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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Get 1000rs recharge by just paying 250

Here's how to get recharge balance of RS 1000 by paying RS 250 only!

1. Download : for your Android or iOS.
2. Sign up with your email id
3. Enter your prepaid mobile number with country code
4. They've an introductory offer which gives you 1000 inr balance by paying $3.82 which is equivalent to 250 inr.
5. Enter credit/debit card details and you're done!

It works for other countries as well and not just for India. I know, I could have blogged this steps but I was lazy enough to do so. Enjoy and if it doesn't work, please don't complain to me. I've used it for myself and it has worked. It's by Rahul Banker
, so thanks to him. If it doesn't work after 2 or three days don't complain to me. Published on 11-3-2014

Friday, December 6, 2013



Conference on Entrepreneurship, Business Acceleration Program-13
November 17   Serena Hotel, Islamabad
Sponsored by : USAID "Training for Pakistan Project"
Event Details:

Official Event Album:

Event Mentors & Judges:
Mr Ken Moris  | Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Global Sales Veteran, Founding MD MIT Entrepreneurship Center  
Mr Jason Pontin | Editor-in-Chief and Publisher MIT  Technology Review Magazine  and Chairman MIT Enterprise Forum Global
Mr Naeem Zamindar | CEO Wateen Telecom
Syed Ali Akbar Rizvi | Director Entrepreneurship & Incubation, Sukkur IBA
Mr. Zahir A Syed | Co-Chairman MIT Enterprise Forum of Pakistan, Advisor Cambridge Advisors Network
Mr. Afzal Akhtar | Co-Founder IBB Consulting USA




MIT Enterprise Forum Pakistan



The Program:

MITEFP-OPEN Business Acceleration Program’s (BAP) objective is to help IT/ITES/Telecom/ New Media Companies operating in Pakistan, to accelerate their business to the next level, to improve the chances of success for Start-ups and to assist Researchers take the path of Commercialization. This is part of the MITEFP-Pakistan and OPEN overall goal of   building and sustaining the Entrepreneurial Echo system in Pakistan.

BAP-2013 like the highly successful BAP-2012 to BAP-2007, aims to help accelerate the participating IT companies/teams to the next level by putting these companies/teams through a mentoring/coaching program. This year the scope of the program is expanded by including two more tracks i.e. the Start-up and the Researcher Tracks. The final outcome of the program would be a Business Acceleration Plan (BP), Start-up Business Plans and the Researchers Commercialization Plans which would be ranked by experts to decide the winner and runner-up teams for each track.”


BAP Process, Time Line and other resources are available on Link Below.


Achievement by
Pakistan is an emerging economy with respect to IT industry and e-commerce. The local market was unaware of the concept and has no idea of online shopping., a mega online store for local Pakistanis established in 2006, initiated by Saad Jangda to enlighten the society and creating ease in the life of the countrymen. Mr. Jangda is a pioneer in the online IT Industry and working hard to promote green technology entrepreneurship in Pakistan and created a WOW experience shopping portal for the locals.
Recently, competed in MIT – Business Acceleration program and won the competition. This is an excellent opportunity for to carry their mission to promote Green Technology and easy shopping experience for the countrymen.
The recent MIT – BAP encouraged researchers and startups to be the part of the event. There are several ventures that are among the lucky finalist of the program. Here is the list of the lucky entrepreneurs making our country proud Tricast Media Pvt. Ltd, XGear,, Script Technologies, Swap Device, TourPlanner Pk, Ingenious Zone, SMART SurgiSol and Evamp & Saanga. went on to win the competition and now invited for a mentoring session to United States.
Now has more than 20,000 products live on their website. The company started with a team of few people now has more than 50+ employees working hard to give the customers best experience while shopping online. In this period has served more than 500,000 customers all over Pakistan. We have strategic partnership with TCS and other courier companies. We have introduced C.O.D (Cash on Delivery) model for our local customers to create ease and provide them the facility to enhance their shopping experience online.

Company Profile:

Mr Saad Jangda | CEO / Founder


Company Name:

Company Profile:

Facebook Page:




Product/Idea: Amazon of Pakistan

Idea Description: Converting Existing Ecommerce Website into Amazon of Pakistan


Friday, October 18, 2013

FairLoans sponsors Aboriginal Literacy Program

We congratulate Fairloans foundation on the Aboriginal Literacy Program!
Aboriginal Literacy Program 2012-2013  
  Sponsored by Fair Loans Foundation                                                                                                                        

Fair Loans is pleased to announce a two year extension of the Aboriginal Literacy Program at Werrington Public School in Sydney's west.
The Aboriginal Literacy Program, sponsored by Fair Loans Foundation has been running for over twelve months at Werrington Public School. This program is a reading program which is run by tutors, both adult and peers.  The program allows up to eight Aboriginal students can access the program; these students are given the opportunity to build skills and practice their reading up to three times per week.
Students’ reading ability is accessed by reading levels 1-30. By the end of Kindergarten students are expected to attain a reading level of 8+, by the end of Year 1 a reading level of 18 +, by the end of Year 2 a reading level of 26+ and by the end of Year 3 a reading level of 30+.  Data from the program shows that all students coming onto the program were working below the expected reading level.  Within the first six months of the program running in 2012, students increased their reading level by up to nine levels.  Over a 12 month period students have increased their reading level by up to 20 levels. 

When students have achieved reading level 30 on the program, they are successfully taken off the program and a new student is given the opportunity to access the program.  Some of our successful students will be given opportunities in the future to become tutors on the program.
This program is successful because students are given the opportunity to work one on one, regularly, to develop and practice their reading skills.  Tutors also provide an encouraging and positive environment where the students have every opportunity to become a successful reader.
Werrington Public School is extremely grateful to Fair Loans Foundation for their willingness to provide funds to sponsor the Aboriginal Literacy Program. Together we can continue to improve the performance of Aboriginal students in literacy and NAPLAN and provide positive educational experiences for Aboriginal students.
Continued funding provided for the project will allow the Aboriginal Learning Support Teacher to:                                                                                                                                           -identify Aboriginal students requiring support in reading,                                                      -have them access a support program to increase reading levels, comprehension and                   sight work knowledge,                                                                                                             -provide training and support for reading tutors and                                                                       -monitor and access the students and tutors throughout the program.                                                                                                                         

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