it be jokes, interesting trivia. Note the names and send it as sms to 53000.

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Make money online with zlobber

In addition to blogging on my on blog which happens to be I also was in search of revenue
sharing sites which share a percentage of whatever you earn through that site. Revenue sharing sites offer the advantage of making money either by posting articles or videos. Searching the web I found many
such sites and to separate the wheat from the chaff was an awfully difficult task.I found many of them- hubpages,squidoo,xomba,triond,oondi,bloggerparty...the list seems
interminable. Some of these offer 50% revenue to users while rare others pay you 100%. But among them all I never found something as unique and uber cool as
zlobber. What I would like to tell you all are the advantages and
opportunities of being in zlobber compared to other revenue sharing sites and even personal ventures. is a site owned by Tony
John. He is the owner of the sites like the all famous, googleplustrips and other spider sites. Now Indiastudychannel and
assorted …

Free Missed Call alerts in airtel, new december 2011 trick

Guys the old trick of getting miss call alerts is not working in many places. It included dialling *321*881# or setting the call divert number as +91957. Both of these earlier tricks aren't working for me anymore. But today I have an exclusive trick for free missed call alerts in Airtel. The mother of all tricks airtel has one more loop. This is an offer from Airtel I think but not many are aware of it. Just send an sms OFFER to 54321. You will get an sms which says free miss call alerts for 2 months. In maharashtra you get 5 minutes a2a for free with a validity of 1 month. Tried and tested by me. Authentic and genuine..

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Get free jokes or radio in airtel

Now this is a trick by which you may get some free offer in Airtel. Try this trick only at your risk. While some are getting free jokes on Airtel with this trick others like me are being subscribed to Airtel radio at no cost. But I can't guarantee that whatever it will be it is going to be a zero cost. You may charged sometimes and only at your risk are you supposed to try it. DIAL *321*2*1*1# for free jokes, airtel radio or some other offers in Airtel. When I tried it was airtel radio and balance remained the same.

Free access for twitter on airtel!

You all know that is free to use on Airtel. Similarly now twitter can be accessed on Airtel for free. You can do this by using your phone's default browser and going to the address This access is now available upto march 2012. Many new twitter backqueries are now being discovered everyday with airtel. Try them read them.

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Win free recharge in docomo, assured gift

Docomo has launched a lucky draw scheme called as "JEET KI GHANTI". As the name suggests it calls you to make you hear the bells of victory. I heard this from the retailer today and also tested it on my friend's number. A code will come first. You can delete it since its useless. After about 10 hours you will get a message with free talktime in your account. You may repeat the procedure again and again. For participating send the message TICKET to 52121 daily and we can win talktime and also a chance at some other lucky prizes. The number stands toll free.

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Facebook magic number trick

Its a long time since I posted anything related to facebook. Right now in India two things are extremely popular, one is "why this kolaveri di?" and the second is "facebook". Both make people go crazy. Magic number trick is a famous trick on facebook. You are sure to enjoy this trick a lot as its easily done and related to facebook. Now These magic numbers are nothing but the unique ID numbers of the Users ,Pages or Groups . When you will paste these numbers in your satus they automatically will get converted into your profile,group or page link. Thats the trick.
You can also send these to your friends and ask them to paste in their status.They will certainly be shocked to see the results.
How it Works:
*. Login to your Facebook account
*. Go to your profile link or to your friends profile link and there look for the ID number in the facebook URL.
*. Copy the ID number and replace it in the following number
*. Suppose 199500840125082 is the ID. So your code wi…

Rock with airtel: ISD sms trick, go international

I got the shock of my life when today morning I realised that none of my messages are being sent. The free sms trick in airtel was blocked for me. However it worked for my friend and may even work for some of you for reasons unknown even to airtel. However you can be sure of rocking with airtel as a new trick awaits you. This is not exactly free but nevertheless a good one. Just dial *555*3# and activate international or isd sms for a period of 15 days. The first sms will be charged at rs3 whilst the next messages at re1. A good one for international texting addicts and a balm for those who have just lost a wonderful awesome trick.

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Call docomo customer care directly!

Hey docomo guys! We all know how terribly boring it is to wait for the customer care executives to pick up your call when you are dying to threaten them with extinction for balance cut or other problems. There's a good news for you, am sharing breaking news with you all. Now I have this trick from my friend's experience with docomo customer care. Just dial 198, when call is connected dial 153. Next you can directly speak to customer care without much ado.
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Reliance Hellotune Tricks, pay nothing

Guys and gals, I welcome you once again to the most genuine tricks portal. Today I am going to share with a first class trick for free hellotunes in reliance. Reliance tricks are abundant in nature and they last for a pretty long time too. Here are the steps to your hellotune trick in reliance:
First Dial 51234400.
2)Then listen the songs and choose any one of that within 4 minutes
3)while playing the song press 4to set it as your hellotune

Thats it! Your hellotune is activated.ENJOY!!TRY AT LOW BALANCE. Perfectly working in Maharashtra

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New november 2011 Default browser and pc trick in airtel

Friends if browsing in default browser is becoming difficult for you there's a new address doing the rounds which I will give to you presently. For me browsing with is now impossible as it is blocked in kerala. However this new ip may help you out. [nofollow]

It gives resume supported downloads. Its working in Bihar maharashtra roaming sim.It will give the fastest speed in maharshtra sim.
Pc trick:
Enter like this is in mozilla browser
to open the page. and then download the stuff.

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Real host handler trick for airtel free gprs with new query

1. Download Any UC Browser RealHost/Bolt RealHost Browser from any site say yk_handler or search in plunder. On First Handler page Select Proxy Port as RealHost3. Afterwards, on Proxy Server, put the address: Balance Condition: For 3g below 10paise & for 2G below 10paise. But in some cases it also works in high balance. Now open the page and browse internet or download file through Airtel internet/Mobile Office setting.( It works in Bihar-Jharkhand, WB, Orissa and other states)
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Airtel free sms trick

This is a dhamaka mind blowing trick from Airtel. Please read carefully. This trick is for sending free local sms from your airtel number to the tune of 100sms per day valid for 180 days or 6 months. The trick is working for me. Just dial *555*5# and you get a message which says 'free sms pack activated'. Immediately send two blank sms to 1909. This step is very important. Wait for sometime and you will get an sms from Airtelnetelix with service conformation. If you don't get any sms then just try sending sms to anyone and you will succeed. Only 100 local sms for one day for 6 months. Try and see. It works for me in kerala...

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Give your friends unlimited number of spam calls

I love giving a headache to my beloved friends with spam calls or messages. Just love seeing them freak out. Now here is a website which would do this exactly for you. Put in the number of your friend or enemy in the site so that they receive an automatic call from ivrs system
the company. Now the tricks for flooding is... put your friend's number or
enemie's number and just press call me
button as many times you want to. In fact you can use macros in firefox browser for automatic flooding .. The site is
( [nofollow]. check out the right corner click to call button.

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Latest november front query for airtel free gprs

Friends today i am pleased to give a new front query for airtel free gprs. You should try it in other networks also. Who knows whether you become the discoverer of the next big trick. You may also go about it without using the ports and proxies given. Whatever its your wish! The unbelievable thing is that it works in w.b. where all tricks are blocked since mamata banerjee became chief minister(just kidding). Now the trick:
Front[no follow]
As you are all aware of the instructions I will cut the recipe short. Download handler versions from yk_handler. Put in the front query. Start using unlimited internet for free. Tip: serve hot for better taste.
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Get caller tunes for free from vodafone

This is not a trick which I am sharing this time but a very legitimate way of getting caller tunes for nothing from Vodafone. Nothing is free on Vodafone. Gprs, sms, voice sms, hello tunes to nothing can be done any harm when we are on vodafone. So here facebook comes to our help in getting callertunes at 0 investment. Just go to the below address and install the facebook app for free caller tunes on your vodafone mobile.

After adding the app just Validate your number. Then download songs. This post was first published at